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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 11

I just went through all my spending for last year on DVDs and I was quite appalled. I've made it my goal to spend less on movies this year and one way I've done that is to join up at a little site called Neat little club. I recommend to all trying to rid their collections of junk. I've found a bunch of cool DVDs there and it's a lot cheaper than what I had been doing. Anyway, I started to notice a trend of films that pop up on Netflix Instant starting to get dumped onto swapadvd soon after. Doesn't always happen, but it seems to show a general trend towards folks getting rid of physical media in favor of streaming. Totally makes sense. Not sure I will ever be able to give up physical media altogether myself, but I respect those who can. I'm also happy to take their DVDS. In regards to this new list-there are some fun Disaster flicks on Instant right now. Many of them focusing on natural disasters(TOWERING INFERNO, THE SWARM, WHEN TIME RAN OUT) and others are disasters onto themselves(XANADU, DREAMCATCHER). I enjoy both types.

1. LAURA(1944; Otto Preminger)
2. THE RIGHT STUFF(1983; Philip Kaufman)
3. THE HUDSUCKER PROXY(1994; Joel/Ethan Coen)
4. THE TOWERING INFERNO(1974; John Guillerman)
5. THE WOLF MAN(1941; George Waggner)
4. SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT(1977; Hal Needham)
5. THE STING(1973; George Roy Hill)
6. MATINEE(1993; Joe Dante)
7. THE NAKED SPUR(1953; Anthony Mann)
8. THE STALKING MOON(1968; Robert Mulligan)
9. RUMBLEFISH(1983; Francis Ford Coppola)
10. 3:15(1986; Larry Gross)
11. THE SWARM(1978; Irwin Allen)
12. BEDAZZLED(1967; Stanley Donen)
13. XANADU(1980; Robert Greenwald)
14. THE SNAKE PIT(1948; Anatole Litvak)
15. ODDS AGAINST TOMORROW(1959; Robert Wise)
16. LENNY(1974; Bob Fosse)
17. THE DAYTRIPPERS(1995; Greg Mottola)
18. CROUPIER(1998; Mike Hodges)
19. DREAMSCAPE(1984; Joseph Ruben)
20. BATTLEGROUND(1949; William A. Wellman)
21. STATE OF GRACE(1990; Phil Joanou)
22. THE IRON GIANT(1999; Brad Bird)
23. THE BOOST(1988; Harold Becker)
24. SCENES FROM THE GOLDMINE(1987; Marc Rocco)
25. WHEN TIME RAN OUT(1980; James Goldstone)
27. REVENGE(1990; Tony Scott)
28. DREAMCATCHER(2003; Lawrence Kasdan)
30. BREAKIN'(1984; Joel Silberg)
31. THE COTTON CLUB(1984; Francis Ford Coppola)
32. ALICE'S RESTAURANT(1969; Arthur Penn)
33. THE HOSPITAL(1971; Arthur Hiller)
34. WOMAN IN THE WINDOW(1944; Fritz Lang)
35. DREAMANIAC(1986; David DeCoteau)
36. SON OF FRANKENSTEIN(1939; Rowland V. Lee)
37. GHOST OF FRANKENSTEIN(1942; Erle C. Kenton)
38. CIRCUS OF HORRORS(1960; Sidney Hayers)
39. THE OCTOBER MAN(1947; Roy Ward Baker)
40. LATE FOR DINNER(1991; W.D. Richter)
41. THE SPELL(1977; Lee Phillips)
42. SCREAMTIME(1983; Michael Armstrong/Stanley A. Long)
43. PIER 5, HAVANA(1959; Edward L. Cahn)
44. STREET PEOPLE(1976; Maurizio Lucidi/Guglielmo Garonni)
45. VICE RAID(1960; Edward L. Cahn)
46. FLASH OF GREEN(1984; Victor Nunez)
47. GETTING EVEN(1988; Leandro Luchetti)
47. THE MAMBO KINGS(1992; Arne Glimcher)
48. MY MOM'S A WEREWOLF(1989; Michael Fischa)


KC said...

Oh joy--Bedazzled is one of my favorite movies! The script is mean and clever and I'm crazy about the soundtrack.

SteveQ said...

Once again, I did a post with a film list. Maybe I should start a separate blog for them. Guess you inspire me!

Rupert Pupkin said...

KC-Yeah I am looking forward to revisiting BEDAZZLED. Haven't watched since my dub of the LBX laserdisc!
Great list Steve!

Ty said...

Just watched 3:15! fun movie!

The Boogeyman said...

I really liked Dreamcatcher myself. I LOVE that you incorporate links to Netflix Instant movies, I was originally going to do something like that with my blog but decided to drop it later on. Nice blog man, I will be keeping an eye out for your lists. =)

The Boogeyman said...

o yeah, YBLM!!

Rupert Pupkin said...

TY-I really need to rewatch myself!

Boogeyman-thanks for the kind words! glad you're liking the lists! There's so much good stuff on Instant these days, I really get a kick out of going through them all. I am a DREAMCATCHER fan too. A true WTF movie.