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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Laurent Bouzereau's favorite older films seen 1st in 2011!

Fans of DVD special features should be very familiar with Mr. Bouzereau. He's made tons and tons of documentaries on dvds and blu-rays ranging from Hitchcock to Spielberg to De Palma and beyond. He gave me a list of 1st time views last year was kind enough to give me his favs from 2011 too. His list is always one that inspires a purchase or two from me. In this case I am considering the Twilight Time Blu-Ray of THE EGYPTIAN. Read!


Directed by Michael Curtiz. All-new guilty pleasure featuring an amazing score by Bernard Herrmann & Alfred Newman.

Edgy action film based on Wilbur Smith's first novel and directed by Jack Cardiff!!

I heard the score (by John Barry) before I saw it! Our friend Charles Bronson is still good despite really bad Buffalo-effects. Directed by J. Lee Thompson.

Ground-breaking score by Laurence Rosenthal, directed by Ronald Neame and not as bad as I thought it was going to be!

Fantastic score by Leonard Rosenman, directed by John Frankenheimer. Interesting ecological monster flick!

Ok -- I'm cheating here... I saw this in the theatres when I was a kid but I've been waiting for the DVD for years! Michael Caine, directed by Richard Fleisher.


Ned Merrill said...

Intrigued especially by ASHANTI. Also, want to see THE WHITE BUFFALO and THE EGYPTIAN. Love me some DARK OF THE SUN (aka THE MERCENARIES), one of the best I saw for first time in 2010. Great score by Jacques Loussier, released several years back by FSM.

zombivish said...

DARK OF THE SUN was a first for me this year as well, love the poster and the film wasn't bad either.
i must say i am now really intrigued by The Egyptian but i may see if i can see it before shelling out for the bluray , it's a bit dear for a blind buy.

Rupert Pupkin said...

I am also intrigued by ASHANTI. Wish the DVD that's out wasn't 4x3. Hope it'll get MOD treatment at some point, though i missed which studio put it out. I have THE WHITE BUFFALO MGM Mod in my to watch pile from last year! I went ahead and ordered THE EGYPTIAN. Been on a real Michael Curtiz kick the past couple years.

Thomas Duke said...

I really wanted to order The Egyptian, but I don't have $45 bucks to blow on one blu-ray. I'm a big Gene Tierney fan and I enjoy these kind of bloated epics, but, alas.

I recorded DARK OF THE SUN off of TCM this past year but haven't watched it yet. I do that a lot.

Cinema Du Meep said...

Ashanti looks tantalizing. Must see it!

Marc Edward Heuck said...

Sadly, ASHANTI is owned by the same European bank that owns ZULU DAWN and THE WILD GEESE; the defunct label Tango made a deal for them years ago and put out a widescreen non-anamorphic DVD of GEESE but issued the others in old pan-scan transfers. Now that they're gone, don't know who will want to relicense them or spend the money to do new transfers.