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Friday, December 3, 2010

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 6

Tried to do another mix of quality here. Hopefully there's stuff for most anyone. Some junk food type films on this list, but I know you all can appreciate those types of movies like I can. Pakula's excellent paranoid thriller, THE PARALLAX VIEW, is highly recommended to those who've not seen it. One of Pakula's best. Of course some of my 80s favorites(THE 'BURBS, THREE O'CLOCK HIGH, CLOAK & DAGGER...) had to find there way in. Those films are so eminently watchable in a way that I feel like a lot of current films aren't. Probably just nostalgia for me. I must say I was pleased to see FRIDAY THE 13TH 1-8 pop up for folks to check out again(I've included my 2 favorites on this list). Enjoy!

1. THE PARALLAX VIEW(1974; Alan J. Pakula)
2. THE 'BURBS(1989: Joe Dante)
3. THREE O'CLOCK HIGH(1988; Phil Joanou)
5. LATE SPRING(1949; Yasujiro Ozu)
6. FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2(1981; Steve Miner)
7. JASON AND THE ARGONAUTS(1963; Don Chaffey)
8. THE THIN BLUE LINE(1988; Errol Morris)
9. A LITTLE ROMANCE(1979; George Roy Hill)
10. TALK RADIO(1988; Oliver Stone)
11. PERSONA(1967; Ingmar Bergman)
12. FRIDAY THE 13th Part 4: THE FINAL CHAPTER(1984; Joseph Zito)
13. UHF(1989 Jay Levey)
14. BAD TIMING(1980; Nicolas Roeg)
15. SCARFACE(1932; Howard Hawks)
16. CRUISING(1980; William Friedkin)
17. CAREER OPPORTUNITIES(1990; Bryan Gordon)
18. THE MANHATTAN PROJECT(1986; Marshall Brickman)
19. JAWS 2(1978; Jeannot Szwarc)
20. EYE OF THE NEEDLE(1981; Richard Marquand)
21. ELEVATOR TO THE GALLOWS(1957; Louis Malle)
22. THE DEADLY COMPANIONS(1961; Sam Peckinpah)
23. THE HIT(1984; Stephen Frears)
24. WALKING TALL PART 2(1975; Earl Bellamy)
25. GABLE AND LOMBARD(1976; Sidney J. Furie)
26. RETURN OF THE SECAUCUS 7(1980; John Sayles)
27. JOE THE KING(199; Frank Whaley)
28. MOONLIGHTING(1982; Jerzy Skolimowski)
29. THE OFFENCE(1973; Sidney Lumet)
30. THE LAWYER(1970; Sidney J. Furie)
31. BRANNIGAN(1975; Douglas Hickox)
32. THE HOT ROCK(1972; Peter Yates)
33. ATTACK!(1956; Robert Aldrich)
34. WAXWORK(1988; Anthony Hickox)
35. THE DARK CRYSTAL(1982; Frank Oz/Jim Henson)
36. 1900(Bernardo Bertolucci)
37. JACK THE GIANT KILLER(1962; Nathan Juran)
38. TOKYO DRIFTER(1966; Seijun Suzuki)
39. BREAKIN' 2: ELECTRIC BOOGALOO(1984; Sam Firstenberg)
41. NEW YEAR'S EVIL(1980; Emmett Alston)
42. BAY COVE aka EYE OF THE DEMON(1987; Carl Schenkel)
43. GENTLE GIANT(1967; James Neilson)
44. HUDSON HAWK(1991; Michael Lehmann)
45. HEARTBEEPS(1981; Allan Arkush)
46. ZONE TROOPERS(1985; Danny Bilson)
47. TRUST(1990; Hal Hartley)
48. TWISTER(1989; Michael Almereyda)
50. HEY, I'M ALIVE!(1975; Lawrence Schiller)
51. MUTANT HUNT(1987; Tim Kincaid)
52. HIGHWAY TO HELL(1991; Ate de Jong)
53. VAMPIRE CIRCUS(1972; Robert Young)
54. THE ATOMIC CAFE(1982; Jane Loader/Kevin Rafferty)
55. C.H.O.M.P.S.(1979; Don Chaffey)
56. THE MAGIC SWORD(1962; Bert I. Gordon)
57. THE ESCAPE ARTIST(1982; Caleb Deschanel)
58. BREEDERS(1986; Tim Kincaid)
59. THE AWAKENING(1980; Mike Newell)
60. THE LITTLES(1983; Series)


Unknown said...

As always, an awesome list. Thanks! More stuff to check out and mention on the Psychotronic Netflix page.

Tom said...

Holy cow - they actually had a Cloak and Dagger game for Atari 5200?

Shiftless said...

Some of my all time favorites are on this list including Trust, Return of the Secaucus 7, Eye of the Needle and Jason & the Argonauts. For any Palance fans, Attack! is a must see, he chews up the scenery in this like no one else. And Eddie Albert is awesome too. I haven't seen Breeders, Bay Cove and Bad Timing. More stuff for the queue. Thanks for another great list. Long live instant watch! Long live Pupkin!

Rupert Pupkin said...

DEKKOPARSNIP-I do love the Psychotronic Netflix page!!

TOM-Yeah I guess so, I guess it's the version of the game Henry Thomas plays in the film. Never had a 5200 myself, only 2600 I think.

SHIFTY-Cool to see what some of your favorites are! All goo films and I am certainly recommending that folks check them out what with it being so easy to do so! Haven't seen BAY COVE myself, looks intriguing.
Thanks for the kind words!

KC said...

I think I'm going to have to quit my job so I'll time to watch all the movies I've been saving from these lists.

Stephen Langlois said...

Thanks for the great list. Mutant Hunt is definitely one of my favorite bad movies. I just wrote a piece about the cover art over on my blog. Coincidence? Or is Mutant Hunt part of the collective unconscious?

Rupert Pupkin said...

KC- I hear that! I don't even know what to do with all the titles on Instant now, especially combined with all the DVDs and Blu-Rays I already own! It's almost paralyzing how much content is out there!

Stephen-I think MUTANT HUNT may indeed be part of the collective unconcious. Who could ever forget that artwork!!

Ty said...

All great movies! Especially The Lawyer, Eye Of The Needle, The Offence, and C.H.O.M.P.S! Thanks for posting these hidden gems!

Rupert Pupkin said...

Thanks for reading Ty! I like the group you called out there! Still need to see THE LAWYER myself, but I love Barry Newman. CHOMPS is a lot of fun for me, for a kids film.