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Thursday, December 9, 2010

M.I.A. on Blu-Ray Vol. 1: Disasters!

Thought I might try a new feature here and see if it sticks. Got into a rousing discussion the other day about many of the "wonderful" disasters films from the resurgence in the 1990s(that continues today). A few titles that were brought up were DANTE'S PEAK and VOLCANO. Another was the soon-to-be-cult-favorite THE CORE. I have a soft spot for all of these films and when my interest was re-ignited, I immediately began digging around online for Blu-Ray versions of each. I was shocked to find there were none. How could the studios not deem these piles of cinematic brilliance worthy of a Blu-Ray release?! I can see how they would be overlooked actually. It totally makes sense, however it is still unforgivable. VOLCANO's tagline alone("The Coast is Toast") should make it worthy of a Blu-Ray. I was able to track down a super-cheap copy of DANTE'S PEAK on HDDVD, but I know that many don't have players for that format. I keep mine for just such occasions. Another fun film to track down on HDDVD(should you be so inclined) is Paul Schrader's remake of the wonderful Lewton film CAT PEOPLE. I find it fitting to include Schrader's CAT PEOPLE here as it is a bit of a "disaster" film in it's own right. That being said, I actually really enjoy his remake and it is quite gorgeous to look at(the HDDVD looks pretty great). It is certainly deserving of a Blu-Ray release. The fact that these films have not yet turned up will make me hold onto my HDDVD player for a bit longer. I am very curious about titles that had been previously available on HDDVD finding their way to Blu-Ray. It seems that Universal(who has still has many Blu-Ray holdouts among its catalog) has been steadily porting them over. From TREMORS to CARLITO'S WAY to THE BREAKFAST CLUB, they seem to be cropping up. Let's hope that all these disaster films(VOLCANO is Fox and THE CORE is Paramount) find their way into proper high definition releases. We disaster film completists must have them!


JoeyBanks said...

All classics. "The Core," a singular work of genius. Hopefully "The Thing" will be rereleased with all the extras that came on the DVD and HDVD.
Probably when the new abortion/prequel comes out. That's on my shit list.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Yeah I still need to pick up that THING HDDVD. It's basically my favorite film of all time so I should really have that already. Bummer the blu-ray didn't have those extras. And yes THE CORE is quite singularly brilliant. Those that know it, seem to love it like we do.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I have a soft spot for DANTE'S PEAK. Love Linda Hamilton and, of course, Pierce Brosnan plays the scientist who no one believes even though he turns out to be right all along!

I too claim disaster movies to be a guilty pleasure. THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW was a recent fave - so-over-the-top and horrendous dialogue/acting but I love it. DEEP IMPACT is another keep if only for the scene where Frodo-er, sorry Elijah Wood outruns a massive tsunami!

Rupert Pupkin said...

JD- Was just peeking at my newly purchased HDDVD of DANTES PEAK last night. It looks fantastic!
I liked DAY AFTER TOMORROW ok too. Been too long on DEEP IMPACT. The disaster movie genre is just one that I feel cozy in. All the conventions and common characters...all that stuff entertains me. Especially the 70s cycle.

Ivan said...

The Core--YES!!! I watched this as a N-flix InstaVue and loved it within a few minutes. (I'm also a fan of Emmerich's "natural" disaster flicks, like 2012 and Day After Tomorrow--still hate his remake of Earth Vs. the Flying Saucers, though.)

My one gripe about some of these flicks is that I always want to see some sort of coda, explaining life After Disaster--nothing *too* long, but a couple of minutes--like at the end of Volcano, I wanted to see how life in L.A. continues--with a goddamn active volcano where the shopping district was!
Keep up the good work!

Unknown said...


Love all your lists, especially the Netflix ones.

I'm sure you're planning some kind of Christmas related list. I got an idea, how about your favorite snow/ice related movies?

Rupert Pupkin said...

I like this Snow/Ice related films Idea! I may do that list...