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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

New Old Crime from Warner Archive!

Just a quick post to point out that Warner Archive released 3 films yesterday that have long been on my "must own" list. All are making their domestic home video debuts as far as I know. 

From the WAC site: "Douglas Hickox (Zulu Dawn) directs Oliver Reed and Ian McShane in a brutal thriller about an escaped con with a new name on his hit list: his faithless wife. For fans of Get Carter."
My interest in this film goes all the way back to 1998 when Tarantino ran it as part of his QT2 Festival. I did not get to attend said festival, but it put me on the hunt for this very elusive movie. Really hard-hitting and potent stuff with a dark Oliver Reed performance that rivals anything he's ever done.
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 From the WAC site: "Wife-killer Robert Mitchum reconnects with the witness who put him behind bars years earlier: his son. A tale of revenge and redemption with Brenda Vacarro and Jan-Michael Vincent."
This one was even rarer than SITTING TARGET and hard to find. Finally saw it via a TCM broadcast just this year. Tough to get through in parts, but so well acted by both Mitchum and Jan-Michael Vincent. Not a feel good movie by any means(as the synopsis suggests), but one that I found really stuck with me for days afterwards.
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THE WRATH OF GOD (1972; Ralph Nelson)
 From the WAC site: "With a pistola hidden in his Bible and a crucifix that serves as a switchblade, Robert Mitchum is a would-be U.S. priest on a surprising Latin American quest. Rita Hayworth’s final film."
Another great late film from Mitchum. Also features a great turn from Frank Langella.
Director Ralph Nelson has done other films of interest as well (SOLDIER IN THE RAIN, SOLDIER BLUE, FATE IS THE HUNTER, THE WILBY CONSPIRACY & ...tick...tick...tick).
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Squadro said...

Wow, 3 amazing releases.

I just wish the Warner Archive's weren't quite so expensive to import to the UK.