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Friday, October 26, 2012

Warner Archive Pick of the Week: THE PHYNX

This is a real rarity and according to the gents on the Warner Archive Podcast, it didn't get much of an official release at all at the time it came out. Many many folks will be seeing this for the first time here and it certainly makes an impression. My first thoughts were of Rowan and Martin for some reason(perhaps the late 60s/early 70s aesthetic/humor) which of course led me to recall a recent viewing of THE MALTESE BIPPY, which disappointed me. This film is much zanier and funnier than THE MALTESE BIPPY for sure and ended up being more like a melting pot of A HARD DAY'S NIGHT, THE NUDE BOMB and a dash of The Monkees' HEAD. Very wacky, spoofy and bursting with the fruit flavor of cameos. Check out this mind-blowing list list of walk-ons:
Joan Blondell
Martha Raye
Busby Berkeley
Ruby Keeler
Joe Louis
Maureen O'Sullivan
Ed Sullivan 
James Brown
Richard Pryor
Guy Lombardo
Dick Clark
Rudy Vallee
Johnny Weissmuller
Clint Walker
Dorothy Lamour
Trini Lopez
Sally Struthers...
The plot you ask? It's an extremely silly concoction of a story about a group called the SSA(Super Secret Agency) creating a rock band in order to get them invited to Albania to rescue some kidnapped world leaders. I must say the film is a hoot though. Totally random, totally out there, but out there in that enjoyable, freewheeling way that was a big part of this period. Well worth discovering. See the preview clip below to get the flavor.

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Forgotten Films said...

This one really intrigued me when I saw it pop up on the WA site a week or two ago. Anxious to see it.