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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Netflix Instant Gems: Vol. 30

Been quite a while on the Instant Gems, but Netflix hasn't been releasing whole heaps of older titles so I had lost track a bit. Here's a quick list including some films and shows that were just added as well as stuff that's been added since my last post many moons ago. Quite a variety of things for you the viewers. Not the least of which is a fun little documentary called POPATOPOLIS which focuses its lens on the wonderfully prolific schlockmeister Jim Wynorski. Very entertaining movie and one which set in motion a mini Wynorski-fest for me which was a quite hoot.


Ned Merrill said...

Nice to see some love for Selleck as Jesse Stone.

RUNNING SCARED remains the most underrated cop buddy picture of the '80s.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Ned-totally think of you when I think of RUNNING SCARED. "Where is his asshole partner?"

Ed South said...

As always, great list!
I missed a few of these showing up on Instant. Whorehouse and Private School are two of my all-time favorites, been meaning to revisit both of them. Network has always been a film that I've wanted to see, now I've got it cornered!
Been wanting to check out The Wiz again too, probably haven't seen that since it's Network Television days.

SteveQ said...

"Deathstalker II" is by far my favorite Wynorski film; parts of it are incredibly inept and everyone knows it, but plays it straight. His later schlock seems much more planned campiness.

Unknown said...

Nice to see THE BORDER on there. I still haven't seen this and here's my chance to check it out at long last.

Also, count me in as a fan of RUNNING SCARED - definitely a guilty pleasure.

Ned Merrill said...

What's to feel "guilty" about for liking RUNNING SCARED?

Ned Merrill said...


Any movie that has a character impersonating Dan Hedaya of all people deserves major props.

Man, I wish one of those sequel scripts had been satisfactory enough to Gregory and Billy so that we could have seen these guys together again. Great chemistry, they had.

Franco Macabro said...

Wait so Saturday the 14th is available on Netflix for instant watching? I havent seen that one since I was like five years old or something!

Rupert Pupkin said...

Ed- I am huge PRIVATE SCHOOL fan. Needs a blu-ray. My wife and I were both realizing that we neither of us may have seen all of THE WIZ so we need to correct that.

Steve-I like DS2 pretty good myself. Certainly one of his best.

JD-I can't recall if I've seen THE BORDER myself. May rewatch. And yeah no need for guilt re: RUNNING SCARED.

FC-yes watch SATURDAY THE 14TH!