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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 22

We watched SLACKER(which is currently on Instant and highly recommended) this past weekend for our weekly movie night. An oddly serendipitous choice with the very recent announcement that Linklater's new film BERNIE will open this year's L.A. Film Festival. SLACKER is such a great little film though. Love it. Was then inspired to dig out my Linklater DVDs and watch trailers for BEFORE SUNRISE, TAPE and WAKING LIFE. Got me thinking about his other films. SUBURBIA is a film I remember liking but not loving but to be fair it's been a while. I went looking for the DVD and was shocked to find there isn't one(even though a special edition may supposedly have been in the works several years ago). Not even Warner Archive has put it out. Thankfully, it's viewable through instant though(as are TAPE and a few other Linklater films). Very happy to see that. I find that TAPE tends to get lost in the shuffle of Linklater's filmography. Friedkin fans rejoice as his under-rated heist comedy THE BRINK'S JOB is now there for you to enjoy. Makes a nice double with BANK SHOT. In a similar vein(but better), If you've never heard of the Richard Dreyfuss detective flick THE BIG FIX, it is well worth your time(and almost never mentioned). I find it to be a great companion piece to THE LONG GOODBYE, and it's never been on DVD. As for other comedies, I've always been a fan of CAVEMAN. Lasty, I'm told that STANDING OVATION is a WTF movie of the highest order. It seems destined for cult classic status and comes to us from the director of MAC AND ME, ICE PIRATES, & MANNEQUIN 2: ON THE MOVE.

ANVIL: THE STORY OF ANVIL(2008; Sacha Gervasi)
BANK SHOT(1974; Gower Champion)
THE BIG FIX(1978; Jeremy Kagan)
BOMBSHELL(1996; Paul Wynne)
THE BRINK'S JOB(1978; William Friedkin)
CALLIE & SON(1981; Waris Hussein)
CAVEMAN(1981; Carl Gottleib)
CRIME OF PASSION(1957; Gerd Oswald)
CROSSWORLDS(1996; Krishna Rao)
DANGEROUS CURVES(1988; David Lewis)
THE FOUR SEASONS(1981; Alan Alda)
GUN THE MAN DOWN(1956; Andrew V. McLaglen)
HOT DOG: THE MOVIE(1984; Peter Markle)
ISABEL(1968; Paul Almond)

JESSICA(1962; Jean Negulesco/Oreste Pallela)
KISS OF THE SPIDER WOMAN(1985; Hector Babenco)
LOOSE CANNONS(1990; Bob Clark)

METROPOLITAN(1990; Whit Stillman)

MIRACLE ON ICE(1981; Steven Hilliard Stern)


THE OTHER LOVE(1947; Andre De Toth)

PSYCHO A GO-GO(1965; Al Adamson)
RIDING SHOTGUN(1954; Andre De Toth)
SCANDALOUS(1984; Rob Cohen)
STANDING OVATION(2010; Stewart Raffill)
SUBURBIA(1996; Richard Linklater)

TAPE(2001; Richard Linklater)


UNMASKING THE IDOL(1986; Worth Keeter)

VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED(1995; John Carpenter)
WALK LIKE A MAN(1987; Melvin Frank)
WHEN NATURE CALLS(1985; Charles Kaufman)

THE YEAR MY VOICE BROKE(1988; John Duigan)
YOUNG BILLY YOUNG(1969; Burt Kennedy)


Will Errickson said...

Yes! THE BIG FIX! What a delight that film is. Read the book last year and honestly, the movie is way more fun. Wish Dreyfuss could have kept playing that character. THE YEAR MY VOICE BROKE is cool; prequel to FLIRTING. A young Noah Taylor would've been the perfect Adrian Mole.

Anonymous said...

Around here we refer to "When Nature Calls" by its original release title (which I saw it under at a grindhouse in SF): "The Outdoorsters." A nutty stupid title for a nutty stupid film from the director of "Mother's Day."

Cheers, and keep up the good work!

Thomas Duke said...

Thanks for the list. I found some cool stuff to add. I'm gonna check out Standing Ovation based on M.E. Heuck's recommendation. God save me.

P.S. I love me some Bob Clark, but Loose Cannons might be the biggest piece of shit ever made. I'd like to think you snuck it into the list as some sort of sick joke. He he!

Ned Merrill said...

Another invaluable list, amigo. Thank you.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Will-I am very pleased THE BIG FIX is out there for some people to see. Great little detective movie that fits in well with its 70s cohorts.

Chairleather-Never seen WHEN NATURE CALLS, but I am a fan of even the worst spoof movies(made pre 2000) so I am quite curious. Plus the poster grabbed my attention.

Thomas-Let me know what you like if you see anything from this new list. STANDING OVATION looks like a hoot to me and I've been meaning to see it for more than a year! in HD no less, which is funny.

Ned-Have you seen THE BIG FIX? discovered that through Peary. Good stuff as I said. Up your alley methinks.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Thomas-sorry yeah LOOSE CANNONS is kind of a joke.

Drew McIntosh said...

I couldn't agree more with you regarding Tape, it really does get lost within Linklater's more higher profile stuff, but I do feel it to be one of his most potent films, a perfectly tense and claustrophobic chamber drama with searing acting (Uma's best performance, imo) and a great script that remains completely unpredictable throughout. Also one of the first features to be shot entirely in digital, strangely enough.

Also, can't go wrong with Metropolitan.

Ned Merrill said...

THE BIG FIX is next on my list, Rupe. At some point when I was growing up I recall talking with a girl in my class who was good friends with BIG FIX auteur Jeremy Paul Kagan's daughter. I think they were in drama camp together. Incidentally, Kagan's HEROES, also from Universal, is on Netflix Instant as well. The Netflix version restores Kansas' "Carry On My Wayward Son" to the end credits. That song was replaced on home video versions of HEROES.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Drew-Very cool that you are a TAPE fan as well! It is certainly arguably Uma best I have to agree. Just really compelling stuff.

Ned-Am very curious about your thoughts on THE BIG FIX. I planned to put it on for just a minute last night and got totally sucked in. Never been a fan of THE GOODBYE GIRL in all honesty. Don't really care too much for either lead performance. But Dreyfuss in this film just nails it. I've seen HEROES and was not very impressed unfortunately. Had high hopes based on the cast. Kagan also did THE STING II(also on instant) which I am keen to revisit very soon.

Hal said...

Thanks for the headsup on SUBURBIA, which I can't believe I haven't reviewed yet as part of my series. Definitely checking it out (haven't since the late 90s)!

Ty said...

Haha, Love Unmasking The Idol. Boon The Baboon!

KC said...

Have you watched Standing Ovation yet? Wow. Even my three-year-old was kind of saying WTF. There's almost too much to describe. One of the most entertaining, weirdest movies I've ever seen. That electric eel scene took it to another plane.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Hal-Look forward to seeing it there! Been loving the Section!

Ty-I've still not seen, am dying to! and the sequel!

KC-Yeah we watched Friday night for our movie night. Amazingly WTF. I agree about the electric eel scene!