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Friday, September 24, 2010

My Current Top 40 films(in order)

Was just hashing this out and thought I'd post. As of today, this seems pretty accurate as to my current favorites. Tomorrow it will change completely. For the most part though, I can watch any of these films at any time.

1. The Thing(1982)
2. Rio Bravo
3. Duck Soup
4. The Apartment
5. The Long Goodbye
6. The Conversation
7. The King of Comedy
8. It's a Gift
9. The Maltese Falcon
10. Rear Window
11. The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp
12. The Killing
13. The Lady Eve
14. Halloween
15. After Hours
16. Out of the Past
17. Jaws
18. Big Trouble In Little China
19. Back to the Future
20. Breaking Away
21. The Heartbreak Kid(1972)
22. Night Moves
23. Taxi Driver
24. Two-Lane Blacktop
25. Straight Time
26. Cutter's Way
27. Chilly Scenes of Winter
28. Targets
29. Forbidden Planet
30. Them!
31. Going In Style
32. Modern Romance
33. The Last Detail
34. Rock 'N' Roll High School
35. The King of Marvin Gardens
36. My Bodyguard
37. Valley Girl
38. The Awful Truth
39. Three O'Clock High
40. Miracle Mile


Morgan said...

Great list! I see some favorites up there. I don't think this was the first time I saw My Bodyguard on a list. An real '80s classic.

JoeyBanks said...

I'm surprised you could narrow it down to 40. Bet it took you hours. Nice to see "The Thing" at No. 1. I'll be using this to bolster my Netflix queue. Now... I wanna see a list of your top soundtracks.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Morgan-Yeah I love me some MY BODYGUARD. It has really grown on me in the past 5 years. I challenge anyone to not be engaged by the final confrontation at the end.

Joey-It was tough, but I just started really thinking about films I've watched lately that have always been favorites and how they've kind of eclipsed old favorites like GHOSTBUSTER and CHINATOWN. Are these films better than those two? Not at all, but these are the ones I am more drawn to at the moment. Very kind of you to use the list as a possible guide to adding films to your queue! Hope you like them!

Unknown said...

Very nice list! Great to see THE THING and THE LONG GOODBYE up there. Two of my faves also.

But I know what you mean... as soon as I compile one of these lists my choices change the very next day depending on my mood. I mean, there are some films that will probably always be on there (BLUE VELVET) but the list is always changing.

Rupert Pupkin said...

J.D. Yeah you're totally right. Some films will come and go from the list and others will always be up there. I think its safe to say my top 15 or so are pretty locked in my pantheon. I've really come to do a lot of thinking about favorites since I started this blog and I come to realize more and more how in flux it all is. How many factors in my life play into the films I currently love. I just really dig that about films in general.

Bill Scurry said...

This is totally wild -- a mutual friend pointed me towards this list, and I really appreciate the eclectic taste in your choices. While I don't think I could dare to pick 40 films in a similar configuration, I will proudly state that "The Thing" is, in fact, my #3 at the moment. I'm a kindred spirit.