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Friday, March 4, 2011

M.I.A. on Blu-Ray Vol. 8: a few Supernatural Classics

THE UNINVITED(1944; Lewis Allen)
I was inspired to do this post by the upcoming broadcast of THE UNINVITED on TCM on Monday March 7th. It is truly a sad sad thing that this film is languishing in DVD limbo and it seems less likely we'll see a nice Blu-Ray. Would be a nice fit for Criterion if they ever struck a deal with Universal(or whoever owns the film now) as it has a size-able following and would sell well. The reason for its following is that it is, to this day, an effective ghost story. Having only seen it for the 1st time last year, I was kind of bowled over by the fact that it effectively creeped me out. I really had little hope of that at all. I thought I'd enjoy the film sure, but that it was too dated to have any true effect. I was happy to be mistaken in that regard and only hope the film becomes more widely available(until then I have my Laserdisc). VHS or TV broadcasts will have to do for now.

CURSE OF THE DEMON(aka NIGHT OF THE DEMON)(1957; Jacques Tourneur)
Another wonderful supernatural classic is Jacques Tourneur's CURSE OF THE DEMON(which is in my top 100 films). Tourneur is a fantastic director and a favorite of mine. His work with Val Lewton will absolutely be cited in a future M.I.A. on Blu-Ray post as it is all remarkably good stuff. Those who've seen Raimi's enjoyably rompy DRAG ME TO HELL, will no doubt notice some very serious similarities when they view Tourneur's film. A solid cast led by Dana Andrews and Peggy Cummins pulls off an exceptional feat in making an effectively eerie & atmospheric story come to life. Even the special effects aren't too shabby for the time and that helps carry things off as well. A commendable cult favorite of a movie, one deserving of the big Blu. Watch the trailer here.


zombivish said...

I'd like to ad The Haunting (1963) -I think it'd look stunning w/ a full restoration and it'd sound even scarier with a full uncompressed soundtrack.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Couldn't agree more Vish, I almost included it in this post. Hopefully Warners actually makes the effort with that film. I'd buy it in a heartbeat!