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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Favorite Trailers From Hell (Vol. 3)

Continuing my series of summary posts containing bunches of my favorites from the commendable Trailers From Hell site, here is my 3rd installment. Check out Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 as well! There's an endless supply of wonderful films(many of them are not spoken of nearly enough) on the site and I just can't get enough of what TFH is shelling out.
(as with my other volumes, click on the title of the film to view the TFH entry)

3 DAYS OF THE CONDOR - Guru'd By Don Coscarelli.

8 1/2 - Guru'd By Allan Arkush.

AMARCORD - Guru'd By Bernard Rose.

BAD DAY AT BLACK ROCK - Guru'd By Dan Ireland.

BANANAS - Guru'd By Adam Rifkin.

CHILDREN OF PARADISE - Guru'd By Michael Peyser.

CHINATOWN - Guru'd By Ernest Dickerson.

THE CHINESE CONNECTION - Guru'd By Larry Karaszewski.

COCKFIGHTER - Guru'd By Jon Davison.

FREEBIE AND THE BEAN - Guru'd By Josh Olson.

FRENZY - Guru'd By Josh Olson.


FROM HELL IT CAME - Guru'd By Joe Dante.

GASLIGHT - Guru'd By George Hickenlooper.


THE LATE SHOW - Guru'd By Josh Olson.

THE LOVED ONE - Guru'd By Larry Karaszewski.

THE MAN FROM HONG KONG - Guru'd By Brian Trenchard-Smith.

MARNIE - Guru'd By Larry Cohen.

MCCABE AND MRS. MILLER - Guru'd By Josh Olson.

MIGHTY PEKING MAN - Guru'd By Brian Trenchard-Smith.

NIGHTMARE ALLEY - Guru'd By Stuart Gordon.

QUADROPHENIA - Guru'd By Josh Olson.

SECONDS - Guru'd By Michael Lehmann.

STUNT ROCK - Guru'd By Brian Trenchard-Smith.

TAXI DRIVER - Guru'd By Rod Lurie.

TRUCK TURNER - Guru'd By Ernest Dickerson.

VANISHING POINT - Guru'd By George Hickenlooper.

THE WANDERERS - Guru'd By Josh Olson.

WHITE LINE FEVER - Guru'd By Jonathan Kaplan.


Ivan said...

Mr. Pupkin, You've piqued my curiosity: I notice that none of your selections were narrated/hosted by John Landis (who's made a second career out of his appearances on TfH). Any particular reason?

Ned Merrill said...

Love WHITE LINE FEVER and THE WANDERERS. Great to see Jonathan Kaplan guru his own film and shed a little more light on the sad demise of Jan-Michael Vincent. Now, why doesn't Sony correct the botched MOD of WHITE LINE FEVER? It's 4x3 letterbox instead of 16x9!

Rupert Pupkin said...

Can't think of the WANDERERS without thinking of you Ned! I really do hope Sony corrects that flubbed released of WLF very soon!

Ned Merrill said...

I guess I must have mentioned THE WANDERERS a few times when we met, eh? :-)

Rupert Pupkin said...

I think so, I feel like it must have come up in conversation regarding THE WARRIORS.