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Monday, June 20, 2011

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 24

Netflix instant continues to be an great viewing resources for documentaries and I hope they continue that trend. Recently, most of Michael Apted's UP series have popped up. Highly recommended. Also the docs of Ross McElwee(SHERMAN'S MARCH, TIME INDEFINITE, BRIGHT LEAVES, SIX O'CLOCK NEWS) are excellent if you haven't seen yet. I am pretty excited to finally see Christopher Smith's film BLACK DEATH. I am a huge fan of TRIANGLE(just recently got a dvd at Blockbuster for $1). Additionally, several kid's series have just appeared. HE-MAN, BRAVESTARR & H.R. PUFNSTUF are all fun. LAST NIGHT is a neat little end-of-the-world movie that's well worth your time. I am big Don McKellar fan and he does a nice job here. If you like hima t all, I highly recommend renting his TV Series TWITCH CITY(only on dics). Also some junkier titles include things like OPPOSITE DAY, BRENDA STARR, SAHARA('83), H.O.T.S., DOUBLE TROUBLE and the amazingly WTF piece of cinema called GANGLAND(reviewed on GGTMC a several weeks back).

21 UP(1977; Michael Apted)
28 UP(1985; Michael Apted)
42 UP(1998; Michael Apted)
49 UP(2005; Michael Apted)
THE BIG SCORE(1983; Fred Williamson)
BLACK DEATH(2010; Christopher Smith)
A BOY AND HIS DOG(1975; L.Q. Jones)
BRAVESTARR(1987; Series)
BRENDA STARR(1989; Robert Ellis Miller)
BRIGHT LEAVES(2003; Ross McElwee)
DOUBLE TROUBLE(1992; John Paragon)
THE EVIL DEAD(1981; Sam Raimi)
FILM GEEK(2005; James Westby)
GANGLAND(2001; Art Camacho)
H.O.T.S.(1979; Gerald Sindell)
H.R. PUFNSTUF Complete series(1969; Series)
LAST NIGHT(1998; Don McKellar)
MAN PUSH CART(2005; Ramin Bahrani)
OPPOSITE DAY(2009; R. Michael Givens)
PHANTASM(1979; Don Coscarelli)
THE PLEDGE(2001; Sean Penn)
PROTOTYPE X29A(1992; Phillip J. Roth)
RETURN TO THE LOST WORLD(1992; Timothy Bond)
ROSEBUD BEACH HOTEL(1984; Harry Hurwitz)
RUNNING ON EMPTY(1988; Sidney Lumet)
SAHARA(1983; Andrew V. McLaglen)
SHERMAN'S MARCH(1986; Ross McElwee)
SHUTTER ISLAND(2010; Martin Scorsese)
THE TEN(2006; David Wain)
TIME INDEFINITE(1994; Ross McElwee)
VANISHING ON 7TH STREET(2010; Brad Anderson)
VISIONEERS(2007; Jared Drake)


Stephen Langlois said...

Thanks for the great list. Glad to see Ross McElwee's films made it onto Netflix Instant. One of the few documentarians who puts himself in his films that I can tolerate. In fact, that's the whole point to his movies--how personal they are. I don't always like him as a person--at least from what I've seen of him on the screen--but I like him as filmmaker. He definitely has a unique way of looking at the world.

But the "Original" Ghostbusters instead of the "Real" Ghostbusters. Come on!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the heads up on VANISHING ON 7th ST. I've been meaning to watch this one. I really dig Anderson's films and the trailers for this piqued my curiousity but I was scared off by the presence of Hayden Christensen whom I can't stand.

Ty said...

Great list! Black Death is on my instant queue. Will watch it soon.

Also Double Trouble is hilarious. Gotta love the Barbarian Brothers!

Rupert Pupkin said...

Stephen- I agree with you regarding McElwee and how he is mostly tolerable in his docs. I also am not always a fan of him as a person based on what's out there. Apologies, the Original Ghostbusters is kind of a joke for me. Always thought it was a stupid show, but I figured it had it's followers who might want a blast from the past.

JD-Yeah been meaning to check out VANISHING myself. Hearing mixed things, but am also a big enough fan of Brad Anderson to give it a look.

TY- Thanks! Yeah BLACK DEATH is gonna be watched by me really really soon too! James over at Cineawesome and the Criterioncast hipped me to DOUBLE TROUBLE. Quite a silly fun film I agree.

Stephen Langlois said...

I was totally joking about the Ghostbusters, too, though I've yet to meet anybody who prefers the "Original" to the "Real." That'd be like preferring the store-brand Froot Loops knock-off to the real thing.

Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

Double Trouble is an excellent addition, considering that one has been out of print and only on VHS for years. My nephew will be excited about Masters of the Universe, because he's always asking me what toys I had as a kid, and I tell him He-Man, and he has no idea what I'm talking about. Of course, since the show was just a 30-minute commercial for the toys, he may not be that impressed... Great stuff as usual!

Sam Fragoso said...

This is really a great, innovative idea man.

I have netflix and I'm always amazed by the amount of films I haven't seen on there.

Nice list.

Rupert Pupkin said...

DTVC-Yeah He-man certainly leaves quality to be desired. As far as toy commercial shows go, I'd much rather watch M.A.S.K.! Much catchier theme song too.

Duke-Thanks for the kind words! Yeah keep an eye here every week or so for my new lists of fun stuff on Netflix. As long as they keep adding it, I'll keep making lists!