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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Netflix Instant "Gems" Vol. 26

Apologies for the delay in putting out this new volume. I've noticed(as you all probably have) that Netflix is now putting less new stuff up on Instant Watch lately. This trend disturbs me just a bit with the September 1st plan switch date rapidly approaching. I do hope they will get back to putting more films and TV on with more regularity, but only time will tell. Nonetheless there are some good films and some junk films(or worse) for you all to enjoy. First, the good. This group includes things like Tim Hunter's RIVER'S EDGE, the Steve Tesich(BREAKING AWAY) scribed EYEWITNESS, DRESSED TO KILL, THE ASPHALT JUNGLE, WHERE THE SIDEWALK ENDS, MARRIED TO THE MOB, MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY, HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE, The Phil Ochs Doc, DEAD END, WINTER'S BONE, THE MUMMY and maybe STREETS OF FIRE(though many might put that in the junk category). The junk includes the likes of STAYIN' ALIVE, THE MANSTER, STRANGE DAYS, DIE HARD 2(and UNDER SIEGE 2), THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS and the glorious Linda Blair trifecta of ROLLER BOOGIE, THE EXORCIST 2 and HELL NIGHT. If you're looking for a quick pick me up, the opening scenes of ROLLER BOOGIE alone should make you smile. My favorite moment comes when a couple who has chosen to make out on top of a dumpster, jumps down from said perch to join a roller skating conga line. If Linda Blair's not your thing then perhaps a nice double of Don Adams with THE NUDE BOMB and GET SMART AGAIN? And of course there are always Seagal options. Also this week there is a special section of sub-junk type films and that umbrella covers things like BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR and FRED: THE MOVIE(both indescribably bad in their own ways, BIRDEMIC being much more entertaining).

ABOVE THE LAW(1988; Andrew Davis)
THE ASPHALT JUNGLE(1950; John Huston)
BIRDEMIC: SHOCK & TERROR(2008; James Nguyen)
DEAD END(1937; William Wyler)
DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER(1990; Renny Harlin)
DRESSED TO KILL(1980; Brian De Palma)
THE EXORCIST 2: THE HERETIC(1977; John Boorman)
EYEWITNESS(1981; Peter Yates)
FRED: THE MOVIE(2010; Clay Weiner)


GET SMART, AGAIN!(1989; Gary Nelson)

THE G.I. EXECUTIONER(1975; Joel M. Reed)
HEARTBURN(1986; Mike Nichols)

HELL NIGHT(1918; Tom DeSimone)

THE HOTEL NEW HAMPSHIRE(1984; Tony Richardson)

THE MANSTER(1959; George Breakston)
MARRIED TO THE MOB(1988; Jonathan Demme)
MONKEY BUSINESS(1952; Howard Hawks)
THE MUMMY(1932; Karl Freund)
THE NUDE BOMB(1980; Clive Donner)

ON DEADLY GROUND(1994; Steven Seagal)


RIVER'S EDGE(1986; Tim Hunter)
ROLLER BOOGIE(1979; Mark L. Lester)

THE SAD SACK(1957; George Marshall)

THE SECRET OF MY SUCCESS(1987; Herbert Ross)

STAYIN' ALIVE(1983; Sylvester Stallone)

STRANGE DAYS(1995; Kathryn Bigelow)

STREETS OF FIRE(1984; Walter Hill)
THE TERMINATOR(1984; James Cameron)


WINTER'S BONE(2010; Debra Granik)


MovieNut14 said...

Manhattan Murder Mystery should get more recognition than it receives.

Unknown said...

Yeah, love MANHATTAN MURDER MYSTERY also. Great to see Woody teaming up with Diane Keaton again.

Also, love STREETS OF FIRE. Walter Hill in his prime! Fantastic B-movie pulpy fun.

KC said...

There's a lot of good new titles! I forgot about that random bus scene in Birdemic. Why were they just standing there? Try running people!

I can see how some people might find Streets of Fire a bit corny, but I love it. It has a lot of energy. I especially like the song in the opening scene.

And Roller Boogie! You cannot be in a shitty mood when you're watching that one.

Pussy Goes Grrr said...

For what it's worth, I believe STRANGE DAYS belongs in the "good" category. It's not great, it's often ridiculous, but it IS a buddy cop dystopian thriller with Angela Bassett & Ralph Fiennes, so it clearly has a lot to offer.

Rupert Pupkin said...

MN14 & JD- You guys are so right. Very strange how MMM get's overlooked as often as it does. I am truly hoping people are finding it on instant esp in the wake of maybe seeing a good new Woody film like MIDNIGHT IN PARIS(not that the films are similar).
JD-you rule for being a SoF fan!
KC-Yeah I never thought about it but that is quite ridiculous that bus scene! And yeah I guess I can totally see how SoF has perhaps made itself difficult for some folks to get on board with. It's kinda out there. I just love that about it though! And ROLLER BOOGIE is just way too much fun. A 'save the rec center' movie well before BREAKIN films!

PGG-I really need to revisit SD. Been sooo long! It is queued.

Ned Merrill said...

Me thinks DIE HARD 2 belongs in the "good" category, along with STREETS OF FIRE. I think 2 ranks with the original. Sadler is a great villain...that took balls to enter the film doing nude tai-chi, buttocks firmly clenched.

Another vote for the Tesich-penned, Yates-directed EYEWITNESS. Great, bug-eyed Jimmy Woods perf.

Rupert Pupkin said...

NED- DIE HARD 2 certainly doesn't get the recognition it deserves. Man I need to get that blu-ray set!

Will Errickson said...

Watched STRANGE DAYS recently on Instant... meh. Every character looked like they'd just walked in from the make-up trailer. That future never felt lived-in, just acted in. Had its moments, but I kept being shocked out of it. Also: Tom Sizemore's HAIR.

Stephen Langlois said...

Another great list! Have you seen Birdemic with the Rifftrax? Highly recommended. Just watched Roller Boogie for the second time. That's one more time than I've seen Citizen Kane.

Wondering if you'd like to share a link. My new blog is:

Already got you on my list of links. Thanks!

Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

Great lost as usual! I'm going to add Manhattan Murder Mystery to my queue as we speak.