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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Rupert Pupkin's Juke Box Vol.2-Summer Music!

I've taken to putting together little mixes of mostly cheesy music from films I have affection for. I did my first mix earlier this year and if you're curious about the track listing feel free to contact me. You may take one look at this track list and want to go nowhere near my musical wheelhouse. For this particular mix my attempt was to include as much fun summer-y movie type music as possible. A lot of it is that. There's just random tracks that I like from this odd film here or that odd film there. Many of the tracks had to be ripped from the movies themselves as the soundtracks were sadly not available. Lots of fun tracks for me on here. My favorite probably has to be "Friends" by the inimitable Dragon Sound as featured in the movie MIAMI CONNECTION(which, if you've not seen you really should).

Track Listing:
1. Van Halen "Intro music" from THE WILD LIFE
2. "Summertime Girls" by Y&T from REAL GENIUS

3. "Beat City" by The Flowerpot Men from FERRIS BUELLER'S DAY OFF

4. "Friends" by Dragon Sound from MIAMI CONNECTION

5. "Mega Force" by 707 from MEGAFORCE

6. "Pork Chop Express" by John Carpenter from BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA

7. "Go For It" by Graham Gouldman from ANIMALYMPICS

8. "Crimebuster" by John Williams from HEARTBEEPS

9. "Party in the Ward" by Elmer Bernstein from THE CARETAKERS

10. "Whatever Happened to Randolph Scott?" by The Statler Brothers from DRIVE-IN

11. "Righteous Rhythm" by Rose Royce from CAR WASH
12. "Pumpin' and Blowin'"By Kristy McNichol from THE PIRATE MOVIE

13. "The Secret of My Success" by Night Ranger from THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS

14. "The Delta Force-Theme" From THE DELTA FORCE

15. "Up the Creek" by Cheap Trick from UP THE CREEK

16. "Professionals" by The Stains from LADIES AND GENTLEMEN THE FABULOUS STAINS

17. "Shakedown" by Bob Seger from BEVERLY HILLS COP II

18. "Quicksilver Lightning" by Roger Daltrey from QUICKSILVER

19. "Under Wah-Wah" by Ennio Morricone from DANGER DIABOLIK

20. "LUCAS-End Credits Theme" by Dave Gruisin from LUCAS

21. "When Women Played Ding Dong" by Gil Alluminogeni from WHEN MEN CARRIED CLUBS AND WHEN WOMEN PLAYED DING DONG
22. "Password Theme" by Robert Israel from The Password TV Show

23. "Big Band Bwana" by Henry Mancini from HATARI

24. Van Halen "End Credits Music" from THE WILD LIFE

25. "Killbots Main Title" by Chuck Cirino from CHOPPING MALL
26. "Hard Workin' Man(Main Title)" by Captain Beefheart from BLUE COLLAR

Thursday, May 26, 2011

My Favorite Creepy Stalker Movies

Just a quick list off the top of my head. The upcoming episode of the GGTMC covering THE COLLECTOR got me thinking about creepy films along those lines and I threw together a group of them that I like.

KING OF COMEDY(1982; Martin Scorsese)

THE COLLECTOR(1965; William Wyler)

PLAY MISTY FOR ME(1971; Clint Eastwood)

MY NAME IS JULIA ROSS(1945; Joseph H. Lewis)

DEATH PROOF(2007; Quentin Tarantino)

FADE TO BLACK(1980; Vernon Zimmerman)

SOMEONE'S WATCHING ME!(1978; John Carpenter)

TATTOO(1981; Bob Brooks)

DEAD OF WINTER(1987; Arthur Penn)

THE FAN(1981; Ed Bianchi)

SWIMFAN(2002; John Polson)

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 22

We watched SLACKER(which is currently on Instant and highly recommended) this past weekend for our weekly movie night. An oddly serendipitous choice with the very recent announcement that Linklater's new film BERNIE will open this year's L.A. Film Festival. SLACKER is such a great little film though. Love it. Was then inspired to dig out my Linklater DVDs and watch trailers for BEFORE SUNRISE, TAPE and WAKING LIFE. Got me thinking about his other films. SUBURBIA is a film I remember liking but not loving but to be fair it's been a while. I went looking for the DVD and was shocked to find there isn't one(even though a special edition may supposedly have been in the works several years ago). Not even Warner Archive has put it out. Thankfully, it's viewable through instant though(as are TAPE and a few other Linklater films). Very happy to see that. I find that TAPE tends to get lost in the shuffle of Linklater's filmography. Friedkin fans rejoice as his under-rated heist comedy THE BRINK'S JOB is now there for you to enjoy. Makes a nice double with BANK SHOT. In a similar vein(but better), If you've never heard of the Richard Dreyfuss detective flick THE BIG FIX, it is well worth your time(and almost never mentioned). I find it to be a great companion piece to THE LONG GOODBYE, and it's never been on DVD. As for other comedies, I've always been a fan of CAVEMAN. Lasty, I'm told that STANDING OVATION is a WTF movie of the highest order. It seems destined for cult classic status and comes to us from the director of MAC AND ME, ICE PIRATES, & MANNEQUIN 2: ON THE MOVE.

ANVIL: THE STORY OF ANVIL(2008; Sacha Gervasi)
BANK SHOT(1974; Gower Champion)
THE BIG FIX(1978; Jeremy Kagan)
BOMBSHELL(1996; Paul Wynne)
THE BRINK'S JOB(1978; William Friedkin)
CALLIE & SON(1981; Waris Hussein)
CAVEMAN(1981; Carl Gottleib)
CRIME OF PASSION(1957; Gerd Oswald)
CROSSWORLDS(1996; Krishna Rao)
DANGEROUS CURVES(1988; David Lewis)
THE FOUR SEASONS(1981; Alan Alda)
GUN THE MAN DOWN(1956; Andrew V. McLaglen)
HOT DOG: THE MOVIE(1984; Peter Markle)
ISABEL(1968; Paul Almond)

JESSICA(1962; Jean Negulesco/Oreste Pallela)
KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN(1985; Hector Babenco)
LOOSE CANNONS(1990; Bob Clark)

METROPOLITAN(1990; Whit Stillman)

MIRACLE ON ICE(1981; Steven Hilliard Stern)


THE OTHER LOVE(1947; Andre De Toth)

PSYCHO A GO-GO(1965; Al Adamson)
RIDING SHOTGUN(1954; Andre De Toth)
SCANDALOUS(1984; Rob Cohen)
STANDING OVATION(2010; Stewart Raffill)
SUBURBIA(1996; Richard Linklater)

TAPE(2001; Richard Linklater)


UNMASKING THE IDOL(1986; Worth Keeter)

VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED(1995; John Carpenter)
WALK LIKE A MAN(1987; Melvin Frank)
WHEN NATURE CALLS(1985; Charles Kaufman)

THE YEAR MY VOICE BROKE(1988; John Duigan)
YOUNG BILLY YOUNG(1969; Burt Kennedy)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 20

I'm going to try to make a concerted effort to make these gems lists at least a little bit shorter. I really appreciate everyone's kind words about the series and am very excited to keep going with it. Just wanted to make each post a bit less overwhelming by including about half of the normal number of titles. Hopefully I can limit myself to that number for a while, but there may be weeks when I can't help but overload. That being said, there's a gaggle of fun stuff here for you guys to check out. From lesser Hitchcock that I adore(FAMILY PLOT) to one of Billy Wilder's best(DOUBLE INDEMNITY), a couple enjoyable thrillers. You've got the lesser-appreciated Paul Schrader remake of Lewton's CAT PEOPLE, which I think is well worth a look. Very pretty film to look at and an interesting take on the storyline. Great cast too including Malcom McDowell, Nastassja Kinski, a very cute Annette O'Toole and the ginormously underrated John Heard. Beyond that there's Tobe Hooper's LIFEFORCE, which I think is a blast and a two barrels of Carpenter in the classics THEY LIVE & PRINCE OF DARKNESS. I am also a big fan of Michael Ritchie's take on beauty pageantry in SMILE. THINGS CHANGE just popped up and that may be nearly my favorite David Mamet film(certainly top 3). Just a great little movie. The quiet Sissy Spacek drama RAGGEDY MAN is a sleeper not to be missed as well. For blaxploitation fans there's the absolutely pimptastic WILLIE DYNAMITE. BUTTERFLY is a unique film to say the least sporting a cast including Orson Welles, Stacy Keach, James Franciscus, Ed McMahon, Paul Hampton and of course Miss Pia Zadora. Lastly, for those interested in Jason Bateman's earlier work(he's come a long way), you can dive into his tour de force in the enjoyable monickered TEEN WOLF TOO (which could also be called TEEN WOLF GOES TO COLLEGE). Oh and THE INVISIBLE MAN, one of my favorite(if not quite my #1) Universal Horror films.

BARB WIRE(1996; David Hogan)
BUTTERFLY(1982; Matt Cimber)
CAT PEOPLE(1982; Paul Schrader)
DOUBLE INDEMNITY(1944; Billy Wilder)
EXISTENZ(1999; David Cronenberg)
FAMILY PLOT(1976; Alfred Hitchcock)
FFOLKES(1980; Andrew V. McLaglen)
HOWARD THE DUCK(1986; Willard Huyck)
THE INVISIBLE MAN(1933; James Whale)
JETSONS: THE MOVIE(1990; William Hanna/Joseph Barbera)
JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN(1971; Dalton Trumbo)
LIFEFORCE(1985; Tobe Hooper)
: BADGE OF SILENCE(1993; William Lustig)
NATIONAL LAMPOON'S MOVIE MADNESS(1983; Bob Giraldi/Henry Jaglom)
PRINCE OF DARKNESS(1987; John Carpenter)
PURPLE RAIN(1984; Albert Magnoli)
RAGGEDY MAN(1981; Jack Fisk)
SMILE(1975; Michael Ritchie)
(1973; Bernard L. Kowalski)
TEEN WOLF TOO(1987; Christopher Leitch)
THEY LIVE(1988; John Carpenter)

THINGS CHANGE(1988; David Mamet)

TREMORS(1990; Ron Underwood)

WILLIE DYNAMITE(1974; Gilbert Moses)