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Monday, December 20, 2010

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 9

1. THE PALM BEACH STORY(1942; Preston Sturges)
8. THE SOUND AND FURY(1950; Cy Endfield)
9. CAUGHT(1949; Max Ophuls)
10. YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU(1938; Frank Capra)
11. REPO MAN(1984; Alex Cox)
12. RED ROCK WEST(1993; John Dahl)
13. ONE FALSE MOVE(1991; Carl Franklin)
14. CATCH 22(1970; Mike Nichols)
15. THE 39 STEPS(1935; Alfred Hitchcock)
16. WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF(1966; Mike Nichols)
17. THE KILLNG OF A CHINESE BOOKIE(1976; John Cassavetes)
18. IT HAPPENED ONE NIGHT(1934; Frank Capra)
20. HAIL THE CONQUERING HERO(1944; Preston Sturges)
21. THE STRANGER(1946; Orson Welles)
22. THAT HAMILTON WOMAN(1941; Alexander Korda)
23. JOYRIDE(1977; Joseph Ruben)
24. BREAKDOWN(1997; Jonathan Mostow)
25. MAD DOG AND GLORY(1993; John McNaughton)
26. MATCHSTICK MEN(2003; Ridley Scott)
27. THE ILLUSTRATED MAN(1969; Jack Smight)
28. CALIFORNIA DREAMING(1979; John D. Hancock)
29. CRACK IN THE WORLD(1965; Andrew Marton)
30. VOLCANO(1997; Mick Jackson)
31. SABOTAGE(1936; Alfred Hitchcock)
32. TAPS(1981; Harold Becker)
33. JOE KIDD(1972; John Sturges)
34. MACKENNA'S GOLD(1969; J. Lee Thompson)
35. BURN, WITCH, BURN(1962; Sidney Hayers)
36. FLYING DOWN TO RIO(1933; Thornton Freeland)
37. BUBBLE(2006; Steven Soderbergh)
38. ON A CLEAR DAY(2005; Gaby Dellal)
39. SANS SOLEIL(1982; Chris Marker)
40. THE GUN RUNNERS(1958; Don Siegel)
41. THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS(1956; Ronald Neame)
42. PLAY IT AGAIN, SAM(1972; Herbert Ross)
43. COAST TO COAST(1980; Joseph Sargent)
44. PAPER LION(1968; Alex March)
45. TERROR IN A TEXAS TOWN(1958; Joseph H. Lewis)
46. CONFIDENCE GIRL(1952; Andrew L. Stone)
47. HORIZONS WEST(1952; Budd Boetticher)
48. COUNTESS DRACULA(1971; Peter Sasdy)
49. DRAGONSLAYER(1981; Matthew Robbins)
50. CRASH COURSE(1988; Oz Scott)
51. NOTHING BUT TROUBLE(1991; Dan Aykroyd)
52. FULL MOON HIGH(1981; Larry Cohen)
53. SSSSSSS(1973; Bernard Kowalski)
54. BASS ACKWARDS(2010; Linas Phillips)
55. HARMONY AND ME(2009; Bob Byington)
56. THE SALTON SEA(2003; D.J. Caruso)


Ty said...

All great movies! Repo Man, Cobra, One False Move, and Red Rock West are a lot of fun! Mad Dog and Glory is very underrated.

Shiftless said...

Red Rock West features another great performance by Dennis Hopper and an excellent one by a pre-nutty Nic Cage. California Dreaming is better than your average teen beach comedy and has both Dennis Christopher and the great Seymour Cassell in it. I've been looking for Burn, Witch, Burn - can't wait to check it out. And, never heard of Joyride, but it looks interesting. Yet another superb list, thanks!

Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

I didn't know Five Easy Pieces is on Watch Instantly, I can't wait to check that one out again! A bunch of the ones you have on here have been sitting in my queue for months, so your post is equal parts informative, and equal parts a reminder that I need to stop procrastinating!

Rupert Pupkin said...

TY-Yeah I am so pleased with all the good stuff people can view through Instant. I hope they are taking advantage!

SHIFTY-Thanks man! Yeah I have a real sof spot for Glynnis O'Connor. Sad that a several of my favs of hers(ODE TO BILLY JOE, BABY BLUE MARINE and others) are not on dvd!

DtVC-Which other films might you check out that were on the list? FIVE EASY PIECES is great. Solid 70s Nicholson. Not LAST DETAIL good, but pretty fantastic.