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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Guest List: Zack Carlson!

Have been bestowed with a blessing here in getting the singular Zack Carlson himself to contribute a list. I did an interview with him for GGTMC earlier this year. Have a listen. Anyway, Zack has titled his Underappreciated Horror list:


10) SLUGS - Yet another animals unleashed epic, but these razor-toothed gastropods mean business. The head-melting restaurant death scene is a gift from above.

9) SPLATTER FARM - Some genuine respect has been paid to '80s shot-on-video horror in the last couple years, but this film from twin brother/directors/actors John and Mark Polonia deserves to be placed alongside BLACK DEVIL DOLL FROM HELL and THE RIPPER as the best in the camcorder canon. The sex scene with the aunt is a highlight. NOTE: The VHS tape holds a much more entertaining edit.

8) THE BEAST WITHIN - Wrongly assumed to be a werewolf film, this uniquely dramatic but crazed monster slasher is an exploitation highlight from seasoned director Philippe Mora. Features some of the greatest transformation effects this side of AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON, and the performance from Paul Clemens as the titular beast really should have garnered him a special Horror Oscar.

7) RACE WITH THE DEVIL - The legendary Warren Oates allies with Peter Fonda to destroy a seemingly endless array of kamikaze stunt Satanists! A truly pulse-pounding action horror film with incredible daredevil work, all from blue collar auteur Jack Starrett. Everyone who isn't boring should watch this movie twice a month.

6) THE PIT - A mentally ill young boy with a talking teddy bear finds a giant hole filled with semi-human subterranean creatures, which he names "tra-la-logs." When anyone upsets him, the child dumps that person in the pit to be devoured by his albino cro-mag buddies. One of their lunches is an old lady in a wheelchair. If this doesn't sound fun to you, please enjoy reading the rest of your bible.

5) THE MANITOU - Exploitation mastermaniac William Girdler's final film before his death at age 30. An impossibly ambitious feature that pits the late Tony Curtis in a kaleidoscopic transdimensional war against an evil Native American dwarf that emerges from a lady's spine. This all takes place in a hospital that's also a gateway to an alternate universe. Don't blink or you'll miss the doctor exploding!

4) XTRO - The public was quick to chalk this up as an ALIEN knock-off, but that's as wrong as a bag of wet cigars. I'm not sure what that means, but the point is: XTRO is a goddamn masterpiece, with more inventiveness and chaos than any other movie of its type and/or time. It'd be difficult to give you an exact plot breakdown, so instead I'll just tell you two key scenes: 1) A woman gives birth to a full grown man, and 2) A giant plastic army soldier attacks an old lady in her living room. Also, 517 other insane things happen. Rent this in the next 30 seconds.

3) MANIAC COP 2 - William Lustig's infinitely superior sequel to the already fantastic original. Rectangular undead wildman Matt Cordell (Robert Z'dar) returns with a seething bloodlust, wiping out all cops, robbers and whatever else gets in his way. Unbelievable -- and incredibly dangerous -- stunts with cars, men on fire, guns, knives, etc. See a man get thrown through five walls in a single shot.

2) THE HIDDEN - Sure, this has its following, but there's not a single reason why this major accomplishment in the cinematic arts isn't as popular/successful as '80s scifi violence epics like ROBOCOP and PREDATOR. A body-hopping alien jerk runs wild through the streets of LA, stealing cars, smashing buildings and killing killing killing. If this movie was a human, it could get shot in the face and still break every limb of a dozen Samoan construction workers. So TUFF.

1) TOURIST TRAP - The all-time greatest n' weirdest underappreciated horror gem. Lovable grandpa Chuck Connors plays an eccentric coot charged to carry the secret of a telekinetic cross-dressing madman who roams the night in search of young victims. Flying, shrieking mannequin heads, terrifying sets and bizarre dialogue assault the viewer. A massively entertaining performance from Connors, and one of the eeriest opening death scenes in any movie. When this one ends, you'll feel like your skull and your brain just had a fistfight.


Anonymous said...

I have had friends hold a grudge for years against me for making them watch The Pit. One friend would simply walk out of the room whenever I mentioned the film. Her loss...

Rupert Pupkin said...

That's a terrible shame. I think that THE PIT is hilarious and a TON of fun. Last time I watched with some friends it was a grand old time!

?uestion said...

Good stuff here. Race With The Devil is one of those movies that sticks with me from my childhood at the drive-in and The Hidden is just so much fun!

Unknown said...

Love THE HIDDEN which cleverly mixes INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS with THE TERMINATOR. And Kyle MacLachlan's character, in some ways, maybe it's the way he plays it, almost seems like a warm-up for TWIN PEAKS' Agent Cooper.

le0pard13 said...