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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

M.I.A on Blu-Ray Vol. 4: Walter Hill & Charles Bronson

Like many of you I'm sure, I am a big big Walter Hill fan. I'm no more at home than with a crowd at Cinespia, clinking bottles along with David Patrick Kelly at the end of THE WARRIORS. I love many of his films. From the parking structure auditions of THE DRIVER, to the swamps of Louisiana to those glorious STREETS OF FIRE he really knows how to make a good movie. DELIVERANCE is a great film, but I've come to prefer SOUTHERN COMFORT myself. Sadly, that DVD is out of print here in the states. Very few of Hill's movies (only JOHNNY HANDSOME, RED HEAT, THE WARRIORS & BROKEN TRAIL) have made it to Blu-Ray. STREETS OF FIRE(Hill's inimitable rockabilly/sci-fi opus) was lucky enough to get an HDDVD release(which I own and which looks pretty good), but as for the others it's no dice. We really need a whole more Charles Bronson on Blu-Ray as well. HARD TIMES would be a solid entry to have for sure, and there are so many more Bronson films that need to come out that way. Not the least of which are THE MECHANIC and ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST. I'm one of those people who really wants to see his films like DEATH WISH 3, MR. MAJESTYK, 10 TO MIDNIGHT, TELEFON, THE STONE KILLER & VIOLENT CITY come out in high-definition too. Why the heck is THE GREAT ESCAPE not out on Blu-Ray yet(MGM perhaps)? That should totally have shown up by now. It's just silly.


Zachary Kelley said...

I just got a Blu Ray for Xmas, and having not had one before I hadn't ever paid much attention to what was and wasn't on Blu. I'm kind of shocked now to see how many great things aren't on the format yet, and how many only exist in a bare bones Wal-Mart-ish looking format.

All your picks were things i would love to see (especially Streets of Fire) and I hope that eventually some of them get the treatments they deserve.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Great news man! Very cool you have blu-ray now! It is a world of goodness! Yeah really a shame though how little catalog titles are available though. Seems sort of unlikely the studios will dig too deep to put them out either. I think I'd add EXTREME PREJUDICE to my Walter Hill M.I.A. on Blu list. Was reminded of it as they are covering on next week's GGTMC. Also the LONG RIDERS is solid.

Phantom of Pulp said...

I'm with you.

Hill is criminally underrepresented.

A Blu-ray of HARD TIMES would be a gift from Heaven because it's one of my favorite films of all time.

I also second EXTREME PREJUDICE (from Hill), DEATH WISH 2 & 3 (Winner), and 10 TO MIDNIGHT.

A.D. said...

Man, STREETS OF FIRE would look Amazing on Blu-Ray. Good call. I still don't have a player, nor do I plan on getting one anytime soon (I agree with what Zack Carlson said in your interview about Blu-Ray), but I'm sure it's inevitable. DEATH WISH 3 would be pretty sweet also, but it's a shame that Winner shot parts 2 and 3 in 1.33:1, especially part 3, which would have looked great in 2.35 widescreen. Good stuff, Bri. Looking forward to your EOY list.


KC said...

I love Streets of Fire. I know it hasn't been easy to see for several years, but I hope that will change and it will get the following it deserves.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Phantom-Good to hear you're with me on the Bronson stuff. I do so have a soft spot for it. Need to revisit HARD TIMES again very soon. Like your blog!

AARON- Are you sure Winner shot DW2 and 3 for 1:33? Could certainly be the case, I just didn't know. My list will be up on Monday. Just finished it. Hope you like it!

KC-So glad you're are a STREETS OF FIRE fan too! I get that opening song and a picture of Rick Moranis' pompadour in my head and I can't get em out!

Ned Merrill said...

DEATH WISH II and III were shot flat 1.85 NOT 1.33, as the full-frame MGM DVDs would have you believe. These films were released in their original aspect ratio overseas.

STREETS OF FIRE and HARD TIMES would be great on Blu, I agree, particularly the former.

Phantom of Pulp said...

Hey, Rupert, it's one year later and Hill's HARD TIMES (amongst others) is still MIA on BluRay.