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Monday, February 27, 2012

My Favorite Warner Archive(& Sony MOD) Releases!

A veritable cornucopia of interesting and wonderful films have been made available through Warner Archive and other similar MOD studio ventures(MGM, SONY, UNIVERSAL etc). More films are getting released all the time. Below find a list of my favorite releases so far from the Warner Archive and Sony(will do another post with MGM and Universal titles). I plan to keep updating this list with more of my current favorites as they are put out. No pressure, but should you be interested in buying any of these titles, please feel free to purchase them via the links provided in each title as it helps me and my site. Much appreciated!

ONE WAY PASSAGE(1932; Tay Garnett)

THE OUTFIT(1973; John Flynn)

NEIGHBORS(1981; John G. Avildsen)

WHO'S MINDING THE MINT?(1966; Howard Morris)

PRETTY MAIDS ALL IN A ROW(1971; Roger Vadim)

FREEBIE AND THE BEAN(1974; Richard Rush)

BREWSTER MCCLOUD(1970; Robert Altman)

SAFE IN HELL(1931; William A. Wellman)

THE VERDICT(1946; Don Siegel)

WHITE LINE FEVER(1975; Jonathan Kaplan)

LOVELINES(1984; Rod Amateau)

DARK OF THE SUN(1968; Jack Cardiff)

DYING ROOM ONLY(1973; Philip Leacock)

JOHNNY EAGER(1941; Mervyn Leroy)

FAST-WALKING(1982; James B. Harris)

MICKEY ONE(1965; Arthur Penn)

PRIMROSE PATH(1940; Gregory Lacava)

PENTHOUSE(1933; W.S. Van Dyke)

THE BREAKING POINT(1950; Michael Curtiz)

VISION QUEST(1985; Harold Becker)

THE GREEN SLIME(1969; Kinji Fukasaku)

KILLER PARTY(1986; William Fruet)

THE PACK(1977; Robert Clouse)

ON BORROWED TIME(1939; Harold S. Bucquet)

ALL FALL DOWN(1962; John Frankenheimer)

THE BEAST OF THE CITY(1932; Charles Brabin)

TIGER SHARK(1932; Howard Hawks)

THE LAST RUN(1971; Richard Fleischer)

NIGHT SCHOOL(1981; Ken Hughes)

THE BERMUDA DEPTHS(1978; Tom Kotani)

THE WINDOW(1949; Ted Tetzlaff)

BRAINSTORM(1965; William Conrad)

THE TERMINAL MAN(1974; Mike Hodges)

RANCHO NOTORIOUS(1952; Fritz Lang)

VERBOTEN!(1959; Samuel Fuller)

THE SUPER COPS(1974; Gordon Parks)

HIDE IN PLAIN SIGHT(1980; James Caan)

DUSTY AND SWEETS MCGEE(1971; Floyd Mutrux)

HOTEL(1967; Richard Quine)

I LOVE MELVIN(1953; Don Weis)

FASHIONS OF 1934(1934; William Dieterle)


DOC SAVAGE: THE MAN OF BRONZE(1975; Michael Anderson)



THE DEADLY TOWER(1975; James Jameson)

ONE ON ONE(1977; Lamont Johnson)

CARNY(1980; Robert Kaylor)

RECKLESS(1984; James Foley)

PARTY GIRL(1958; Nicholas Ray)

BOMBSHELL(1933; Victor Fleming)

DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE DARK(1973; John Newland)

BAD RONALD(1974; Buzz Kulik)

THE RAIN PEOPLE(1969; Francis Ford Coppola)

SLITHER(1973; Howard Zieff)

HEARTS OF THE WEST(1975; Howard Zieff)

FIRE(1977; Earl Bellamy)

FLOOD(1976; Earl Bellamy)

CAVE-IN(1979; George Fenady)


HANGING BY A THREAD(1979; George Fenady)

GET TO KNOW YOUR RABBIT(1972; Brian De Palma)

UNDER THE RAINBOW(1981; Steve Rash)

MEATBALLS PART 2(1984; Ken Wiederhorn)

HOT STUFF(1979; Dom Deluise)

YOR, THE HUNTER FROM THE FUTURE(1983; Anthony M. Dawson)


SteveQ said...

Way too many movies to comment on, so I'll pick one. I love "Who's Minding the Mint?" and first saw it on television about 1970 (yes, I'm old); it's one of those movies that I wouldn't go out of my way to see, but enjoy every time I stumble across it.

Ned Merrill said...

Many of these are favorite films of mine, period, not just favorite MODs. Man, I just wish WHITE LINE FEVER had been released 16x9. As far as I know, the disc is 4x3 letterbox and hasn't been corrected. I'm holding out for the fixed disc.

Jenny Tonic said...

Lovelines! Piper looks so bright and sparkly now!

Aaron said...

Yes! Great list. There are a lot on there that I really need to see, one of them being CARNY. Also, I didn't know you were a fan of NIGHT SCHOOL. I dig that one quite a bit despite its flaws.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Steve-I've only been able to see WHO'S MINDING THE MINT? for the 1st time within the past 3 years or so. I wish I'd seen it as a kid, I know I'd have loved it cause I love it even now.

Ned-I do hope that Sony puts out a corrected WLF, not sure I've heard anything though. I owe you for turning me onto FAST-WALKING, glad thats finally out.

Lita-LOVEINES is amazing. It is my dream to someday host a screening of it at a theater in L.A. Would play great with a crowd.

Aaron-Yeah you'd dig CARNY I think man. Well worth a look. Yeah I was pleased to see NS finally come out after years of VHS only availability. I remember seeing that VHS in most horror sections of the video stores I used to go to as a youngster.