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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My 50 favorite films I saw for the 1st time in 2010

I set a goal for myself this year to watch 500 movies. Wasn't sure I'd make it, but I eeked it out somehow. Finished off the year with about 530 give or take. I tied my single day record(6 movies) and set a new one-month tally(71). As was to be expected, I found myself burning out just a bit towards the last quarter of the year. Below is a list I compiled of movies that were new to me in 2010. I decided to leave off films that were newly released this year as that will be a separate list onto itself. Overall, a really fine year of movies for me. I filled some Billy Wilder blind spots(among others) and it proved to be really rewarding. Also, I closed out the year with Alan Parker's fantastic film SHOOT THE MOON, which I thought I'd seen but hadn't.
The list below contains some great films, and some terrible ones, but I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed all of them! This list also serves as a kickoff post for a new series of guest lists. I was also lucky enough to have some friends of mine write-up their best films they saw for the first time this year also. Keep an eye on my blog in the next week for those! and Happy 2011!

1. ISLAND OF LOST SOULS(1932; Erle C. Kenton)
2. SAHARA(1943; Zoltan Korda)
3. SHOOT THE MOON(1982; Alan Parker)
4. DODGE CITY(1939; Michael Curtiz)
5. THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS(1957; Billy Wilder)
6. THE NAVIGATOR(1924; Donald Crisp/Buster Keaton)
7. REMEMBER MY NAME(1978; Alan Rudolph)
8. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER(1984; Tom Schiller)
9. THE WRATH OF GOD(1972; Ralph Nelson)
10. BAD DREAMS(1988; Andrew Fleming)
11. NIGHTMARE CITY(1980; Umberto Lenzi)
12. MURDER BY NATURAL CAUSES(1979; Robert Day)
13. THE UNINVITED(1944; Lewis Allen)
14. THERE'S ALWAYS TOMORROW(1956 Douglas Sirk)
15. CEILING ZERO(1936; Howard Hawks)
16. GRAND PRIX(1966; John Frankenhemier)
17. RAW COURAGE(1984; Robert L. Rosen)
18. THE SENDER(1982; Roger Christian)
19. NEVER TOO YOUNG TO DIE(1986; Gil Bettman)

20. HAUSU(1977; Nobuhiko Obayashi)

21. ON BORROWED TIME(1939; Harold S. Bucquet)
22. A FOREIGN AFFAIR(1948; Billy Wilder)
23. LITTLE MURDERS(1971; Alan Arkin)
24. ROAD TO SALINA(1970; Georges Lautner)
25. THE COWBOYS(1972; Mark Rydell)

26. BEAST OF THE CITY(1932; Charles Brabin)
27. IT'S IN THE BAG!(1945; Richard Wallace)
28. BLOOD AND LACE(1971; Philip S. Gilbert)
29. THE DUNGEONMASTERS(2008; Kevin McAlester)
30. HEAVENLY BODIES(1984; Lawrence Dane)

31. BAD RONALD(1974; Buzz Kulik)

32. THE KINDRED(1987; Stephen Carpenter/Jeffrey Obrow)

33. DEADLY PREY(1987; David A. Prior)
34. BOARDINGHOUSE(1982; John Wintergate)
35. THE PIT(1981; Lew Lehman)
36. ROLLING VENGEANCE(1987; Steven Hilliard Stern)
37. YOR: THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE(1983; Antonio Margheriti)
38. LOVELINES(1984; Rod Amateau)
39. CRUEL JAWS(1995; Bruno Mattei)

40. SWEET SUGAR(1972; Michael Levesque)
41. TARANTULA(1955; Jack Arnold)
42. FROM A WHISPER TO A SCREAM(1987; Jeff Burr)
43. CONFESSIONS OF AN OPIUM EATER(1962; Albert Zugsmith)
44. THE GIANT CLAW(1957; Fred F. Sears)

46. THE OSCAR(1966; Rusell Rouse)
47. BUSTING(1974; Peter Hyams)
48. TATTOO(1981; Bob Brooks)
49. INFESTATION(2009; Kyle Rankin)
50. THE BOOGENS(1981; James L. Conway)

Honorable Mentions:
MAD LOVE(1935; Karl Freund), TRIANGLE(2009; Christopher Smith), SHOTGUN STORIES(2007; Jeff Nichols), CITY ON FIRE(1979; Alvin Rakoff), THE BEES(1978; Alfredo Zacharias), NIGHTBEAST(1982; Don Dohler), INTREDPIDOS PUNKS(1980; Francisco Guerrero), SELF DEFENSE(1983; Paul Donovan), STATE PARK(1988; Kerry Feltham/Rafal Zielinski), DEATHCHEATERS(1976; Brian Trenchard-Smith), JERICHO MILE(1979; Michael Mann), WEASELS RIP MY FLESH(1979; Nathan Schiff), FIGHTING BACK(1982; Lewis Teague), FER-DE-LANCE(1974; Russ Mayberry), HAWK JONES(1986; Richard Lowry), IT CONQUERED HOLLYWOOD: THE STORY OF A.I.P.(2001; Eamon Harrington/ John Watkin), JACK THE GIANT KILLER(1962; Nathan Juran), THE PARK IS MINE(1986; Steven Hilliard Stern), LISA(1990; Gary Sherman), WHO IS HARRY KELLERMAN.....(1971; Ulu Grosbard).


Unknown said...

The Oscar made the list? I suppose it might be a guilty pleasure.

Ned Merrill said...

Glad to hear you enjoyed SHOOT THE MOON so much, Rupe! You're right about the ending packing quite an emotional wallop.

KC said...

On Borrowed Time was a fairly recent discovery for me too. I thought it was going to be so corny, but I ended up thinking it had great wit and charm. The cast made it for me.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Terry-yeah a total guilty pleasure. My buddy Hal Horn turned me onto it. Silly but enjoyable.

Ned-Loved it! A tough watch, but a great great film.

KC-Yeah I felt the same way before I saw it. Thought for sure it'd be corny. Really clever and affecting, so glad I finally saw it!

Jenny Tonic said...

Isn't Lovelines great? One of my favorites. I'm still on my 25+ year hunt for Michael Lloyd... I know he has the masters from the soundtrack that was never meant to be.