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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 17

Apologies, fell a little behind with this. Hope you all can find some movies here that interest you! As usual, Netflix is bursting with intriguing titles! MADE FOR EACH OTHER is a favorite romantic film for me that continues to elude a DVD release. A MAN CALLED SLEDGE interests me in that it is a western directed by Vic Morrow and has a great cast. Robert Benton's STILL OF THE NIGHT is another domestic that was not on DVD at all until a recent MGM Burn On Demand release. I've also been meaning to check out the Karloff hosted series THRILLER for some time now. The Jerry Lewis TV-movie obscurity FIGHT FOR LIFE was mentioned to me during a recent interview I did with Destroy All Movies co-author Bryan Connolly, so I need to give that a look as well. It's from the same director as THE CAR which is strange but compelling. Lastly, the Frankenheimer directed ICEMAN COMETH starring Lee Marvin, has eluded me for far too long.

BELOW THE BELT(1980; Rob Fowler)
BITE THE BULLET(1975; Richard Brooks)
A BULLET FOR PRETTY BOY(1970; Larry Buchanan)
CASANOVA BROWN(1944; Sam Wood)
DAGMAR'S HOT PANTS, INC.(1971; Vernon P. Becker)
DEADLY INTENT(1988; Nigel Dick)
DEAL OF THE CENTURY(1983; William Friedkin)
DON'T GIVE UP THE SHIP(1959; Norman Taurog)
EAGLE'S WING(1979; Anthony Harvey)
FIGHT FOR LIFE(1987; Elliot Silverstein)
FIVE GUNS WEST(1955; Roger Corman)
FIVE MILES TO MIDNIGHT(1962; Anatole Litvak)
FLIGHT TO TANGIER(1953; Charles Marquis Warren)
GALACTICA 1980(1980; Series)
GOLDEN YEARS(1991, Series)
HARPER'S ISLAND(2009; Series)
HAWKS(1988; Robert Ellis Miller)
ICEMAN COMETH(1973; John Frankenheimer)
I WALK ALONE(1948; Byron Haskin)
JESUS' SON(1999; Alison MacLean)
MAD BULL(1977; Walter Doniger/Len Steckler)
MADE FOR EACH OTHER(1971; Robert Bean)
A MAN CALLED SLEDGE(1971; Vic Morrow)
MONKEY SHINES(1988; George A. Romero)
A NIGHT IN CASABLANCA(1946; Archie Mayo)
NO NAME ON THE BULLET(1959; Jack Arnold)
PENITENTIARY(1979; Jamaa Fanaka)
PENITENTIARY 2(1982; Jamaa Fanaka)
THE PIXAR STORY(2007; Leslie Iwerks)
RISING SUN(1993; Philip Kaufman)
ROAD TO NASHVILLE(1967; Will Zens)
SHOCK(1946; Alfred L. Werker)
SLEEP, MY LOVE(1948; Douglas Sirk)
SPRINGFIELD RIFLE(1952; Andre De Toth)
THE STAND(1994; Series)
STILL OF THE NIGHT(1982; Robert Benton)
TEEN WOLF(1985; Rod Daniel)
THE THREE MUSKETEERS(1973; Richard Lester)
THRILLER(1960; Series)
UNION STATION(1950; Rudolph Mate)
WHO'S MINDING THE STORE(1963; Frank Tashlin)
WILD MAN BLUES(1997; Barbara Kopple)
WILD ROVERS(1971; Blake Edwards)


Ed South said...

The Incredible Shrinking Woman - one of my all-time favorites! I must have seen that 5,000 times on HBO when I was a kid!

BTW...I love this Instant Gems feature!

Unknown said...

I would also like to second the support and admiration of this Instant Gems feature. There is so many goodies buried within Netflix that it is nice to have the occasional heads up when this stuff surfaces. Much appreciated!

Rupert Pupkin said...

ED-Yeah I've been excited to see some of the Universal Vault series Burn on Demand titles(like INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN and others) show up on instant so more folks can get a look! Thanks, re: Instant Gems! It's a lot of fun for me to always be digging around on Netflix to find things that catch my eye. So many movies...

JD-I really appreciate your support sir! Hope these lists have turned you onto the occasional film you might not have checked out otherwise. It's just so neat to be able to point to films that I'm interested in and hope that somewhere someone might find one or two of them worth pursuing.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Still Of The Night is a terrific, forgotten film. Glad it's available on netflix. Love Monkey Shines.

Ooh, Wild Man Blues. I haven't seen that since it came out. Might have to revisit that one.

Unknown said...

Made for Each Other received a decent DVD release via MGM.

Rupert Pupkin said...

CDM- I know you must be a big Benton fan like I am sir! I've never seen WILD MAN BLUES myself, need to. Have you seen MADE FOR EACH OTHER? You might dig it.

CHUCK-I got really excited to check your link, but alas that is the MADE FOR EACH OTHER from 1939 w/Jimmy Stewart and Carole Lombard. The one on instant is the 1971 film with Joseph Bologna and Renee Taylor(the film was co-written by them too).