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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

'Babysitting' days Revisited

Was just watching Adventures in Babysitting on dvd the other night after having heard it mentioned on Mick Lasalle's podcast a few weeks back. Still enjoyable for what it is. And for me the best thing Chris Columbus has been involved in since The Goonies. This time around I noticed a quick appearance by Clark Johnson(was great in the Wire's final season as city editor Gus Haynes) as "Black Gang Leader" in the subway scene where Coogan gets a switchblade in the toe. You've also got Keith Coogan, Anthony Rapp, D'Onofrio, Bradley Whitford and John Ford Noonan (Tom's brother and you can see it). There really needs to be a Noonan brothers movie now that I'm thinking of it and Tom should direct. His wonderful film What Happened Was... still needs a dvd release! Anyway, I was watching Adventures in Babysitting and remembered how i'd seen it at a drive in theater in 1987 with a second movie that I can't recall. I was reminded of a few "crazy night" movies from the 1980s and how I kinda miss that genre. I know I'm blanking on some, but I always enjoyed The Night Before (directed and written by Thom Eberhardt, who also did the 80s cult classic Night of the Comet)with Lori Loughlin(of RAD and Secret Admirer fame) even with Keanu rolling in the lead. Then there was of course the best of all of them and one of my all time favorite movies, Scorsese's After Hours. What a movie. Even though I recently heard Joe Minion ripped off Joe Frank for part of the premise, it is still not tarnished for me. I recognize its' influence on a film like George Huang's Trojan War from about 10 years ago. So I mourn the loss of crazy night movies and I mourn the fact that I don't see Keith Coogan or Anthony Rapp in many movies these days. Rapp has already immortalized himself in Dazed and Confused, but I'd love to see him more. Saw Winter Passing a few years ago, which was certainly interesting. And as for Keith Coogan, man I miss this guy! Three films stand out-Babysitting, HIDING OUT, and BOOK OF LOVE(which though made in 1990-feels like an 80s movie). And of course we all remember his turn in DON'T TELL MOM THE BABYSITTER'S DEAD, with the immortal line "The dishes are done!!". Was just looking him up on imdb and noticed a TON of tv appearances. I think thats part of why he seems so prescient in other stuff. I swear I saw the episode of 21 Jump Street he was in. He was even in The Kid with the Broken Halo with Gary Coleman! Not sure where else I was going with this but I was getting all nostalgic again...

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Robert Ferreira said...

Weird coincidence.

I was watching The Sitter the other day and I got nostalgic for most of the movies you've mentioned. Those were the days.

I also didn't realize that "crazy night" movies was a genre in its own right.

It needs a cooler name though.

What about Crazynightsploitation?