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Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Bad" Movies We Love Guest Post: Paul Malleck

 Paul Malleck is also known as Dormarth. He is a voracious VHS collector and has a wicked zine that he puts out himself called Dormarth's Horror Review which you should all subscribe to immediately.
I interviewed him for The GGTMC Podcast a while back, check it out.


 Ray Dennis Steckler made himself a handful of movies.  Most of his movies were quite bland in pacing, value and cinematography.  The artistic scenery was often dusted over as his movies were shot in Nevada where he resided.  This particular movie brought the dusty dander of Nevada into it's cultural hub, Las Vegas.  What works for the movie is the slow sludge pace of two notorious serial killers who eventually cross each others paths, fall in love, and kill each other.  It's one of the few films where its shit pace and grey washed color scheme works when paired with the gritty plot and final climax.  In other word this movie sucked until the end tied it all together.
2.  SAVAGE HARVEST 1994 d. Eric Stanze
Everyone I seem to show this movie always exclaims, "What the fuck dude, that fucking sucked".   Of course it's a shot on video 90's rarity with bad direction and dialogue, but the movie also kicks ass.  A handful of teenage shit-bags on a camping trip come across the Cherokee trail of tears and all of it's legendary glory.  One of these legends speaks of the nearby lake being a vortex into the underworld and bloody cosmos.  "Yeah, whatever"  laughs the teens, as they continue boozing and boning.  One thing for certain is these are REAL PEOPLE in every sense of the word.  Damn they are ugly people, and the sleeveless Budweiser shirt doesn't help much.  One night the surreal and supernatural rear up and out do the ugliness of the teens 10 fold.  Most of the gore and monsters come out at night and this adds to the creepiness and general uneasiness of the film.  The gore effects are awesome, and this one is a real creeper, be it the monsters or the Chimo looking douches.  
A group of people are rounded up in a motel after winning a couple of nights in a Hungarian castle are whisked away on a greyhound to their final destination.  The castle is absolutely beautiful and gothic, and the characters are well developed throughout the plot.  As the movie rolls along it becomes a horrorized version of "CLUE" and "TEN LITTLE INDIANS".  There seems to be a werewolf in the castle who is popping people off one by one.  The realization that one of the guests has a tail tucked between their legs like a penis on a transvestite proves a catalyst for more drama.  Granted the film is slow and there is not much gore and minimal action, but the stormy nights, moonlit snowy castle, and the overall mystery and game like aura made this one a gem. 
4.  THEY SAVED HITLERS BRAIN  1968 d. David Bradley
A complete mess coming from the film "THE MADMEN OF MANDORAS"  combining footage years later and released to TV audiences as what we know now.  Nazi's ship Hitlers surviving brain to South America and keep it alive in order to spearhead another NWO in the distant future.   I don't know what it is about South America and the fucking Nazi's, but the real life Angel of Death Joseph Mengele also kicked it in Brazil after WWII!?!?!!?  The movie is full of so many holes and loose ends it's ridiculous.  A terrible terrible film, but I'm a sucker for Nazisploitation,especially old ones like this and "THE INVISIBLE AGENT".
5.  ZOMBIE 90:  EXTREME PESTILENCE  1991 d. Andreas Schnaas
A shot on video epic following 2 doctors trying to stop the zombie epidemic caused by a military crash and chemical release in the forest.    There is so much gore in this movie.  It seems to be shot without much of a script and dives into a long dream sequence which is way too long.  The film was dubbed into english by actors who just winged the whole process.  Jive talk, Honky hootenanies, tough guys, and weasel voices are all used in slapstick manner.  A Jimi Hendrix song is even sung in Jive when a black zombie shows up.  Only for fans of extreme sarcasm, gore, shot on video madness and all around partying.  This film asks to be laughed at, so I went for it balls deep.
6.  THE LEGEND OF BIGFOOT  1976 d.  Ivan Marx
 Mr. Ivan Marx was a wildlife photographer, animal tracker and all around adventurer who like many Sasquatch researchers had their lives changed forever when they saw the Gimlin/Patterson footage on television as a child.  Ivan got involved in Squatching, found a few tracks and decided to do a documentary.  The problem with that, is he found more money in frauding the general population with absolute horseshit.  He liked to have his wife film himself in an ape suit TOTALLY anatomically incorrect with an actual bigfoot and pass it off as reality.  He let is imagination drift on this film into another dimension.  Apparently sasquatch dance like Tiny Tim in tulips, hang out high up in trees, carry their moribund relatives to the north pole and deposite them into volcanic trenches procluding this is why we find no bigfoot bones.  As a documentary you have got to be a complete retard to believe anything this dude says.  As a contrived other-worldy adventure, this comes highly recommended.  His legacy also lives on as he passed on the fraud to Tom Biscardi, the acclaimed hoaxer in charge of the Geogia bigfoot hoax 6 years ago.  So please check out his documentary "BIGFOOT LIVES", and watch it as complete fiction and enjoy it. 


SteveQ said...

To stay awake during "Hollwood Strangler..." I had to keep jabbing myself with a fork - duller than Warhol's 9 hour film of a man sleeping [wait, what does this say about me?] And I'd looked forward to it, as I'd seen Steckler's other films.

Ivan said...

Love how the Legend of Bigfoot poster is a rip of the poster for The Legend of Boggy Creek;


Joel said...

Great list, Paul! Nice to see some love for Howling V.