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Friday, February 24, 2012

Netflix Instant Rarities Vol. 2 - Westerns

Here's another group of rarer titles for your Netflix Instant queue. All interesting westerns. I've broken them into two groups. The first two are available until June of 2013(worth watching ASAP though), but the second group all expire on FEBRUARY 29th(5 days!) so watch em before they drop off!

PONY EXPRESS(1953; Jerry Hopper)

RUN FOR COVER(1955; Nicholas Ray)

Expiring - 2/29:

BARQUERO(1970; Gordon Douglas)

FIVE SAVAGE MEN(1970; Ron Joy)

THE LAST HARD MEN(1976; Andrew V. McLaglen)

THE LAST SUNSET(1961; Robert Aldrich)

THE SHEEPMAN(1958; George Marshall)

SHOWDOWN(1973; George Seaton)

SHOOT OUT(1971; Henry Hathaway)

ULZANA'S RAID(1972; Robert Aldrich)

WESTBOUND(1959; Budd Boetticher)

WICHITA(1955; Jacques Tourneur)


Robert M. Lindsey said...

How do you find out when they are going off? I've got a bunch in my queue that are going off and I know that because it says so in the queue (usually with less than a week notice), but what about other movies?

Some Western movies and TV shows going off 2-29-2012 or 3-1-2012:
Wagon Train
My Name is Nobody

Robert M. Lindsey said...

Oh and The Sheepman. Sure sounds like a tough guy. The Sheepman.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Instant Watcher is where I get most of my netflix info. here's the long list of Starz Titles leaving Netflix Instant by the end of the month:

Chandni S said...

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