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Friday, March 26, 2010

My Favorite Dragon Movies

OK, last night I showed my son THE FLIGHT OF DRAGONS(newly acquired from Warner Bros Archives) in preparation for taking him to see HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON tonight. He's been asking to see HOW TO TRAIN YOUR DRAGON(or HTTYR as the kids are calling it) for a while now and as much as I am not a fan of Dreamworks animation in general, I certainly don't mind taking him. I mean, we're talking about a kid who has indulged me quite often cinematically by watching everything from the Marx Brothers to screwball comedies to cheesy 80s action movies. He's seen a little of everything and is quite open to most films(black and white or color) so when he requests something I gotta go with it. Anyway, I had never seen THE FLIGHT OF DRAGONS and it was a pretty entertaining little animated film. It's a Rankin/Bass Production so right away it's in good company and has a lot to live up to. Features some great voice acting talent including Harry Morgan, John Ritter, JAMES EARL JONES(!), and the amazingly unforgettable Don Messick(most famously the voice of Scooby Doo, Astro the dog on The Jetsons & Bandit the dog on Jonny Quest). So I enjoyed the film and it set me off thinking of other Dragon movies I like. Here is the resulting list:

1. The 7th Voyage of Sinbad(1958; Nathan Juran)
2. Q: The Winged Serpent(1982; Larry Cohen)
3. Jabberwocky(1977; Terry Gilliam)
4. Dragonslayer(1981; Matthew Robbins)
5. The Flight of Dragons(1982; Jules Bass/Arthur Rankin Jr.)

6. The Barbarians(1987; Ruggero Deodato)

7. The Magic Sword(1962; Bert I. Gordon)
8. Willow(1988; Ron Howard)

9. Reign of Fire(2002; Rob Bowman)

10. Dragon Wars(2007; Hyung-rae Shim)

I know I am forgetting some, please remind me of the good/fun ones!


Unknown said...

Glad you squeezed Reign of Fire in there. Underrated.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I dig REIGN OF FIRE too. Wish Matthew McConnaughy would do more films like this than crap like SURFER, DUDE but that'd kinda a no duh!

I always forget Gerard Butler's in this film. I guess it's 'cos I saw it waaay before he became a big deal thanks to 300. Of course, he has a pretty thankless role in REIGN OF FIRE so there's that.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Yeah REIGN OF FIRE seems to have kind of dropped out of sight at this point. A very interesting film and well worth a look for anyone who hasn't seen. I totally forgot Butler was in it too! And yeah it's really too bad about McConnaughy. The dude has shown himself to be a very competent actor in spots, just makes some dumb choices. Like many actors of his generation. Gotta pay the bills I guess. Though SURFER, DUDE can't have lined anyone's pockets....

Rupert Pupkin said...

REIGN OF FIRE and DRAGON WARS are both on Netflix instant right now if anyone is interested....

btsjunkie said...

Very nice list! I will be watching the ones on this list that I have not seen. THE BARBARIANS is definitely on my list for my Deodato project. It's funny, I was very spiteful towards Q the first time I saw it and I went around calling it Q: THE GAY DRAGON. :) Now that I've seen in on the big screen with an audience I do like it a good bit more.

JoeyBanks said...

Technically, Q is feathered serpent diety of the Teotihuacan religion of Mesoamerica, but if it arrived as you were tanning on the roof of your apartment building I don't think anyone would fault you for yelling "Help. Oh Jesus H. Christ help me. It's a feathered, fucking dragon thing."

This looks like it was difficult to compile. I couldn't think of ten Dragon movies. Even for the sake of completion, I would have left out "Reign Of Fire" as it sucks knob.

I would have placed "The Core" at number 10, just to generate interest in the film.

Willow was a clever one. I always associate that with non-Daikini, midget magician lists.

You're brain is too big, Rupert.

Good on yeh..

Rupert Pupkin said...

BTSJUNKIE-Yeah Q, is one I also took a couple views to warm up to. Would have loved to have seen with a crowd! I think you'll dig THE BARBARIANS when you see it! Let me know!

JOEY BANKS- I totally would have spit-taked if I was drinking when I read your comment. Funny shit. Yeah I thought someone might call me on including Q and JABBERWOCKY on the list as neither is technically a full-on dragon. It was a tricky list indeed, required some research. Sadly,dragons are often quite forgettable in films. I agree about the CORE though. That film needs as much attention as possible. If I missed that on my disaster movies list, I should have included it. Fun times.

Drew McIntosh said...

Willow! Man I was all over that flick as a kid. Haven't thought about it in forever.

Agreed about Reign of Fire, I always thought it was overlooked.

Only other one I've seen on your list is Jabberwocky, and I don't remember caring for that one much, but it's been awhile.

deadlydolls said...

I've had Reign of Fire recorded from the DVR for months now. Haven't gotten around to it yet, but I'm imagining I will love it. I watched Outlander recently (the Jim Caviezal Vikings vs. Alien Dragons film from a last year) and enjoyed it enough, but not overwhelmingly so. I feel like there's definitely something I'm forgetting so I'll have to think back. Ah well, always my love to The Barbarins and Dragon Slayer.

Mr. Paul Maul said...

For the love of God, don't put the new Alice in Wonderland on there. They even call the dragon the "Jabberwocky" and not the "Jabberwock." Plus, the female empowerment message is all screwy and doesn't make sense.