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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

My Top 10 Underrated 70s and 80s Horror(Guest Post)

Some kind very words(much appreciated!) and a guest post over at JDBRECORDS for your perusal if you like:


SteveQ said...

Re-animator, The Stepfather, Q: the Winged Serpent, Basket Case, It's Alive... are these still underrated, or now cult classics?

Rupert Pupkin said...

Yeah see that's the trick here. It's a bit tough to say what's underrated and what has developed a significant following. Depends on what circles your running in. I know several of those films were cult classics at a certain point(as were a few picks on my list), but are people still discovering them? Not sure, I hope so. Either way I love to see people pick up a horror recommend right around Halloween when they are most likely to give it a look.

Vintage Outdoors said...

Awesome list of some of the often forgotten classics of the 80s Deadle Spawn was great! Don't forget Madman starring Paul "Madman Marz" Ehlers which was just re-released for a special 30th anni. DVD.