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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

My Favorite Severin Films releases

In honor of their 5 year anniversary and a lovely 50% off sale running on their site right now(6/15 through 6/17), I thought I'd weigh in with a short list of my favorite Severin Films releases. Severin is a wonderful company and one whose releases I fully support and recommend. Check out the company history here. Check out my GGTMC interview with the guys from Severin right here! They've already put out some great stuff this year including Blu-Rays of Richard Rush's THE STUNT MAN and Brian Trenchard-Smith's BMX BANDITS(both with stunning transfers!). I am also excited for their upcoming slate including the Billy Jacoby(Jayne) killer-kid flick BLOODY BIRTHDAY and the fantastic cult classic HORROR EXPRESS(hopefully by year's end). I also recently had the pleasure of seeing their release of LOOSE SCREWS which is the sequel to the more well-known SCREW BALLS("The Nuts Who Always Score"), also released by Severin(both in Blu-Ray!). This is one of those rare sex comedy sequels that pretty well buries its predecessor. It also includes some of the most rapid-fire innuendo this side of a Howard Hawks movie.

1. THE STUNT MAN(1980; Richard Rush)

2. SANTE SANGRE(1989; Alejandro Jodorowsky)

3. BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR(2008; James Nguyen)

4. THE PSYCHIC(1977; Lucio Fulci)

5. BMX BANDITS(1983; Brian Trenchard-Smith)

6. STONE(1974; Sandy Harbutt)


zombivish said...

nice list though i'd have to include their bluray of Hardware- that disc is stunning IMO.

Rupert Pupkin said...

I totally would include as I'm sure it looks great. Just not at all a fan of that film.

Andrew said...

All right, I'm interested....
You may have sold me.

I will check some of this stuff out.

Whatever the result, you have found some interesting stuff here.

Aaron said...

Nice! I didn't know you were a fan of Fulci's THE PSYCHIC. That movie is easily one of my top five Gialli, maybe even top three. BIRDEMIC, though? No offense, my good man, but "ugh". Fuck that movie.

Aaron said...

Oh, and I'm definitely picking up the STONE 2-discer! I ordered it from Amazon a while back, but it turned out I clicked on the single disc version when purchasing it instead, so I got stuck with that one.

zombivish said...

oh dude, while i love Hardware i get how some people don't dig it.That said as a package it's still undeniably great what Severin did for that film and a rock solid example of what kind of company they are.
And Aaron, I'm with you on Birdemic. The whole marketing aspect of "wow this film is such a piece of shit you should totally watch it" just turned me off.
On a side note i picked up the 2 disc Stone disc for $10 - it had been mis-priced as the single disc.

Franco Macabro said...

Santa Sangre is my favorite of their releases as well...I dont think I would have seen that movie if they hadnt released it.

But my second favorite Severin release would have to be Richard Stanley's Hardware. Man is that dvd full of extras! Highly recommend it, it even has some of Stanleys early short films and even some of his newer ones.

They Call Him Chad said...

Bloody Birthday is a great pick. Just saw that recently, and was surprised by how much I enjoy that. I'd toss the Inglorious Bastards 3 disc-er on the list, too.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Andrew-Well worth checking out! hope you find something you like!

AARON-Yeah THE PSYCHIC is a fav for me for sure. As for BIRDEMIC, it's not everybody's cup of tea for sure. The movie just totally charmed me. We quote it a lot at our house AND sing the song often.

VISH-Nice score! I will have to check out that HARDWARE set at some point.

THE FC-I really need to get the blus of HOLY MOUNTAIN and EL TOPO(not put out by Severin but still wanna get em).

THEYCALLHIMCHAD-Yeah I can't wait for the Severin BLOODY BIRTHDAY release. Can Not Wait! I haven't seen all of INGLORIOUS so that 3 discer sounds like a good call!