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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 1

I am loving the stuff that's started showing up on Netflix Instant lately. There's a veritable treasure trove of goodies to be found from the many available Criterion and Blue Underground titles to blacksploitation classics like THE MACK and BUCKTOWN etc. One of my all-time favorites CALIFORNIA SPLIT can be found there in an apparently uncut version. Also, TARGETS and CUTTER'S WAY which are both near and dear to me. It's hard to keep track of all of the films that can be streamed right now and I find that my queue is constantly overstuffed! So I thought I'd start to regularly list interesting films(often not on DVD) that I'm coming across*. Here's a group of several that I am currently excited about:

*one downside is that these films are often presented 4x3 and not in their original aspect ratios. Sometimes beggars can't be choosers I guess.

1. DEADHEAD MILES(1972; Vernon Zimmerman)
2. FAST BREAK(1979; Jack Smight)
3. BREAKING GLASS(1980; Brian Gibson)
4. HOW I WON THE WAR(1967; Richard Lester)
5. THE CAT BURGLAR(1961; William Witney)
6. MINNIE & MOSKOWITZ(1971; John Cassavetes)
7. BUSTING(1974; Peter Hyams)
8. THE SIEGE OF FIREBASE GLORIA(1989; Brian Trenchard-Smith)
9. 10 RILLINGTON PLACE(1970; Richard Fleischer)
10. COOL AS ICE(1991; David Kellogg)
11. JEREMY(1973; Arthur Barron)
12. TELL THEM WILLIE BOY IS HERE(1969; Abraham Polonsky)
13. STREAMERS(1983; Robert Altman)
14. 92 IN THE SHADE(1975; Thomas McGuane)
15. HIGH RISK(1981; Stewart Raffill)
16. COCAINE: ONE MAN'S SEDUCTION(1983; Paul Wendkos)
17. JAWS OF SATAN(1981; Bob Claver)
20. FIGHTING BACK(1982; Lewis Teague)
21. LIPSTICK(1976; Lamont Johnson)
22. SUPERFLY T.N.T.(1973; Ron O'Neal)
23. INSIDE OUT(1986; Robert Taicher)
24. THE DEADLY TRACKERS(1973; Barry Shear)
25. DR. JEKYLL AND SISTER HYDE(1971; Roy Ward Baker)
25. HARRY IN YOUR POCKET(1973; George Schenck)
26. TENTACLES(1977; Ovidio G. Assonitis)
27. DISASTER ON THE COASTLINER(1979; Richard Sarafian)
28. NIGHT DRIVE(1977; E.W. Swackhamer)
29. CHAN IS MISSING(1982; Wayne Wang)
30. THE LAST SUNSET(1961; Robert Aldrich)
31. STAR SLAMMER(1988; Fred Olen Ray)
32. SIMON SAYS(2006; William Dear)
33. CONDOR(1986; Virgil W. Vogel)
34. SOGGY BOTTOM U.S.A.(1984; Theodore A. Flicker)
35. QUINTET(1979; Robert Altman)
36. BUNNY O'HARE(1971; Gerd Oswald)
37. G.O.R.P.(1980; Joseph Rubin)
38. BIG SHOTS(1987; Robert Mandel)
39. HEARTACHES(1981; Donald Shebib)
40. MESSAGE FROM SPACE(1978; Kenji Fukasaku)


Thomas Duke said...

Thanks a ton. I've wanted to see several of these, particularly BREAKING GLASS, which I have the soundtrack for but have yet to see the actual movie. I like that COOL AS ICE is now considered a "gem" ;)

A couple of others previously rare cult movies I found on Netflix (never on DVD).

CULT OF THE DAMNED - sort of Valley of the Dolls meets a hippie cult movie (I wrote a review of this one)

THE CRIMSON CULT - pretty awesome psych-tinged creepy satanic castle movie with Karloff, Steele, Lee.

VICIOUS LIPS - Albert Pyun's wacko sci-fi new wave musical

Unknown said...

TIMERIDER... wow, haven't thought about that film in ages! Love Fred Ward and it was great to that in this film (and REMO WILLIAMS) he got top billing. So underrated.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Thomas-I wish BREAKING GLASS was widescreen, and I'm told there are two endings, one for the U.S. release and another for the UK. I'm assuming that since this one has the Paramount logo on the front it must be the U.S. Thanks for the tips on other cult films on Netflix! Had CRIMSON CULT in my queue, but not the others! adding now!
J.D. Fred Ward rules! The dude always elevates the films he's in, the sign of a great character actor. Even something like SECRET ADMIRER is better because of him!

Anonymous said...

From the bottom of my cinephilic heart, thank you!

I love love LOVE the Netflix DVD "art" for some of these.

JoeyBanks said...

This my be my favorite as I'm gauranteed access to all the movies. Thanks for taking the time man.

Mike White said...

You beat me to it! :)

Rupert Pupkin said...

acbleach-'cinephilic heart', i like that! Like your site btw!

Joeybanks-your welcome man! Hopefully there are a few keepers in there!

Mike-I'm working on Vol.2 right now. Hope to make a series out of it.

Ned Merrill said...


Tom said...

I'm gonna need to check some of these out. Thanks!

KC said...

Oh wow--Tentacles? One of my favorite crapfests. I dig John Huston striding around in that long, flowing nightgown.

Hal said...

Wasn't even aware that FAST BREAK is available for streaming right now. Greatness! I'm also pleased that Netflix continues to offer QUINCY M.E., but I wish they'd get the legendary "Next Stop Nowhere" episode available for streaming already.

Aaron said...

Rupert, have you seen TENTACLES yet? Ugh. Bad. Not like a "good" bad either, but just boring, way too long, and without a good enough pay off to make it worthwhile. Great post, by the way! Personally I don't really have the patience to watch movies all the way through on Instant Watch. If anything, for me, it's an excellent tool to preview movies so I can decided if I want to rent the DVD or not!

SteveQ said...

"How I Won the War" has Jack MacGowran, so now you can see the character actor I was talking about. I've seen nearly all these films, mostly during original release (man, am I old); the one I'd care to see again is Chan Is Missing.

Colonel Mortimer said...

Thanks for the recommendations, my instant watch queue grows by the second.

One title I am surprised you didn't include since its MIA on DVD and made one of your favorite list is Chilling Scenes of Winter (which I have on the queue, but haven't watched yet).

Another good one not on DVD is Jonathan Demme's Vertigo-ish spy thriller The Last Embrace with Roy Scheider. The print is not anamorphic though and looks tiny on my television screen

Rupert Pupkin said...

NED- WILLIE BOY was one that you turned me onto I think. As well as BUSTING.

KC/AARON-I have this affection for TENTACLES. I understand how some might it boring I guess, but for me, that era, those big ensemble casts are always fun. I'm an apologist when it comes to the 70s disaster cycle and Jaws-knockoffs.

HAL-I plan to watch FAST BREAK very soon!

STEVE-Will look for MacGowran the next time I watch HIWTW for sure!

CM-I just missed that CHILLY SCENES was on Instant until I researched further for my vol. 2(and it tops that list). I had noticed LAST EMBRACE but overlooked it for vol.1. It will be on the vol.2 list(coming Monday)! Thanks for the reminder!

KC said...

I'm the same way about Tentacles. I know it's slow, but there's so many strange and amusing moments. I just do something else when I'm watching and it's perfect. I have a "The Room" kind of affection for it. I mean Shelley Winters is hilarious--and I think a little drunk! And that speech to the Orcas is bizarre. Oy, I think I'm going to have to watch it yet again.

Chris said...

I've been meaning to watch Targets (1968) thanks for reminding me ( :

I highly recommend Minnie and Moskowitz (1971), if you have yet see that film. To me Cassavetes' best. I don't know why its one of the more obscure 70s films, it shouldn't be.

Rupert Pupkin said...

moviesandsongs365-Yeah TARGETS is on a short list of my favorite films, glad you're gonna give it a look. I love MINNIE AND MOSKOWITZ, might be my favorite Cassavetes too!

Nostalgia Kinky said...

I have treasured my VHS copy of FAST BREAK for years so my heart kind of lept when I saw it listed here. Great list...thanks also for compiling this one.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Thanks Jeremy! I am excited to finally see FAST BREAK!

Ty said...

Busting is a really good movie!