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Monday, November 22, 2010

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 4

More films here that have been released on DVD, but there's just so many good ones streaming right now I couldn't resist pointing to some favorites. I am so impressed with the quality of catalog titles that are currently out there! Be warned that not all these films are guaranteed to be good. Some are just fun junk.

1. NIGHT MOVES(1975; Arthur Penn)
2. THE TRAIN(1964; John Frankenheimer)
3. CHARLEY VARRICK(1973; Don Siegel)
4. EARTHQUAKE(1974; Mark Robson)
5. HOLIDAY(1938; George Cukor)
6. THINGS CHANGE(1988; David Mamet)
7. L'AVVENTURA(1960; Michelangelo Antonioni)
8. THE INSIDER(1999; Michael Mann)
9. SLACKER(1991; Richard Linklater)
10. PAPER MOON(1973; Peter Bogdanovich)
11. BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING(1965; Otto Preminger)
12. ONE EYED JACKS(1961; Marlon Brando)
13. CITIZEN'S BAND(1977; Jonathan Demme)
14. THE WARRIORS(1979; Walter Hill)
15. MEDIUM COOL(1969; Haskell Wexler)
16. RICH KIDS(1979; Robert M. Young)
17. THE YAKUZA(1975; Sydney Pollack)
18. FAMILY PLOT(1976; Alfred Hitchcock)
19. KANSAS CITY CONFIDENTIAL(1952; Phil Karlson)
20. OPENING NIGHT(1977; John Cassavetes)
21. TWENTIETH CENTURY(1934; Howard Hawks)
23. 10 TO MIDNIGHT(1983; J. Lee Thompson)
24. BLACK CHRISTMAS(1974; Bob Clark)
25. BARTON FINK(1991; Joel Coen)
26. THE KEEP(1983; Michael Mann)
27. TARZAN AND THE TRAPPERS(1958; Charles F. Haas/Sandy Howard)
28. THE HIRED HAND(1971; Peter Fonda)
29. HAMMETT(1982; Wim Wenders)
30. UNDERWORLD U.S.A.(1961; Samuel Fuller)
31. FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM(1987; Jeff Burr)
32. THE BLOB(1988; Chuck Russell)
33. BEWARE THE BLOB(1972; Larry Hagman)
34. RETROACTIVE(1997; Louis Morneau)
35. BATMAN: THE MOVIE(1966; Leslie H. Martinson)
36. THE SUGARLAND EXPRESS(1974; Steven Spielberg)
37. BIG FAN(2009; Robert D. Siegel)
38. THE CRIMSON CULT(1968; Vernon Sewell)
39. NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY(1968; Jack Smight)
40. MODERN GIRLS(1986; Jerry Kramer)
41. THE JOY OF SEX(1984; Martha Coolidge)
42. FIVE CARD STUD(1968; Henry Hathaway)
43. TANK(1984; Marvin J. Chomsky)
44. HANGAR 18(1980; James L. Conway)
45. HIGH-BALLIN'(1978; Peter Carter)
46. HONKY TONK FREEWAY(1981; John Schlesinger)
47. CRACKING UP(1977; Rowby Goren/Chuck Staley)
48. PYRO(1963; Julio Coll)
49. BREEZY(1973; Clint Eastwood)
50. BOGIE(1980; Vincent Sherman)


Chris said...

9. Richard Linklater's SLACKER(1991) and 10. PAPER MOON(1973) I would highly recommend, they are cult classics ( :

Anonymous said...

Martha Coolidge's THE JOY OF SEX = not as good as her VALLEY GIRL, but still pretty okay.

Shiftless said...

Night Moves and Charley Varrick are essentials. Citizen's Band - Yes! The Keep is a guilty pleasure. Also, No Way to Treat a Lady is an unusual mystery/comedy worth checking out for the three solid performances by Rod Steiger, George Segal and Lee Remick (with a great cameo by Michael Dunn). There's still a ton of movies on this list I need to see, or revisit.

Ned Merrill said...

CITIZEN'S BAND / HANDLE WITH CARE--awesome! Will it have all of the theatrical soundtrack intact? (probably not). Which title is it under? Widescreen?

Rupert Pupkin said...

MOVIESANDSONGS- Absolutely cult favorites at this point for sure.

ACBLEACH-I adore VALLEY GIRL! Yeah JOY OF SEX doesn't get much credit at all. Solid 80s teen comedy.

SHIFTLESS-NIGHT MOVES especially has moved into the group of my all-time favorites. Such a rewarding film to watch a few times. VARRICK is great too. Love that Matthau! I love the score to THE KEEP, great TD! And I've never seen NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY so I am excited to check that one out!

NED-It's Full screen sadly. Not sure about the soundtrack. Guessing it might be rescored, but who knows. I mean CALIFORNIA SPLIT's music is intact on Instant I think. Could be wrong.

Ty said...

Those old school posters are the best! They should bring those type of posters back!

The Bank Job (2008) has a really cool retro poster.