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Monday, November 29, 2010

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 5

Some nostlagia picks and other favorites along with lots of 80s, and quirky stuff in this volume. I love to have a list that includes the likes of both MY BODYGUARD and THE LIFE AND DEATH OF COLONEL BLIMP. Something fun about that for me. I truly love both films so I really have to give them both their proper respect.

1. THE LIFE AND DEATH OF COLONEL BLIMP(1943; Michael Powell/Emeric PressBurger)
2. BREAKING AWAY(1979; Peter Yates)
3. MY BODYGUARD(1980; Tony Bill)
4. LORD LOVE A DUCK(1966; George Axelrod)
5. I VITELLONI(1953; Federico Fellini)
6. THE BOSTON STRANGLER(1968; Richard Fleischer)
7. THRASHIN'(1986; David Winters)
8. SHOUT AT THE DEVIL(1976; Peter R. Hunt)
9. PLUNDER ROAD(1957; Hubert Cornfield)
11. HOPSCOTCH(1980; Ronald Neame)
12. ONE, TWO, THREE(1961; Billy Wilder)
13. BILLION DOLLAR BRAIN(1967; Ken Russell)
14. CLAMBAKE(1967; Arthur Nadel)
15. NEW YORK, NEW YORK(1977; Martin Scorsese)
16. HEAVY METAL(1981; Gerald Potterton)
17. CHOOSE ME(1984; Alan Rudolph)
18. GOTCHA!(1985; Jeff Kanew)
19. THE PLAGUE DOGS(1982; Martin Rosen)
20. ANDROID(1982; Aaron Lipstadt)
21. KRULL(1983; Peter Yates)
22. DAY THE EARTH FROZE(1962; Aleksandr Ptushko)
23. MADIGAN(1968; Don Siegel)
24. THE CONCORDE: AIRPORT '79(1979; David Lowell Rich)
25. THE ANDERSON TAPES(1971; Sidney Lumet)
26. THE GOOD, THE BAD AND THE WEIRD(2008; Ji-woon Kim)
27. I WALK ALONE(1948; Byron Haskin)
28. TAM LIN aka THE DEVIL'S WIDOW(1970; Roddy McDowall)
29. PLAIN CLOTHES(1988; Martha Coolidge)
30. LET HIM HAVE IT(1991; Peter Medak)
31. EUREKA(1983; Nicolas Roeg)
32. BORN LOSERS(1967; Tom Laughlin)
33. TRANCERS(1985; Charles Band)
34. THE GLORY STOMPERS(1968; Anthony M. Lanza)
35. VICIOUS LIPS(1986; Albert Pyun)
36. SHE(1982; Avi Nesher)
37. JUSTINE(1969; George Cukor)
38. STEELE JUSTICE(1987; Robert Boris)
39. MADHOUSE(1974; Jim Clark)
40. WITCHFINDER GENERAL(1968; Michael Reeves)
41. HURRY SUNDOWN(1967; Otto Preminger)
42. THE ARRANGEMENT(1969; Elia Kazan)
43.THE INITIATION OF SARAH(1978; Robert Day)
44. THE THING WITH TWO HEADS(1972; Lee Frost)
45. ARE YOU IN THE HOUSE ALONE(1978; Walter Grauman)
46. STICKY FINGERS(1988; Caitlin Adams)
47. NIGHT OF THE RUNNING MAN(1995; Mark L. Lester)
48. THE EYE CREATURES(1965; Larry Buchanan)
49. BROKEN ANGEL(1988; Richard T. Heffron)
50.THE DUNGEONMASTER(1984; Dave Allen/Charles Band)
51. SKI PARTY(1965; Alan Rafkin)


Shiftless said...

I must see Are You in the House Alone - love me some Kathleen Beller. She's also in a gothic costume drama called Rappaccini's Daughter based on the Hawthorne story (Also available on Instant Watch). Have never seen the great Pyun's Vicious Lips either, will rectify asap. Ditto for Plague Dogs and The Day the Earth Froze. Thanks!

Rupert Pupkin said...

SHIFTLESS-Was not aware of Beller, but I will be from here on out. Vicious Lips looks darned entertaining discovered it on Instant and then read about it in DESTROY ALL MOVIES. Let me know what you think of PLAGUE DOGS!

Shiftless said...

Beller is not a great actress, but great looking for sure. She's got those nice big doe eyes and lots of curves. She showed up in a lot of TV and movies in the 70's and early 80's. She is probably best known as the rebel princess in Pyun's The Sword and the Sorcerer. She's also the actress in the stage play that Vito and Genco go to see in Godfather II. I'm definitely curious about that thriller. Thanks again for the heads up instant list. This stuff always seems to slip past me.

KC said...

That Airport Concorde movie is one of the most ridiculous flicks I've ever seen. I love it!

Gordon Pasha said...

I was informed about your series from KC. This is extremely helpful. And your fifth round starts off with “Colonel Blimp,” a particularly favorite. I have it on DVD but your including it is indicative to me. I have briefly scanned all five of your entries and will scrutinize more carefully later. I watched Levinson’s “Avalon” this week on download, which you might consider for a future list. Thank you for your help on this. Best. Gerald.

Rupert Pupkin said...

SHIFTY-SWORD AND THE SORCERER just came out as part of a Shout Factory Double? Might have to pick that up!

KC-I'm with you. Such a silly film! Yet so entertaining! Hey thanks for turning Gordon Pasha onto my posts!

GERALD-Thanks for checking out my posts! Yeah I own COLONEL BLIMP on dvd as well(and Criterion Laser before that). A glorious film that I had to make sure to promote as it is one of my all time favorites. You can truly feel the craftsmanship of remarkable filmmakers at work when you watch that film. Just amazing. I'm very very excited it's on instant so people can check it out easily.!

Ty said...

Another killer streaming post! Night Of The Running Man and Steele Justice. I remember those being pretty good. Will have to re-watch those!

Rupert Pupkin said...

Thanks for the kind words TY! I really need to rewatch STEEL JUSTICE. And I've never even seen NIGHT OF THE RUNNING MAN, but it looked interesting.