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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 20

I'm going to try to make a concerted effort to make these gems lists at least a little bit shorter. I really appreciate everyone's kind words about the series and am very excited to keep going with it. Just wanted to make each post a bit less overwhelming by including about half of the normal number of titles. Hopefully I can limit myself to that number for a while, but there may be weeks when I can't help but overload. That being said, there's a gaggle of fun stuff here for you guys to check out. From lesser Hitchcock that I adore(FAMILY PLOT) to one of Billy Wilder's best(DOUBLE INDEMNITY), a couple enjoyable thrillers. You've got the lesser-appreciated Paul Schrader remake of Lewton's CAT PEOPLE, which I think is well worth a look. Very pretty film to look at and an interesting take on the storyline. Great cast too including Malcom McDowell, Nastassja Kinski, a very cute Annette O'Toole and the ginormously underrated John Heard. Beyond that there's Tobe Hooper's LIFEFORCE, which I think is a blast and a two barrels of Carpenter in the classics THEY LIVE & PRINCE OF DARKNESS. I am also a big fan of Michael Ritchie's take on beauty pageantry in SMILE. THINGS CHANGE just popped up and that may be nearly my favorite David Mamet film(certainly top 3). Just a great little movie. The quiet Sissy Spacek drama RAGGEDY MAN is a sleeper not to be missed as well. For blaxploitation fans there's the absolutely pimptastic WILLIE DYNAMITE. BUTTERFLY is a unique film to say the least sporting a cast including Orson Welles, Stacy Keach, James Franciscus, Ed McMahon, Paul Hampton and of course Miss Pia Zadora. Lastly, for those interested in Jason Bateman's earlier work(he's come a long way), you can dive into his tour de force in the enjoyable monickered TEEN WOLF TOO (which could also be called TEEN WOLF GOES TO COLLEGE). Oh and THE INVISIBLE MAN, one of my favorite(if not quite my #1) Universal Horror films.

BARB WIRE(1996; David Hogan)
BUTTERFLY(1982; Matt Cimber)
CAT PEOPLE(1982; Paul Schrader)
DOUBLE INDEMNITY(1944; Billy Wilder)
EXISTENZ(1999; David Cronenberg)
FAMILY PLOT(1976; Alfred Hitchcock)
FFOLKES(1980; Andrew V. McLaglen)
HOWARD THE DUCK(1986; Willard Huyck)
THE INVISIBLE MAN(1933; James Whale)
JETSONS: THE MOVIE(1990; William Hanna/Joseph Barbera)
JOHNNY GOT HIS GUN(1971; Dalton Trumbo)
LIFEFORCE(1985; Tobe Hooper)
: BADGE OF SILENCE(1993; William Lustig)
NATIONAL LAMPOON'S MOVIE MADNESS(1983; Bob Giraldi/Henry Jaglom)
PRINCE OF DARKNESS(1987; John Carpenter)
PURPLE RAIN(1984; Albert Magnoli)
RAGGEDY MAN(1981; Jack Fisk)
SMILE(1975; Michael Ritchie)
(1973; Bernard L. Kowalski)
TEEN WOLF TOO(1987; Christopher Leitch)
THEY LIVE(1988; John Carpenter)

THINGS CHANGE(1988; David Mamet)

TREMORS(1990; Ron Underwood)

WILLIE DYNAMITE(1974; Gilbert Moses)


Unknown said...

Excellent list. Nice to see THE ANDROMEDA STRAIN finally streaming. I rewatched it again a few months ago and enjoyed it immensely after having not seen it for years. I was also struck by how relevant it still is!

And I actually prefer your longer lists but hey, short lists work for me, too.

The Taxi Driver said...

Love Things Change. It's certainly Mamet's most underrated but then again, how do you follow-up House of Games? I also watched another underrated Mamet, the Winslow Boy this weekend and although I didn't expect much from it given the subject I was suprised by how engaging it was. Mamet really is a master.

Shiftless said...

Raggedy Man is such a nice understated film with a great performance by a non-nutty Eric Roberts and Sissy Spacek. It really accurately captures small town life during the 40's. Also, I haven't seen Prince of Darkness in years even though I'm a big fan. Thanks for the heads up Rupe!

Rupert Pupkin said...

JD-Yeah it really does hold up I agree. Pretty intense for a G rated film! Thanks for the vote of preferring the long lists, will try to get somewhere in the middle as far as # of titles.

MIKE-For sure, it's quite underrated. Seems like most people don't even know the film exists. I'm totally with you on WINSLOW BOY. I couldn't believe how engaged I was by that film when i saw it years ago!
SHIFTLESS-More people really need to check out RAGGEDY MAN. I first discovered it through Peary's Guide for the Film Fanatic. A great recommend! I need to rewatch PoD too!

Ed South said...

Three words: Jetsons The Movie! Nice work as always!

Franco Macabro said...

Holy shit, that poster for they live is freaking awesome!

Rupert Pupkin said...

ED-Yeah JETSONS was one of my wild card picks I thought I'd just throw in cause it caught my eye and I enjoy it. Glad you dug it too!

THE FC-Yeah I need that poster as a t-shirt!

SteveQ said...

I finally caved and started a separate film blog:

SteveQ said...

I started my own film blog and left a comment here directing you to it, but that was on Thursday, the day Blogger lost everything. The blog's gone. If it reappears or when I restart it, I'll let you know.

Unknown said...

I have to echo the other posters and say great list! BUTTERFLY and WILLIE DYNAMITE? That is what I'm talking about. Gorgeous poster for PRINCE OF DARKNESS, btw.