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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 10

Just a quick Instant Gems post today and then back to top films seen in 2010 guest lists. Had to post this as there were a ton of interesting Warner Bros titles that popped up on Instant as of the 1st or so of this year. Some may have been available before, but it's a nice group. A few of my all time favorites here(RIO BRAVO, STRAIGHT TIME) and a couple not-yet-on-DVD obscurities(ODE TO BILLY JOE). Not all are Warners, but check them out! Happy viewing!

1. RIO BRAVO(1959; Howard Hawks)
2. STRAIGHT TIME(1978; Ulu Grosbard)
3. BIG WEDNESDAY(1978; John Milius)
4. DINER(1982; Barry Levinson)
5. ODE TO BILLY JOE(1976; Max Baer Jr.)
6. COMMANDO(1985; Mark L. Lester)
7. DIAL M FOR MURDER(1954; Alfred Hitchcock)
8. JFK(1991; Oliver Stone)
9. WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS(1950; Otto Preminger)
10. MEAN STREETS(1973; Martin Scorsese)
11. PERFORMANCE(1970; Nicolas Roeg/Donald Cammell)
12. THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW-Seasons 1-4(series)
14. THE KIDS IN THE HALL-Seasons 1-5(series)
15. THE HUDSUCKER PROXY(1994; Joel Coen)
16. ME AND YOU AND EVERYONE WE KNOW(2005; Miranda July)
17. COMING HOME(1978; Hal Ashby)
18. FANDANGO(1985; Kevin Reynolds)
19. ASPHALT JUNGLE(1950; John Huston)
20. THE GENERAL(1998; John Boorman)
21. LAWS OF GRAVITY(1992; Nick Gomez)
22. BLACK BELT JONES(1974; Robert Clouse)
23. 11 HARROWHOUSE(1974; Aram Avakian)
24. LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON(1957; Billy Wilder)
25. BIRD OF PARADISE(1932; King Vidor)
26. CLEOPATRA JONES(1973; Jack Starrett)
27. WITHNAIL AND I(1987; Bruce Robinson)
28. THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY(1980; John Mackenzie)
29. MONA LISA(1986; Neil Jordan)
(1981; Terry Gilliam)
31. TIGHTROPE(1984; Richard Tuggle)
32. DEAD BANG(1989; John Frankenheimer)
33. A PERFECT WORLD(1993; Clint Eastwood)
34. HARRY AND TONTO(1974; Paul Mazursky)
35. A WEDDING(1978; Robert Altman)
36. FORCED VENGEANCE(1982; James Fargo)
37. SHAFT'S BIG SCORE(1972; Gordon Parks)
38. ONE CRAZY SUMMER(1986; Savage Steve Holland)
39. SHAFT IN AFRICA(1973; John Guillermin)
40. TIMECOP(1994; Peter Hyams)
41. FEMME FATALE(2002; Brian De Palma)
42. THE PHILADELPHIA EXPERIMENT(1984; Stewart Raffill)
43. ABBA: THE MOVIE(1977; Lasse Hallstrom)
44. LAMBADA(1990; Joel Silberg)
45. THE BAD SEED(1956; Mervyn LeRoy)
46. WOLFEN(1981; Michael Wadleigh)
47. ELVIRA, MISTRESS OF THE DARK(1988; James Signorelli)
48. SEA WOLVES(1980; Andrew V. McLaglen)
49. VALLEY OF THE DOLLS(1967; Mark Robson)
50. MOVING VIOLATIONS(1985; Neal Israel)
51. ICEBREAKER(1999; David Giancola)
52. DISORDERLIES(1987; Michael Schultz)


KC said...

Ha--I was excited to see Black Belt Jones as well. I even watched it last night. I forgot how silly that flick was. Love it.

Can't wait to re-watch Cleopatra Jones. And I must finally watch the ABBA movie.

Joe Baker said...


I recently joined the Instant Play world of Netflix and love it! You're lists have been invaluable. Question though.. how do you find them? I've tried using the "New To Instant watch" feature and get the same titles as I've been seeing. Please let me know your secrets! Thanks.

Unknown said...

Wow, great to see STRAIGHT TIME on there! I've added that to my Instant Queue. Thanks for the heads up!