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Monday, November 12, 2012

My Favorite Trailers From Hell (Vol. 4)

Here's another entry in my series wherein I highlight a big old group of my favorite  Trailers From Hell, which is of course a site that I am a HUGE fan of. Hopefully you are too. Check out my Vol. 1, Vol. 2 & Vol. 3 entries for plenty more goodness! TFH continues to be a fantastic place for both the initiated and uninitiated cinephile to go for recommendations (many of them do not get the love they deserve on a  regular basis)! They have over 800(!) trailers at the site now and all of them are worth your time. Here are just a few recent favorites.

AFTER HOURS - Guru'd by Brian Trenchard-Smith.

THE BEST OF EVERYTHING - Guru'd Allan Arkush.

BLUE THUNDER - Guru'd by John Badham.

CADDYSHACK - Guru'd by Adam Rifkin.

THE CONVERSATION - Guru'd by Josh Olson.

DARK OF THE SUN - Guru'd by Larry Karaszewski.

 A FACE IN THE CROWD - Guru'd by Josh Olson.

 GOODFELLAS - Guru'd by Allan Arkush.

 THE HOLE - Guru'd by Joe Dante.

 HORROR EXPRESS - Guru'd by Joe Dante.

 ISLAND OF LOST SOULS - Guru'd by John Landis.

MEDIUM COOL - Guru'd by Larry Karaszewski.

 MIKE'S MURDER - Guru'd by Larry Karaszewski.

 MILLER'S CROSSING - Guru'd by Josh Olson.

ONE FROM THE HEART - Guru'd by Larry Karaszewski.

 POINT BREAK - Guru'd by Karyn Kusama. 


STARDUST MEMORIES - Guru'd by Larry Karaszewski.

TO BE OR NOT TO BE - Guru'd by Joe Dante.

 TOURIST TRAP - Guru'd by David DeCoteau.

VALLEY GIRL - Guru'd by Karyn Kusama


Ivan said...

Thanks! I'm a big fan of Trenchard-Smith's commentaries, they always seem so well-researched and presented in such a polished manner, like there's still a bit of the "public school" boy in him. It makes me appreciate him more.

Rupert Pupkin said...

Thanks for reading Ivan, and yeah Trenchard-Smith is quite good. Picks cool movies too(AFTER HOURS is one of my all-time favs).

Anonymous said...

TFH is one of the best fun film sites out there. I know that Landis is a friend of Dante, but his episodes are usually the worst on the site. Landis is smug rather than insightful.

Let Landis go off and start his own site - Smug Trailers Without Insight.