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Friday, August 13, 2010

My Favorite "Youth Gone Wild" FIlms

Aaron over at the Death Rattle blog asked me to list my top 5 favorite films of this genre and it's been running all week over there, check out our write-ups. We both picked the same number one by the way, great minds think alike! Just to have my full list here too, here it is! Also, I realized that I left off THREE O'CLOCK HIGH in my list at Death Rattle! Can't believe I spaced that one! I know there's a whole bunch I'm not thinking of, so hit me with ideas/suggestions people!

1. ROCK 'N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL(1979; Allan Arkush)
THREE O'CLOCK HIGH(1987; Phil Joanou)
MIDNIGHT MADNESS(1980; David Wechter/Michael Nankin)
PRETTY POISON(1968; Noel Black)
OVER THE EDGE(1979; Jonathan Kaplan)
BIG WEDNESDAY(1978; John Milius)
THE WARRIORS(1979; Walter Hill)
7. GUN CRAZY(1950; Joseph H. Lewis)
8. THE RIVER'S EDGE(1986; Tim Hunter)
IF....(1968; Lindsay Anderson)
THE WANDERERS(1979; Philip Kaufman)
11. THE BAD NEWS BEARS(1976; Michael Ritchie)
BAD BOYS(1983; Rick Rosenthal)
REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE(1955 Nicholas Ray)
LITTLE DARLINGS(1980; Ronald F. Maxwell)
FANDANGO(1985; Kevin Reynolds)
A CLOCKWORK ORANGE(1971; Stanley Kurick)
LORD LOVE A DUCK(1966; George Axelrod)
20. THE DEATH OF RICHIE(1977; Paul Wendkos)
THRASHIN'(1986; David Winters)
22. THE NEW KIDS(1985; Sean S. Cunningham)
CLASS OF 1984(1982; Mark L. Lester)
3:15(1986; Larry Gross)
25. THE WILD ONE(1953; Laslo Benedek)
FREEWAY(1996; Matthew Bright)
TUFF TURF(1985; Fritz Kiersch)
DESPERATE LIVES(1982; Robert Michael Lewis)
OUTRAGE(1973; Richard T. Heffron)
TURK 182(1985; Bob Clark)
YOUNG WARRIORS(1983; Lawrence D. Foldes)


Morgan said...

Now that's a list! Three O'Clock High, Over the Edge, Little Darlings, Class of 1984, The New Kids, there are so many favorites. Job well done!

Rupert Pupkin said...

Thanks maam! Yeah I have lots of stuff I love that I thought I could cram into this "genre". You have great taste!

Christopher Ivey said...

Another great list! I love this "genre." Will definitely make a note of the ones I haven't seen... Nice #1; I was just listening to the theme song today :)

Rupert Pupkin said...

Chris-Thanks very much for the kind words! It is a fun genre. I just kept remembering films to put on the list! I know I'll remember more soon! And I cannot get enough of RnR HIGH SCHOOL. Just always makes me smile.

deadlydolls said...

I'd love to hear your take on Over the Edge. I just watched it for the first time earlier this year and found it pretty darn interesting. And hell yeah Class of 84! I've been meaning to rewatch that as a more age-appropriate adult, though I fear it will let me down in comparison to the awesome power of Class of 99.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Emily-You know I certainly have OVER THE EDGE on my short list of films I'd like to cover on GGTMC. We may discuss it at some point. Not sure of class of 84 will hold up for you against '99. '99 is a lot of fun fo sho!

SteveQ said...

In "Wild In the Streets," after the voting age gets dropped to 14, the grown-ups are all kept high on LSD to keep them in line.

"High School Confidential" jumps to mind, but the entire cast seems to be way too old for "Youth Gone Wild."

Wow... am I old. Maybe I should be yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

Unknown said...

Fantastic list! Love the inclusion of FANDANGO, such an underrated film.

I would also add the ultra-dark RIVER'S EDGE. What a poweful film with a great, edgy, bizarro performance by Crispin Glover.

Rupert Pupkin said...

STEVE-Never Seen WILD IN THE STREETS, but I will now, sounds quite entertaining! I thought about including HIGH SCHOOL CONFIDENTIAL as well!
JD-Great call on RIVER'S EDGE, that's going on the list, can't believe I forgot it!!

Adam Lowes said...

Great blog. Just discovered it!

Here's my recent write-up on Thrashin'

Ned Merrill said...

Great choices, man! Many of my favorites are here. As for me, in addition to many of these, I'd have to have QUADROPHENIA on such a list, if I created one. Also, Alan Clarke's SCUM (either version). So two Brit flicks, both featuring a young Ray Winstone.

Rupert Pupkin said...

ADAM- thanks man! I dug your write-up of THRASHIN! Such a fun flick! With the attention and work Josh Brolin has been getting lately, I'm surprised it hasn't gotten more of a re-evaluation.

NED- You are totally right re: QUADROPHENIA. I haven't seen SCUM, but would like to. Have seen THE FIRM and liked that. Several Alan Clarke films were covered on the GGTMC podcast recently:

SteveQ said...

I just called you out on my blog for not posting for too long a time and made a list of Mondo movies.