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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My All-TIme Worst Films

Just noticed that Cinefamily is running MAC AND ME on 5/15 and it reminded me how much that film sucks. It's easily one of the worst I've ever seen. Made me think I should do a small list. I mean, there are bad films that still offer a great deal of enjoyment(DEADLY PREY, TROLL 2, NIGHTBEAST, THE STABILIZER, ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTMARE, SURF II, VOYAGE OF THE ROCK ALIENS, THE PIT, PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, SHARK ATTACK 3: MEGALODON, SAMURAI COP, COOL AS ICE, THE ROOM, BIRDEMIC) and then there are those that are hard to even enjoy at all. My list consists mostly films I can barely even make it all the way through. With a crowd, some of these might be fun, but overall, just terrible.
I think what was was more exciting for me in making this list was coming across many bad films I've not yet seen. Got many great suggestions from folks on Twitter(thank you!). Here's the list so far of films I wanna check out: DIE HARD DRACULA, KNIGHT RIDER 2010, BODY ROCK, MONSTER IN THE CLOSET(on Netflix Instant btw), RAW JUSTICE & RAW NERVE(both from DEADLY PREY director David A. Prior), THE BOY WHO LOVED TROLLS, THE BLACK GESTAPO, THE ITEM, FULL IMPACT, MESA OF THE LOST WOMEN, AX 'EM, DA HIP HOP WITCH, ZOMBIEZ, ANUS MAGILLICUTTY, HOLLYWOOD HIGH PART II, THE GUY FROM HARLEM, SHE WOLVES OF THE WASTELAND, BOLERO, QUEEN KONG, THE GIANT CLAW, BOARDINGHOUSE, SEARCH FOR THE BEAST, TO CATCH A YETI, CONTAMINATION .7, THUNDERPANTS, and of course SUPERBABIES-BABY GENIUSES 2... I still need to see GOOBY as well.

1. FROM JUSTIN TO KELLY(2003; Robert Iscove)
2. BABY GENIUSES(1999; Bob Clark)

3. SPICE WORLD(1997; Bob Spiers)

4. POCKET NINJAS(1997; Dave Eddy)

5. KAZAAM(1996; Paul Michael Glaser)

NUKIE(1988; Sias Odendal)
7. SUPERMAN IV: THE QUEST FOR PEACE(1987; Sidney J. Furie)

8. MAC AND ME(1988; Stewart Raffill)

10. TURBULENCE 3: HEAVY METAL(2001; Jorge Montessi)
11. COLOR OF NIGHT(1994; Richard Rush)
13. GLITTER(2001; Vondie Curtis-Hall)
14. DEATHSTALKER III(1988; Alfonso Corona)
15. GHOST DAD(1990; Sidney Poitier)
16. SUPER MARIO BROS(1993; Annabel Jankel, Rocky Morton)
17. TERRORVISION(1986; Ted Nicolaou)
18. BATMAN AND ROBIN(1997; Joel Schumacher)
19. JAWS THE REVENGE(1987; Joseph Sargent)

20. SABRETOOTH(2002; James D.R. Hickox)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Favorite "Guys on a Mission" Movies

After listening to Josh Olson's wonderful commentary on the trailer for William Friedkin's film SORCERER over at TRAILERS FROM HELL(a site which Dennis Cozzalio speaks highly of here), I find myself yet again inspired. Inspired not only to show that film to my son this week(we watched Frankenheimer's THE TRAIN last week so this will be a perfect follow-up) but also to quickly write up a list of my favorite "Guys On a Mission" films. Lots of great films with this set-up so there will be some I miss. Most of these tend to end up being war movies. Seems like teams are often assembled to pull something off in a war situation. I'm opting out pf putting the most well known films of this genre on the list(THE DIRTY DOZEN, THE GREAT ESCAPE, THE GUNS OF NAVARONE & BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI) in the interest of promoting some other favorites of mine. I expanded the time period and genre base so I could include some oddballs...

1. SEVEN SAMURAI(1954; Akira Kurosawa)
SORCERER(1977; William Friedkin)
THE TRAIN(1964; John Frankenheimer)
WHERE EAGLES DARE(1968; Brian G. Hutton)
RUN SILENT RUN DEEP(1958; Robert Wise)
TO BE OR NOT TO BE(1942; Ernst Lubitsch)
7. DARK OF THE SUN(1968; Jack Cardiff)
THE PROFESSIONALS(1966; Richard Brooks)
EASTERN CONDORS(1987; Sammo Hung Kam-Bo)
10. KELLY'S HEROES(1970; Brian G. Hutton)
11. THREE KINGS(1999; David O. Rusell)

12. CONDORMAN(1981; Charles Jarrott)

13. IRON EAGLE(1986; Sidney J. Furie)

14. HIGH ROAD TO CHINA(1983; Brian G. Hutton)

15. ICE STATION ZEBRA(John Sturges; 1968)

Thursday, April 8, 2010

My Favorite "One Crazy Night" Movies

Lately I keep getting inspired to do lists based on movies my family and I are seeing in the theater. Not sure why this has been inspiring lists. We certainly see way more interesting stuff at home. I should do a whole list based on YOR: THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE related films because that movie caused quite a stir at our house when I tried to show it to my wife and son(did not go over well). I like YOR quite a bit but I suppose it's an acquired taste. Anyway, so I think we may go check out DATE NIGHT this weekend. Another film that I'm keeping expectations low for, but will probably be OK. Makes me think of other "One Crazy Night" movies, which is a sub-genre I like a good deal. One of my all-time favorites, Scorsese's AFTER HOURS comes from this category. There's something very cool about spending one wacky evening with a group of characters. There's just something about that scenario that grabs me. Maybe it links back to my love for screwball comedies, I don't know(though some of my picks aren't comedies at all). Hopefully I haven't been too liberal in my definition of this type of film, but I guess it's fairly open to interpretation. I think typically these films are thought of as comedies and that makes sense. To round out the list, I brought in some other genres. makes for an interesting group of films....

1. AFTER HOURS(1985; Martin Scorsese)
2. MIRACLE MILE(1988; Steve De Jarnatt)

3. THE WARRIORS(1979; Walter Hill)
4. DAZED AND CONFUSED(1993; Richard Linklater)
5. INTO THE NIGHT(1985; John Landis)
6. MIDNIGHT MADNESS(1980; Michael Nankin/David Wechter)
7. SIXTEEN CANDLES(1984; John Hughes)

8. RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD(1985; Dan O'Bannon)

9. IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT(1934; Frank Capra)
10. AMERICAN GRAFFITI(1973; George Lucas)
11. CLUE(1985; Jonathan Lynn)

12. ADVENTURES IN BABYSITTING(1987; Chris Columbus)

13. HOLLYWOOD KNIGHTS(1980; Floyd Mutrux)

14. THE NIGHT BEFORE(1988; Thom Eberhardt)
15. TROJAN WAR(1997; George Huang)

Note: My wife mentioned HALLOWEEN(1978) as a possible for this list. I considered putting it on here, but figured one horror film was enough...

P.S. Be sure to check out my friend Mr. Peel's review of INTO THE NIGHT also. Fun Stuff!

Friday, April 2, 2010

My Favorite Sword and Sorcery Movies

Ok, so here's another short entry and a quick list. This one sort of ties into last weeks Dragon Movies list, but it is inspired by my son wanting to go and see CLASH OF THE TITANS tomorrow. I have very little hope for this film, but I imagine my son will have a good time so I guess that's good enough. Without further ado, the list:

1. JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS(1963; Don Chaffey)
CLASH OF THE TITANS(1981; Desmond Davis)
BEASTMASTER(1982; Don Coscarelli)
HAWK THE SLAYER(1980; Terry Marcel)
CONAN THE BARBARIAN(1982; John Milius)
RED SONJA(1985; Richard Fleischer)
CONQUEST(1983; Lucio Fulci)
CONAN THE DESTROYER(1984; Richard Fleischer)
9. DEATHSTALKER II(1987; Jim Wynorski)
10. SORCERESS(1982; Jack Hill)

*as always, hit me with suggestions of favorites I've missed! Oh and CIRCLE OF IRON(1978) would have no doubt made my list, but I haven't seen it yet. There are many I've not seen...