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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

"Bad" Movies We Love Guest Post: Cathie Horlick

 Thanks to Cat(Cahcat on Twitter) for this list! She is a cool movie watchin' gal and a DARKMAN-aholic. Enjoy her "Bad" movie picks and also go check out her lovely blog:

I love watching movies and I always have, for as long as I can remember. I grew up with cable TV and before remote controls made it into our household it was up to my sister, my dad or myself to change the channel. We flipped and flipped through lots of flicks and watched all that we could get away with.

Now I’ve been working on a top 100 favorite movies list for sometime and have yet to sort it out. The only thing that hasn’t changed, for those who know me well, is that DARKMAN has been my all time favorite since I first saw it in 1990. Now if that give any indication to my likes/loves, I have a taste for the unusual.

My pal Brian here has asked me to put together my list of favorite “bad” movies and it was just as tough to put together.

I have no shame when it comes to the movie love, as I love them wholeheartedly for one reason or another. I will admit that there’s probably a lot of nostalgia tied to the movies I’m about to list, but that’s no excuse either. Yup.

These movies may be considered “Bad” for whatever reason but when I saw them (mostly on TV, or on VHS) I just loved them.


GREASE 2 (1982)
I will dare say this movie means even more to me than GREASE. My sister and I saw this movie, got the cassette tape (which I still have), memorized all the songs and sang along to it on most road trips. Anytime it was on TV we watched. Oh, how I wished my High School adventures would be as fun with some C-O-O-L R-I-D-E-R coming through town or a Rock-A-Hula-Luau. Grease 2 is ridiculous, ridiculously awesome! The cast is great; Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield are one of my favorite film couples, hands down. Now I want to go BOWL, TONIGHT!

POPEYE (1980)
I grew up watching Popeye cartoons on Saturday mornings and he has always been one of my favorite characters. The movie POPEYE hooked me from the start at Sweet Haven. Shelley Duvall is a perfect Olive Oyl, Swee’ Pea was the cutest movie baby ever and for a long time this was my favorite Robin Williams role. It wasn’t till I was older that I learned most people didn’t like POPEYE. My dad, mom, sister and I all liked it, so that was all that mattered. It was and always has been a movie we could all watch together.

I remember watching this movie in bits and pieces, my dad just let us watch some musical numbers and censored out the grown-up bits. I saw the film all they way through on cable one night when I stayed up on my own and was mesmerized and saddened by the story it told. PENNIES FROM HEAVEN gave me taste of old music and totally influenced me to check out older musicals from the era it was based on.

THE PIRATE MOVIE could totally fall under a guilty pleasure, but like I said no shame or excuses. This ranks alongside other favorites such as ROLLER BOOGIE and BREAKIN’. It is over the top and even has an animated sequence to a song called PUMPIN’ and BLOWIN’. I loved Kristy McNicol as Mabel, the nerdy girl who bumps her head and wakes up in the midst of a pirate adventure falling for Christopher Atkins (who was no stranger to Island love). With a dash of the Pirates of Penzance, which I had never seen at the time, I was bedazzled. They spoofed a few movies, I remember laughing at the Star Wars reference and any time they broke the fourth wall. I bought the DVD at a Blockbuster ages ago just to add it to my collection as a must own.

The Nuart theater in L.A. gets all the credit for me seeing this movie. They showed the trailer for weeks before that fateful midnight screening. It’s a bizarre tale of Alphie and Bibi in the future of 1984, they are in love, they make music and want to share their songs with the masses. The problem is Mr. Boogaloo and his BIM ways would rather corrupt their souls. There’s flash, speed, dance, rapture and an actual, actual, actual vampire! I have seen this movie while 100% sober and still find plenty of amusement. I’ve seen it in L.A. almost every time it has screened and I’m so excited as it returns this July for another midnight! Come and watch it, if you dare!

5 NON-MUSICALS (strangely musical moments occur in a few of these picks!)

Think Big (1989)
The Barbarian Brothers, Peter and David Paul star as truck drivers in Think Big. They’re trying to keep their truck while David Carradine is trying to repossess it. The pair meet a runaway girl with a fancy remote control that can control anything and Claudia Christian is a psychologist also along for the ride. I will admit I haven’t seen this movie in ages, but I watched it a ton on VHS. “Chicken Bone, Chicken Bone, lucky, lucky chicken bone.” I remember seeking out a few other Barbarian Brother flicks after this one, and none were ever quite as funny. Though THE BARBARIANS beats them all when it comes to the best of the best of the Paul Brothers.

NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER!! You have to shout that out loud! It was chanted in my house, that’s for sure. Jason Stillwell is a young kid who adores Bruce Lee! The ghost of Bruce Lee trains Jason in martial arts so that he can defend himself against bullies and the bad guys who ruined his dad’s dojo. The final showdown comes down to Jason and the Russian Ivan, played by Jean-Claude Van Damme. Does anything else sound more awesome? Martial Arts, Bruce Lee, Jean-Claude! This is a movie I dream of seeing on a big screen.

I discovered the sci-fi film CIRCUITRY MAN at my local video storethanks to the box cover. Danner is an android looking for love in an underground future where drugs are chips to be plugged into. Lori hasa bunch of chips and is on the run from Plughead, played by Vernon Wells. Along the way Danner and Lori join up with Leech, played by Dennis Christopher, a tweaked out underground man. There are plenty of unusual characters, and a cool spin on the future virtual plugged in world. I just dug everything about this movie. I remember being excited about the sequel but it just didn’t compare to part one.

HYSTERICAL is a spoof horror movie. This is one of the few spoof films I’ll give credit to as I saw it at such a young age. It gets points for introducing me to the horror genre and giving me a sense of humor about JAWS. The three Hudson Brothers are the stars of this film. One Hudson Brother is a writer, he moves into a haunted lighthouse. The other two brothers come in to help investigate. The whole town is “doomed” and there’s a fun cast of character actors. I re-watched Hysterical a while back after finding it on cable again. It still amused me, even more so, as I actually got more of the silly movies references. “You’re DOOMED!”

This is probably the first bad movie I loved. The catchy theme song, the idea of killer tomatoes and a romance all wrapped up in one. It’s like a PLAN 9 kind of movie, but it did make it’s mark on the movie world. Watching it as a kid, nothing was funnier than killer tomatoes. When the DVD came out I watched it all again and was delighted again. Sure it’s cheesy, and 100% silly but it was and still is entertaining in my book! Yup.

Honorable Mention HUDSON HAWK (1991)
HUDSON HAWK is a movie that I have only recently come to appreciate. When I first watched it, on VHS, I didn’t care for it at all. I just didn’t find it funny so I never bothered to watch it again. Over the last 2 years I have watched Hudson Hawk on VHS, Laserdisc and on the big screen. It has improved with age and I think my sensibilities have caught up with the humor. Now it doesn’t have my whole heart, but if any movie is good example of a “good/bad” than Hudson Hawk takes a top spot.

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Robert M. Lindsey said...

I saw Grease 2 and Popeye in the theater. I thought Grease 2 would have been a good movie all on it's own, but as a sequel it stunk.