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Thursday, August 9, 2012

"Bad Movies We Love Guest Post: Dshanya Reese

Dshanya Reese (@lolareels) lives in Austin and is waiting to learn the secrets of Gabe Kaplan. While she waits, she's watching a lot of repertory screenings at the Alamo Drafthouse and spending serious money importing Korean films. You can see lists of what she watches at

KUNG FU HIP HOP (Hong Kong, 2008) Director: Huayang Fu

The title alone tells you to expect b-boys who are skilled in an ancient martial art. What you don't expect is a lead that is 41 years old AND the "kids" aren't dancing to save a community center or rundown house! Subtitles aren't needed because the film is 90% dance competitions and montages.

SHOWGIRLS 2: PENNY'S FROM HEAVEN (US, 2011) Director: Rena Riffel

Rena Riffel takes over the reins of what I hope will become a SHOWGIRLS franchise. You may remember Riffel from the original SHOWGIRLS, where she boldly told us "My name isn't Hope. My name is Penny." (Then she managed to steal a guy from Elizabeth Berkley's Nomi.) Riffel rewards SHOWGIRLS fans by giving us a beat-for-beat recreation of one of the original dances. You'll have to watch the movie to see which one. How Bad Do You Want It?

OVER THE TOP (US, 1987) Director: Menahem Golan

Sylvester Stallone arm-wrestles for the love of his son. If only more dads did this...

TEENAGE HOOKER BECAME A KILLING MACHINE (South Korea, 2000) Director: Nam Gee-woong

What the title leaves out is the poor teenage hooker has to die to become a killing machine. Don't worry. She doesn't become zombie or even a vampire. She becomes a CYBORG. Filled with the kind of sex and gore you would normally expect from the Japanese, this Korean film is a blast -- and only 60 minutes long.

ROOFTOPS (US, 1989) Director: Robert Wise

The director of THE HAUNTING and WEST SIDE STORY gives us this tale of scrappiness, heart and sweat. Jason Gedrick tries to get drugs out of his neighborhood dancing! Rooftops. It's the only place to be.

MANDINGO (US, 1975) Director: Richard Fleischer

Former boxer Ken Norton portrays a slave in the 1840s who is forced to become a bare-fisted brawler. Mix in the unwanted advances from the slave-owner's wife and you have a recipe for cinematic TNT! You can smell the old south BO through your TV. Expect The Savage. The Sensual. The Shocking. The Sad. The Powerful. The Shameful. Expect The Truth.

GOLD RAIDERS (Thailand, 1983) Director: Philip Chalong

Robert "The Exterminator" Ginty is back with another adventure! This time we find The Exterminator searching for lost gold in Thailand. It's a race against the clock because he's not the only one searching. A lot of things explode for no apparent reason and there's a flying motorcycle that can shoot missiles!

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sleestakk said...

Oooh, I also love TEENAGE HOOKER and actually wish it was a little longer. So odd since you would think it'd be 2+ hours.

Fun list. A few more that I need to add to the watch pile.