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Monday, December 13, 2010

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 8: Criterion Plus

Went heavier on some of my favorite Criterion releases that are streaming for this list. Found this excellent listing of all the Criterion titles on Instant and sifted through it.

1. MY MAN GODFREY(1936; Gregory La Cava)
2. THE EARRINGS OF MADAME DE...(1953; Max Ophuls)
3. KLUTE(1971; Alan J. Pakula)
4. GRAND ILLUSION(1937; Jean Renoir)
5. KICKING AND SCREAMING(1995; Noah Baumbach)
6. THIEVES HIGHWAY(1949; Jules Dassin)
7. BRIEF ENCOUNTER(1945; David Lean)
8. WALKABOUT(1971; Nicolas Roeg)
9. THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR(1975; Sydney Pollack)
10. THE BAD NEWS BEARS(1976; Michael Ritchie)
11. THE THIEF OF BAGDAD(1940; Berger/Powell/Whelan)
12. SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER(1960; Francois Truffaut)
13. ROGER AND ME(1989; Michael Moore)
14. MISHIMA: A LIFE IN FOUR CHAPTERS(1985; Paul Schrader)
15. PEEPING TOM(1960; Michael Powell)
17. LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME(1955; Charles Vidor)
18. ERASERHEAD(1976; David Lynch)
19. THE JERK(1979; Carl Reiner)
20. 49TH PARALLEL(1941; Michael Powell)
21. SALVADOR(1986; Oliver Stone)
22. STARTING OVER(1979; Alan J. Pakula)
24. SOUNDER(1972; Martin Ritt)
25. THE LEFT HANDED GUN(1958; Arthur Penn)
26. HAPPY ACCIDENTS (2001; Brad Anderson)
27. MR. JEALOUSY(1998; Noah Baumbach)
28. GATES OF HEAVEN(1978; Errol Morris)
29. HOUSE OF THE DEVIL(2009; Ti West)
30. THE LADY VANISHES(1979; Anthony Page)
31. EXECUTIVE DECISION(1996; Stuart Baird)
32. BOX OF MOONLIGHT(1997; Tom DiCillo)
33. THE ADVENTURES OF DON JUAN(1948; Vincent Sherman)
34. BROTHERHOOD OF JUSTICE(1986; Charles Braverman)
35. THE UNDERNEATH(1995; Steven Soderbergh)
36. SWEET SWEETBACK'S BAADASSSS SONG(1971; Melvin Van Peebles)
37. THE INDIAN RUNNER(1991; Sean Penn)
38. THE END(1978; Burt Reynolds)
39. SVENGALI(1931; Archie Mayo)
40. MOON OF THE WOLF(1972; Daniel Petrie)
41. THE ALLIGATOR PEOPLE(1959; Roy Del Ruth)
42. PIN(1988; Sandor Stern)
43. CROSSPLOT(1969; Alvin Rakoff)
44. GREYSTOKE: THE LEGEND OF TARZAN...(1984; Hugh Hudson)
45. RADIOLAND MURDERS(1994; Mel Smith)
46. DERANGED(1974; Jeff Gillen/Alan Ormsby)
47. SURVIVAL QUEST(1989; Don Coscarelli)
48. ANY WEDNESDAY(1966; Robert Ellis Miller)
49. STORY OF A JUNKIE(1984; Lech Kowalski)
50. JEALOUSY(1984; Jeffrey Bloom)
51. NIGHT OF THE GRIZZLY(1966; Joseph Pevney)
52. EXTREMITIES(1986; Robert M. Young)
53. CALENDAR GIRL MURDERS(1984; William A. Graham)
54. DEMENTED(1980; Arthur Jeffreys/Alex Rebar)


Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

The volume of Criterion releases, among other great classics, available on Watch Instantly is one of the coolest things about being a movie fan in 2010. I remember only 15 years ago, if I wanted to watch a lot of these titles, I'd have to settle for that tiny Foreign or Classics section at the local video store, where I'd find these old VHS tapes that the place had had forever, and I never knew if they would work when I got them home. It's a great resource for younger movie fans too to be able to see these films that they probably haven't even heard of.

Rupert Pupkin said...

I'm totally on board with everything you're saying there. What I hope is that younger people are actually taking advantage of having all these great films at their fingertips. I'm not sure that they are, and that would be truly sad. Still great for us though! I totally remember the time you're talking about, that time of the rare, hard to find Foreign films. Seems so long ago!

Bill Scurry said...

Your curation skill is unmatched, sir. I appreciate that you sift through the mud to find the gems.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Very kind of you to say Bill! As long as there are people out there taking away some viewing ideas from my lists, then it's all worthwhile. I love to dig.