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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Favorite Gene Hackman films

Why? Why not. Love the guy and am hoping that WELCOME TO MOOSEPORT doesn't prove to be his last film! Here's a shortlist of my favorites from his filmography:

1. THE CONVERSATION(1974; Francis Ford Coppola)
2. NIGHT MOVES(1975; Arthur Penn)
3. PRIME CUT(1972; Michael Ritchie)
4. SCARECROW(1973; Jerry Schatzberg)
5. CISCO PIKE(1972; Bill L. Norton)
6. THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE(1972; Ronald Neame)
7. THE FRENCH CONNECTION(1971; William Friedkin)
8. YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN(1974; Mel Brooks)
9. ANOTHER WOMAN(1988; Woody Allen)
10. THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS(2001; Wes Anderson)
11. DOWNHILL RACER(1969; Michael Ritchie)
12. SUPERMAN(1978; Richard Donner)
13. REDS(1981; Warren Beatty)
14. MARCH OR DIE(1977; Dick Richards)

15. EUREKA(1983; Nicolas Roeg)
16. HOOSIERS(1986; David Anspaugh)
17. TWILIGHT(1998; Robert Benton)
18. THE QUICK AND THE DEAD(1995; Sam Raimi)
19. THE UNFORGIVEN(1992; Clint Eastwood)


Tom said...

I'm in total agreement with you on #1. That's such a great film.

Ned Merrill said...

NIGHT MOVES has to be higher than that, man! I like CISCO PIKE and all, but it's a fairly small role.

Sleepycris said...

One of my favorite performances has to in the Royal Tenenbaums. He makes you care for a despicable character and his performance is pure redemption. Great list!

Brian said...

Nice list, but where's Unforgiven?! Also Royal Tenenbaums. I see you're focusing on his early roles which is understandable, but from his later years those two stand out.

Unknown said...

Yeah, definitely UNFORGIVEN and I like to remember THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS being his last film and not MOOSEPORT. I try to forget that that film ever existed. ; )

Rupert Pupkin said...

TOM-Yes in my all-time top 5, love the CONVERSATION so much!

NED-You are right, I flip flopped some of the films , just fixed it. NIGHT MOVES is my #2 when I think about it.

Cristina-Absolutely. Love him in TENENBAUMS. Just forgot it. It's on the list now.

BRIAN & J.D.-I know I'll take heat for this, but I am not a huge fan of THE UNFORGIVEN. I put it on the list at the bottom as I certainly can't deny the great performance from Hackman, but that movie bothers me and in my mind is a bit over-rated. I know I'm in the minority there.

Colonel Mortimer said...

Hi Rupert, long time lurker, first time commenter.

Your # 1 and #2 are perfect (Royal Tenenbaums is my personal # 3), and you've prompted me to catch Cisco Pike and Rough Cut post haste.

One omission I am curious about: Bonnie and Clyde.

Also, I thought Hackman was solid in French Connection II but I am not sure if you're entry for the first film encapsulated the whole Popeye Doyle character.

Aaron said...

Hey Rupert, I was thinking about doing another top 5 on my blog. I had a particular one in mind and wanted to ask you if you'd like to collaborate on it. I don't know your e-mail addy, so shoot me an e-mail at thehorns_09909 at yahoo dot com, and I will give you more info. Digging the GGTMC interviews, btw!

Hal said...

absolutely agree with THE CONVERSATION at # 1. A very rewarding film that has lost none of its power 36 years later.

I have some love for GET SHORTY as well. Probably my favorite post-comeback Travolta film, and Hackman's funny.

I'd also add ALL NIGHT LONG, a really dark comedy. Not a great film, but Hackman elevates it.

As much as I love YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN, Hackman's only got a cameo there. It would be painful to replace it, but I'd probably add SHORTY and LONG in place of it to make it a top 20.

Rupert Pupkin said...

COLONEL MORTIMER-Thanks for reading and thanks for your comment! Yeah you know I just totally forgot about BONNIE AND CLYDE. It should certainly have a place in my top 20, I'd have to think about where. And I'm ashamed to say I've not yet seen FRENCH CONNECTION II, but have meant to for years! Need to pony up for the Blu-Ray on both of the FC films. Saw your latest blog post(and am adding you to my blogroll) and really appreciated the kind words about the GGTMC! I am not sure if you've listened to the episodes I participated in(several in the past couple months but I have also done many of the bonus interviews). I hope you enjoy our latest discussion of Ken Russell's THE DEVILS from this weeks episode and let me know if you dig the interviews. That is an ongoing project.

AARON- I'd love to collaborate on a top 5! will shoot you an email asap! Dug your voicemails to GGTMC this week!

HAL-GET SHORTY is quite solid you're right. Good stuff for both Hackman and Travolta. It should be on my list too. I own ALL NIGHT LONG also and like it. need to rewatch to re-evaluate Hackman's performance. Your latest blog post has me totally dying to see THE OSCAR(1966) btw, great writeup!

Will Errickson said...

Great stuff. Even though I grew up watching SUPERMAN over and over,it wasn't until I saw THE CONVERSATION that I realized how awesome he was (not that he's not great as Lex Luthor!). But I haven't seen CONVERSATION in years, although I used to watch it a lot and love it. In the interim I've discovered Hackman's lesser-known '70s movies that you included. NIGHT MOVES actually has become one of my favorite movies EVER. And GET SHORTY? Absolutely. I love how he obliviously refers to David O. Selznick as "Mr. O'Selznick" (altho' I can't recall if that's in Elmore Leonard's original novel).

Colonel Mortimer said...

Actually Rupert, the first episode of GGTMC I heard was your interview with Joe Dante, who is a personal hero of mine. Great job by the way (I did not know about him being offered Star Trek II). After that I went to the Best of 2009 episode and have been working my way up (I usually get through 3 or 4 in a week thanks to commutes and walks). I also heard your contribution to the hilarious Nightbeast episode.

I just saw The Devils for the first time last year, so I am certainly interested in what you and the guys have to say about that one.

As for French Connection II, it's been a long time for me too (we're talking pre-DVD here), but I remember Hackman providing Doyle with a little more venerability and depth. Also I agree with Hal and Will re: Get Shorty.

And while on the Elmore Leonard subject, I just got sent 52 Pick Up (from the director of FC II and starring Doyle's partner) via Netflix after reading the book. Ever see it? Thoughts? Oh and a Roy Scheider list would be awesome!

Rupert Pupkin said...

WILL-Yeah I couldn't agree more re: THE CONVERSATION. Just such a great performance. And yeah NIGHT MOVES is really fantastic and still under-seen. Penn's best film. I like your bog sir! Added to my blogroll as well! Liked that entry on FAT CITY!

COLONEL MORTIMER-Very cool you've heard some of my interviews and episodes of GGTMC! so glad you enjoyed! And ask and ye shall receive! The Scheider list seemed like a great idea! thanks!

Ned Merrill said...


Stay away from the Blu-ray for THE FRENCH CONNECTION...Friedkin totally messed with the image much to the dismay of d.p. Owen Roizman who lambasted Friedkin publicly for his revisionist take on the film's appearance.