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Saturday, September 8, 2012

My Current Top 50 Films of All-Time

 Inspired partially by the new Sight & Sound list(s) and also by the newly changed format of Drew McWeeny & Scott Swan's podcast(now called "Number 21") and Drew's Top 20, I decided to rework my top 50.
 I encourage everyone to do a top 50 films right now! (it's quite challenging). I also did a top 100 favorite films by decade which is also in need of updating too at some point.

 1. THE THING(1982; John Carpenter)

2. RIO BRAVO(1959; Howard Hawks)

3. IT'S A GIFT(1934; Norman Z. McLeod)

4. THE APARTMENT(1960; Billy Wilder)

5. THE LONG GOODBYE(1973; Robert Altman)

6. DUCK SOUP(1933; Leo McCarey)

7. THE CONVERSATION(1974; Francis Ford Coppola)

8. THE KING OF COMEDY(1983; Martin Scorsese)

9. THE LIFE AND DEATH OF COLONEL BLIMP(1943; Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger)

10. THE MALTESE FALCON(1941; John Huston)

11. THE LADY EVE(1941; Preston Sturges)

12. HALLOWEEN(1978; John Carpenter)

13. AFTER HOURS(1985; Martin Scorsese)

14. REAR WINDOW(1954; Alfred Hitchcock)

15. OUT OF THE PAST(1947; Jacques Tourneur)

16. JAWS(1975; Steven Spielberg)

17. BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA(1986; John Carpenter)

18. BACK TO THE FUTURE(1985; Robert Zemeckis)

19. PEE WEE'S BIG ADVENTURE(1985; Tim Burton)

20. NIGHT MOVES(1975; Arthur Penn)

21. BREAKING AWAY(1979; Peter Yates)

22. TAXI DRIVER(1976; Martin Scorsese)


24. ROCK 'N' ROLL HIGH SCHOOL(1979; Allan Arkush)

25. MANHATTAN(1979; Woody Allen)

26.TWO-LANE BLACKTOP(1971; Monte Hellman)

 27. THE KILLING(1956; Stanley Kubrick)

28. STRAIGHT TIME(1978; Ulu Grosbard)

29. GOING IN STYLE(1979; Martin Brest)

30. CALIFORNIA SPLIT(1974; Robert Altman)

31. EVIL DEAD 2(1987; Sam Raimi)

32. CHILLY SCENES OF WINTER(1979; Joan Micklin Silver)


34. VALLEY GIRL(1983; Martha Coolidge)

35. CUTTER'S WAY(1981; Ivan Passer)

36. FORBIDDEN PLANET(1956; Fred M. Wilcox)

37. THEM!(1954; Gordon Douglas)

38. TARGETS(1968; Peter Bogdanovich)

39. THE NUTTY PROFESSOR(1963; Jerry Lewis)

40. ONLY ANGELS HAVE WINGS(1939; Howard Hawks)

41. LAURA(1944; Otto Preminger)

42. MODERN ROMANCE(1981; Albert Brooks)

43. THE LAST DETAIL(1973; Hal Ashby)

44. MY BODYGUARD(1980; Tony Bill)

45. ISLAND OF LOST SOULS(1932; Erle C. Kenton)

46. ESCAPE FROM ALCATRAZ(1979; Don Siegel)

47. THREE O'CLOCK HIGH(1987; Phil Joanou)

 48. THE 'BURBS(1989; Joe Dante)

49. ONE WAY PASSAGE(1932; Tay Garnett)

50. OVER THE EDGE(1979; Jonathan Kaplan)


Thomas Duke said...

Haven't seen a couple of these. Will get on it.

I made a top 100 list a while ago, but it probably needs to be updated. I was thinking of doing a top 250 list with one film per director, but that would be a bit of a project. That way I wouldn't feel like I was giving short shrift to a bunch of amazing titles.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Top 250, now that's ambitious!

SteveQ said...

Not a single foreign film?! You have "Sorcerer," when "Wages of Fear," the film of which it's a remake, made me sweat, cry AND puke in fear (granted, I had the flu anyway at the time). I'll make a list of faves, but the list I really want to make is "Great Films No One Watches Any More."

Rupert Pupkin said...

I am a little ashamed of that yes. I do like foreign films, quite a bit and there are a few in my top 100. I guess I just dont often revisit them. These are films I can watch any time.

Kev D. said...

Wow... BURBS!

I've always felt it was under rated. Good on you, sir.

SteveQ said...

Did my list:

Wages of Fear made the list. Col. Blimp would've been #51.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Thanks very much! My favorite Dante film and I've told him so in person.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Great List Steve! Can't really argue many of those!

Professor Brian O'Blivion said...

My list, inspired by your!

Rupert Pupkin said...

Great list! So pleased to have partially inspired its creation! Good stuff!

Christopher Mills said...

Terrific list. Mine is always in such a state of flux, I'd hesitate to try and pin it down....

Rupert Pupkin said...

Thank you! Yeah Mine is sort of ever evolving too, but this is pretty up to the moment.