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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dormarth(Paul Malleck)'s Favorite Films seen 1st in 2011!

(photo by Jonathon Davis)

Paul Malleck is also known as Dormarth. He is a rabid VHS collector and has a wicked zine that he puts out himself called Dormarth's Horror Review which you should all subscribe to immediately.
I interviewed him for The GGTMC Podcast last year, check it out.


in no particular order, these are my top 10 films new to me this year.

SLEDGEHAMMER (1983) The David A. Prior shot on video ghost slasher epic. Filled with luscious lighting, feathered hair, beer, parties, and a twist. Been looking for this vhs for years. It did not dissappoint.

RING OF TERROR (1962) Slow brooding chiller about a group of pre-med students trying to get women into bed and concocting a scheme to steal a dark ring from a corpse. Exciting and rampant with tricks, this film relies on building tension and focusing on the fears of a young med student as it all pyramids into a climactic scene. Directed by Clark L. Paylow.

FROZEN (2010) Adam Green's no frills story of 3 friends stuck on a ski lift in the dead of winter. Human ego's, hungers, nuances, and fears are all set to un-ravel when the wolves arrive. Proving in this day of age you don't need huge stars and bullshit cgi to make a good horror film.

TREASURE OF THE FOUR CROWNS (1983) An epic adventure-horror Indiana Jones rip-off chock full of 3-D gimmicks and occultism galore. Fun as f*ck from the first scene, and never letting up. Seeing it on the big screen was a treat indeed. Directed by Ferdinando Baldi.

THE DAY THE EARTH CAUGHT FIRE (1961) Val Guest directs this epic tale of end of the world destruction. As doomsday approaches, the populous sees cold war bombs set off the orbit of the earth towards the sun. A warning to mankind about the destruction of war, great fun and ahead of it's time. This long lost gem deserves the day of light.

KINGDOM OF THE VAMPIRE (1991) J.R. Bookwalter strikes gold again with this shot on video vampire tale. Jeff's mom is a vampire bitch who kills a lot of people and doesn't take kindly of her pussy son. He falls in love, and chooses between love and his bloodline heritage. A coming of age tale with down-home low budget gore.

SCREAMS OF A WINTER NIGHT (1979) A student filmed anthology from the south. Great stories, inventive dialogue, and creepy scenes lift this one above the other low budget anthologies of the next decade. It's rareness makes it an even bigger gem.

THE ABOMINATION (1986) Directed by Bret McCormick, comes a homemade horror granduer which has become a legend umong the mom and pop video store low budget home made era. A desparated mother vomits up a lung tumor while watching a televangialist. The tumor finds its way down the sons throat. The tumors take over causing bloodlust and mutilations. Abominable monstrosities take over his house in scenes of massive gore and practical effects magic.

TRAPPED ALIVE (1993) Directed by Leszek Burzynski, comes a fillm hangin on to the coat tail of the 80's in a new shitty era for horror (90's). Two women on route to a x-mas eve party and are taken hostage by a group of escaped convicts. They all fall into a abandoned mine and are chased around by a cannibal. There are a few twists and an endearing love story. Great scares, and fun to the max, the pace is perfect. Cameron Mitchell stars in a small role and adds mayo to the sammich. (Note: Zack Carlson did a cool review of this for Video Hate Squad)

THE SUCKLING (1990) A Shelved film released later in the 90's to an unsuspecting populous. An aborted fetus in a back alley brothel/abortion clinic gets flushed down the toilet into the sewer. Combined with toxic waste the fetus grows with wrath and sucks on hookers. Spectacular gross-out effects and raunchy ass humor. A must.


Unknown said...

A powerful list! Dormarth has introduced me to tons of incredible movies, from SPLATTER FARM to BLOOD LAKE to THE SUCKLING on this very list! He is one of the truest movie enthusiasts on earth, and his magazine provides more entertainment than all of Hollywood's studios combined. Get it!!

Rupert Pupkin said...

Well said Zack! Couldn't agree more! Dormarth is one remarkable fellow.

Spenser Hoyt said...

Super dooper list. The ones I have seen are boss and now I got the rest on my "see-um" list. Thanks for the tips (and publishing something on paper cuz I can't bring my computer in the bathroom).

James said...

Man oh man, another list of films I need to get. Some I've only heard of, others I wish I had sooner. The Suckling sounds like my cup of aborted toxic fetus tea.

Aaron said...

Very nice list. Never heard of THE SUCKLING before, but now it's on my must-see list. I also watched SLEDGEHAMMER for the first time last year and it was pretty amazing for all the wrong reasons. Big fan of FROZEN as well.

Anonymous said...

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Johnathon Davis said...

The picture of the zine spread at the beginning of this article was taken by me last year for an article on my blog. I realize Paul probably sent it to you and you had no idea but I would greatly appreciate a photo credit there. I love this blog, keep up the good work!

Rupert Pupkin said...

Jonathon-my apologies, will absolutely add a credit. Thanks for the kind words!