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Friday, February 17, 2012

Netflix Instant Rarities Vol. 1 - Cops, Dicks, and Crooks

This sort of lines up with the Netflix Instant Gems column I've been writing for a while. I wanted to specify and highlight some of the rarer films that have popped up on Netflix Instant. Many of these films have never seen an official dvd release, but a few have seen either an MOD DVD release or their DVD releases have gone out of print, making them harder to see now. I will try to group films together loosely thematically, but they may occasionally have little in common with each other outside of their rarity. Many of these have been on Netflix Instant for some time, but I feel like it's never a bad idea to remind folks that they are still out there in case they've not had a chance to see them yet.
For this first round, I've picked out some crime, police and detective related movies that I like:

99 RIVER STREET(1953; Phil Karlson)

THE BIG FIX(1978; Jeremy Kagan)

BIG HOUSE U.S.A.(1955; Howard W. Koch)

BLOODY MAMA(1970; Roger Corman)

THE BLUE LAMP(1950; Basil Dearden)

BOBBIE JO AND THE OUTLAW(1976; Mark L. Lester)

BUSTING(1974; Peter Hyams)

THE BRINK'S JOB(1978; William Friedkin)

THE CAT BURGLAR(1961; William Witney)

CRY DANGER(1951; Robert Parrish)

GAMBIT(1966; Ronald Neame)

HARRY IN YOUR POCKET(1973; Bruce Geller)

JOHNNY COOL(1963; William Asher)

THE KILLER IS LOOSE(1956; Budd Boetticher)

LITTLE CIGARS(1973; Chris Christenberry)

LURE OF THE SWAMP(1957; Hubert Cornfield)

PLUNDER ROAD(1957; Hubert Cornfield)

PRIVATE HELL 36(1954; Don Siegel)

THE SOUND OF FURY(1950; Cy Endfield)


Direct to Video Connoisseur said...

Another great list. I think foremost among them for me is The Killer is Loose with Joseph Cotton, which I need to see. Gonna add that to my Instant Queue right away.

Robert M. Lindsey said...

The Big Fix and The Brink's Job are great films. I just watched Johnny Cool a couple nights ago. I liked Sammy Davis Jr. in it, but it has a full cast of character actors. I've got a few of these already sitting in my instant queue just waiting for me to find the time.

Are you keeping an eye on my blog when I list older movies that are new to Netflix streaming?

Rupert Pupkin said...

DTVC-Love me some Boetticher, this one's worth your time.

Robert-I will have to keep an eye on your blog from here on out. I try to keep pretty good tabs on what's old and new on Instant(check daily).