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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Guest List: Cat's Fun Horror Films

Thanks to Cat(Cahcat on Twitter) for this list! She's added a note to describe:
"So, I wrote up my picks for 10 horror movies and two runner ups. It's
not necessarily under-rated, but stuff I like and thought would be fun
to pass on." Enjoy her picks and also go check out her lovely blog:

1. Fade To Black (1980)
One of the first R-Rated movies I ever saw FADE TO BLACK made quite an impact on me and likely ignited my movie fanaticism.
FADE TO BLACK is pretty twisted; Eric Binford, played by Dennis Christopher, is completely obsessed with movies. He loves old classics, Marilyn Monroe and Cody Jarrett. Something snaps in Eric’s mind when his dream girl stands him up and he goes on a killing spree. Eric dresses up as different movie characters like Dracula and Hop Along Cassidy to kills those who’ve hurt him and his pride.

FADE TO BLACK holds up pretty well, in my opinion, and I highly recommend it for movie history fans out there. You’ll get a good look at old 80’s Los Angeles and the movie going scene. I was lucky enough to watch it last year on the big screen and it was awesome!

Comparisons between ERIC BINFORD and CAT (me)
Eric - saw three movies a day for a year
Cat - almost watches one movie a day, some days watches 3 or more.
Eric - loves old movies, knows movie history
Cat - loves old movies, knows movie history
Eric - Has a New Beverly Calendar on his wall
Cat - Has a New Beverly Calendar on her desk
Eric - Takes Polaroid pictures
Cat - Takes Polaroid pictures
Eric - Kills people
Cat - Doesn't kill people

2. Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn (1987)
I first saw Evil Dead 2 before I saw Evil Dead at the tender age of 12-years-old and it was that moment I fell in love with Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi. Comedy and Horror mixed together I had my laughs, and good scares. Evil Dead 2 is a film I can watch on repeat and still laugh and cringe in giddy delight. I give it lots of credit for beginning my love of horror films. Raimi’s stylized direction is not easily topped and Bruce Campbell’s charm and chin are 100% groovy.

3. The Tingler (1959)
I love old black and white movies. I love campy fare. I love William Castle. I love Vincent Price. THE TINGLER has all of the above. Vincent Price is Dr. Warren Chapin, as he studies fear he discovers a parasitic creature that grows on a human’s spine, causing spine-tingling pain and it can only be destroyed with a scream. One of my favorite scenes in THE TINGLER is a mute woman being frightened to death and during the fear-inducing moment there’s suddenly a burst of color, a fantastic visual. At the films climax, where an actual TINGLER is on the lose in a movie theater the a screen goes black and Vincent Price shouts; “SCREAM FOR YOUR LIVES!” At this point everyone must scream for his or her own lives and you’ll surely be screaming along too. Don’t panic, just SCREAM!!

4. Creepshow 2 (1987)
Anthologies are awesome fun, a series of stories all strung together. CREEPSHOW 2 is among my favorites. Taking three stories written by Stephen King there’s plenty of gore, guts and revenge. In OLD CHIEF WOOD’NHEAD a cigar store Indian avenges his shop owners. In THE RAFT four kids from HORLICK University go take a dip in a watering hole that’s got a mysterious gooey slick floating around. That slick wants to suck them dry. And lastly THE HITCHHIKER follows a woman who hits a man as she races home. My favorite by far is THE RAFT and it’s why I recommend CREEPSHOW 2 so highly. It gets pretty grotesque and I’m just a bit biased at the use of the name HORLICK.

5. Happiness of Katakuris (2001)
Directed by Takashi Miike HAPPINESS OF THE KATAKURIS is one wild ride. There’s an awesome Claymation introduction that kicks off the film about a family, a husband and wife, a grandfather, two grown children, (a son and a daughter) and the daughter’s young girl who narrates most of this fantastical tale. All together the family is working to run a bed and breakfast. What makes this movie special is it’s a horror, comedy musical. Yes, a musical. As the family tries their best to run a nice guesthouse their clients keep dying due to suicides, or accidents, and they hide the bodies to save their own reputations. It’s truly hilarious and my favorite Miike for all the foolish things that ensue.

6. Terror Train (1980)
TERROR TRAIN is a slasher movie I saw on cable TV as a kid. It has Jamie Lee Curtis who’s on a train for a New Year’s Eve party with her college class. Also on the train is a killer, the young man who was pranked by Jamie and her friends and he wants revenge. Magician David Copperfield is also on board as the party magic man. Now, make fun all you want, I like Mr. Copperfield. This was a fun and different slasher, with a cool cast including old Ben Johnson as Carne who’s part of the train crew. I was always creeped out by the killer and his Groucho mask. I call it a classic for scream queen Jamie Lee Curtis fans!

7. Popcorn (1991)
I found POPCORN on video from my local video rental place. The cover always struck me and the lead actress, Jill Schoelen, was in a few other films I liked (THE STEPFATHER and CUTTING CLASS). In POPCORN a bunch of kids reopen an old theater for a horrorthon and they plan to scare the audience with old movie techniques. (Think William Castle tricks). Of course there’s some bad mojo at the theater dealing with a killer and it seems he has returned to kill again. I haven’t seen this film in many years, and can’t say if it holds up, but I remember the twist sticking with me. Being a fan of movie watching gimmicks I really loved POPCORN a lot.

8. Monster Squad (1987)
MONSTER SQUAD is a movie from my childhood. A bunch of boys discover that evil, lead by Dracula, is on the loose in their town, and they’re the only ones who can prevent the end of the world. With Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Mummy, Wolfman and Gilman the classic movie monsters are all packed into this kid flick. I love every moment of it. Being the young girl that I was I had quite a crush on Ryan Lambert (KIDS INCORPORATED), he played tough boy Rudy, who wore dark shades and a leather jacket. Yup, classic Bad Boy! This film was very underrated at the time and has lots of nostalgia for many my age. It has since gained more attention with a big screen showing over the years and a great DVD.

9. Demons 2 (1986)
I do enjoy Italian horror as it usually delivers some of the most outrageously gruesome sights and yes that can be a good thing since you’re usually laughing and cheering too. I first saw DEMONS 2 last year on Halloween at my favorite movie theater The New Beverly Cinema. Set in an apartment building during a party some tenants are watching a DEMON movie on TV. Through that movie a DEMON is let loose and the possessions begin! The demons are running wild and attacking everyone in the building; there’s the big muscle bound guys in the gym, a pregnant woman battling a ghoulie creature and a showdown in the parking garage. Honestly, there’s nothing like Italian horror and DEMONS 2 is good proof of that.

10. Elvira Mistress of the Dark (1988)
I love camp, and I love Elvira having watched her on TV sharing bad/good horror movies. Elvira made her BIG screen debut in ELVIRA MISTRESS OF THE DARK. Now this movie is cheesy and very corny but it has a special charm thanks to the Mistress herself. Elvira quits her TV job as she finds out she’s got an inheritance coming from her recently deceased Great-Aunt Morgana. Going to a small town with repressed teenagers and angry old-fashioned neighbors Elvira shakes things up with magic. Elvira has always had a flair for spoofs and she does her own version of the FLASHDANCE dance at one point. Yes, it’s all rather silly but remember it was the end of the 80’s and Elvira just doing her shtick. I haven’t seen this one in a while, so it’s my number 10. But I’m sure it will still deliver some laughs. It’s actually a perfect time to revisit Elvira’s classic as she’s back on the air with ELVIRA’S MOVIE MACABE and I’ve loved every movie she’s shown so far.

For a few runners up I offer another Sam Raimi film, DRAG ME TO HELL (2009), which came out last year. Young Christine Brown wronged a Gypsy and is being haunted by a demon; it showed Raimi still has the chops for horror and splatter. Next up is the Peter Jackson film THE FRIGHTENERS (1996) with Michael J. Fox as a psychic with ghost pals. He ends up tracking down a ghostly serial killer and it also has the awesome Jeffrey Combs.


Stephen Langlois said...

Another great list. Glad to see some love for Creepshow 2. It's really cheesy, but an awful lot of fun. I still quote the "Thanks for the ride, lady" line from the Hitchhiker segment.

Morgan said...

Really great list! I fell in love with Dennis Christopher in Fade to Black. His performance was outstanding.

Graygrrrl said...

I love Elvira and that movie. It's hilarious, of course, but she always keeps the comedy in check and even gives a little wink to the camera. PS- One of the best horror movie deaths is in this film. Death by Elvira's stiletto. Enough said.

PS- Why didn't more people like "The Frighteners"? It was really good!

InkieCat said...

Thanks for the comments! I'm so glad you all dig my list. I had fun putting it together.

Aaron said...

I love pretty much all of your picks. FADE TO BLACK is such an amazing movie. CREEPSHOW 2 is another favorite and holds a special place in my heart. To this day, whenever I see trash floating in water (which isn't often, thankfully), I always think of that fucking blob. Also, extremely stoked to see someone else put DEMONS 2 on their list! Good job.

sammy said...

love reading this article.

Unknown said...

I found POPCORN on video from my local video rental place. ...