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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Netflix Instant Gems Vol. 28

 Just a few quick notes with this list. I am pleased that one can now enjoy quite the festival of 70s disaster films should they so choose(and they should). Recently added are 3 of the 4 AIRPORT films(sadly no CONCORDE). I've always been partial to AIRPORT '77 for some reason. Might be Jack Lemmon. I threw a few other disaster favorites on the list as well. A couple Hawks films here too. SCARFACE is an obvious classic of sorts. I WAS A MALE WAR BRIDE is a lighter Hawks comedy, but worth viewing. Also check out AT CLOSE RANGE, BATTLEGROUND, both CONAN films, and DUTCH(which always felt like a lost John Hughes film to me as it was written by him and has his voice). Oh and a few interesting docs as well. FORKS OVER KNIVES is a pretty eye opening revelation of a film. VANISHING OF THE BEES is also interesting.

ZERO EFFECT(1998; Jake Kasdan)