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Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Lady Gurus of Trailers From Hell

There is a long list of Guru's over at Trailers From Hell. Many wonderful, talented, film-loving people.  With this quick post I just wanted to celebrate my favorite Trailers From Hell trailers from the fantastic female Gurus of the site. This is how my mind works though: the other, night my wife and I were watching Adrian Lyne's film FOXES(in HD!) on TV. That led me to recall that the movie had been covered at TFH at some point. I looked up Karyn Kusama's coverage of it and liked it. The next day I heard a podcast talking about Allison Anders' film GRACE OF MY HEART. I am a fan of hers as a director and had enjoyed many of her trailers on TFH so I had to revisit them. I also looked into the other ladies who've done trailers at TFH and I decided to do a little compilation of my favorites. Enjoy!
(Trailers are linked to the film titles)

ALLIGATOR- Guru'd by Karyn Kusama

ALL THAT HEAVEN ALLOWS- Guru'd by Allison Anders

ALTERED STATES- Guru'd by Katt Shea

THE BIG T.N.T. SHOW- Guru'd by Allison Anders

CARNIVAL OF SOULS- Guru'd by Mary Lambert

THE FASTEST GUITAR ALIVE- Guru'd by Allison Anders

FORTY GUNS- Guru'd by Allison Anders

FOXES- Guru'd by Karyn Kusama

I WALKED WITH A ZOMBIE- Guru'd by Katt Shea

KLUTE- Guru'd by Katt Shea

LISZTOMANIA- Guru'd by Allison Anders

THE NAKED SPUR- Guru'd by Allison Anders

NASHVILLE GIRL- Guru'd by Allison Anders

PEEPING TOM- Guru'd by Allison Anders

THE PARALLAX VIEW-  Guru'd by Karyn Kusama

THE POM POM GIRLS- Guru'd by Katt Shea

REFORM SCHOOL GIRL- Guru'd by Allison Anders

SHOCK CORRIDOR- Guru'd by Katt Shea


SMILE-  Guru'd by Karyn Kusama

WILD GUITAR- Guru'd by Allison Anders

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