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Monday, October 11, 2010

10 of Joe Dante's Favorite Underrated Horror films!

OK readers I have a very special list for you here today. It comes from one of my personal heroes and favorite directors, Joe Dante himself! He has given us all a very cool group of films to chew on here and having seen some of them already myself, I am all the more excited to track down and watch the ones I've not seen. I know all of you are already aware that Joe is beyond being what one would call a "film buff". He transcends that moniker. He transcends it so much you will often hear people speak of his remarkably vast and intimidating knowledge of cinema. For that reason I am always on the lookout for any mention from him of a favorite film of any kind. As soon as I hear that he is putting on another one of his film series at the New Beverly Cinema here in L.A., I find myself scrambling to see what films he's chosen to show. What obscure gems he has drug out for us all to enjoy. That is why I am so honored to present this list here.
I am sure I don't have to tell you about Joe's phenomenal site TRAILERS FROM HELL. They present 3 new trailers each week with insightful and entertaining commentary from their wonderful stable of gurus. They have close to 500 trailers there! It truly is a cinephile's dream come true! If you haven't already become addicted to it, you should certainly allow yourself the opportunity.
Anyway, on to Joe's list! In no particular order:

-HORROR EXPRESS(1972; Eugenio Martin)
-EYE OF THE DEVIL(1966; J. Lee Thompson)
-CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATER(1962; Albert Zugsmith)**
-ALIAS NICK BEAL(1949; John Farrow)
-THE HOUSE THAT SCREAMED(1969; Narciso Ibanez Serrador)
-LISA AND THE DEVIL(1974; Mario Bava)
-GOD TOLD ME TO(1976; Larry Cohen)
-EXORCIST II: THE HERETIC(1977; John Boorman)
-THE MONSTER AND THE GIRL(1941; Stuart Heisler)

Just wanted to extend a big big thank you to Joe for taking the time to write up this list! I can't express how grateful I am!

And if you're looking for more insights from Joe, feel free to check out this interview I did with him for The Gentlemen's Guide To Midnite Cinema earlier this year.

**I've linked these entries to Joe talking about the films at Trailers From Hell.


deadlydolls said...

Too cool for school Rupert! I'm also intrigued by that list as the only films on there I've seen are God Told Me To (love) and The Exorcist II (zzzzzzzz). It's always exciting to get some new recommendations from such an esteemed source!

Unknown said...

Very cool. What's with the asterisks, though?

Colonel Mortimer said...

That's awesome that Dante provided this list. I've only seen three of the titles, and two of them (Horror Express and Lisa and the Devil) were actually theatrical showings introduced by Mr. Dante himself. I hope he does another New Beverly program soon.

Aaron said...

Nice! HORROR EXPRESS is a neat little film and definitely underrated, although it does have a bit of a cult following. I believe Severin is putting a version of it out if I'm not mistaken. Bava's LISA AND THE DEVIL is another great one. A confusing film but so visually stunning and atmospheric.

SteveQ said...

I've seen all of them! It's interesting that there are two on the list from the 1940's - there weren't many horror films then (perhaps WW II had something to do with that).

Rupert Pupkin said...

Emily-Thank you! Yes I am very excited to have this list from Joe. He's a very kind fella! I am excited for several films on the lists. Oddly compelled THE MONSTER AND THE GIRL.

Grunj-** are linked to Joe talking about the films at TFH.

Colonel-I so wish I could have made it to the Dante screenings at the New Bev you mentioned there. I hope he does another Dante's Inferno soon too!

Aaron-I like both those films, especially HORROR EXPRESS. Yeah I just found out that the Severin release will be Blu-Ray as well!

Steve-Yeah I hoped Joe would include some older titles. I have been meaning to see ALIAS NICK BEAL for a while. I am a big John Farrow fan. Been wanting to show my wife FIVE CAME BACK forever.That film doesn't have an official dvd release yet right?

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