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Monday, September 3, 2012

VHS Gems Guest Post: Paul Malleck

Paul "Dormarth" Malleck is a dude you should know. Become a regular reader of Dormarth's Horror Review!

THE RITUAL OF DEATH  (1990 Brazil, d. Fauzi Mansur)
      Fauzi Mansur directed porn, and then one day decided to move on to another appalling genre.  He decided to do a supernatural satanic slasher gore epic, and he did not fail in the least bit!!!  A production company putting on a play re-enacts ancient Egyptian scripts from the BOOK OF THE DEAD.  The production conjures up these ghostly spirits and invade one of the actors.  All helvette breaks loose and duder sweats bile and puss, and proceeds to fry balls on black magic for the entire movie.  Shit gets uber satanic surreal and goat headed blood baths with naked women, and other hootenanies happen.  One of the most blasphemous movies ever.  Sorry Jesus, you just lost the war!!  Followed by the equally insane SATANIC ATTRACTION.

SPINE (1986, d. John Howard, Justin Simmonds)
     Shot on Video trash at its greazziest!!  This particular stalker wears a pink shirt with a bomber jacket and pilot glasses.  With this camoflauge, the stalking of nurses starts and never ends.  He rips out the spine, or at least pours blood down the backs to make it not really look like a spine got ripped out.  The plot has 23 chromosomes, but is metal as hell.  Check it out, it's a must!!!!  Oh yeah, the tagline is HE IS LOOKING FOR LINDA, AND THAT COULD BE ANYONE!!

LUNCHMEAT  (1987, d. Kirk Alex)
     Epic, backwoods debachery, when the big city is not around, the boys will play, and by this I mean CANNIBALISM.  This is the movie cinephiles crave, and the film the VHS magazine was named after!!!  Shit gets real in the woods, and people die, FUCK THE CITY, FUCK VEGETABLES.  Long live the VHS!!!!!!

VICTIMS!  (1985, d. Jeff Hathcock)
     Rape and Revenge odditty!?!?!  Four women are put through hell while on a camping trip by serial killers.  Many a law are broken and these are definitely not gentlemen.  The girls fight back with all they can and the drama ends up in court with slaps on the wrist for the rapists.  Jeff Hathcock forgot the Revenge aspect in the rape and revenge formula, oops :(

DOCTOR STRAIN THE BODY SNATCHER  (1990,d. Micheal Cornejo, LaMonte Fritts)
     Late entry s-o-v rarity that delivers.  Dr Strain and his nephew try to reanimate corpses making zombies in the basement as a past-time.  Doc shoots himself up after catching the dead disease himself.  His face blisters with herpes and worsens as the movie rolls along.  There is some great music and an awesome montage scene to boot.  Seek this one out and watch it while on an outbreak. 

SCREAMS OF A WINTER NIGHT  (1979, d. James L. Wilson)
     One of the most heartfelt anthology films ever.  Filmed in Louisiana as a college student film, with quite the wrap around story and fun ambience.  Teens tell spooky stories and deliver asshole moves to scare the girls in a cabin.  A pervert gets raged on, Mossman sasquatch glory, Wendigo, a green light of death and other stories completely KILL!!!  I looked for this one forever and my brother found it as a present.  I can die happy now. 


btsjunkie said...

One of life's simplest rules is: If Dormarth says to watch it, WATCH IT.

Anonymous said...

Saw SCREAMS OF A WINTER NIGHT at a Grindhouse screening several years ago. Pretty good and has some obvious influences on the later BLAIR WITCH and WENDIGO films.
Sadly, it seems to have fallen into legal limbo of some sort and has never been out on DVD.

Thomas Duke said...

I have Satanic Attraction and Hathcock's even more obscure Night Ripper, but haven't seen these other two.

I have never heard of Doctor Strain. Color me curious, in an ominously feline sort of way.