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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

VHS Gems Guest Post: Moe Porne

Moe Porne is a podcaster with (Drunk on VHS) and (No-Budget Nightmares). He recently defended the term "So Bad it's Good" and declared the term "Guilty Pleasures" should be abolished. He enjoys thai food, sushi and drinks only the cheapest of beers. If you're in Connecticut, buy him a schaefer or a scotch (with a splash, no rocks).

In no particular order:

Stomping Ground (1998) - Bret A. Arnold's seminal film about getting to know your own home. Sometimes the best adventures are in your own backyard and sometimes the most harrowing challenges involve finding something to eat for lunch. Check it out if you can get your hands on it. Find Bret on twitter @ZeekZombieMan, he's a good guy.

Club Life (1986) - As amazing as it is bizarre, Club Life features some of my favorite dance and fight scenes ever. Cal, the hometown motocross champ turn bouncer, fights, dances and fucks his way through every tight situation he's faced with and the best part don't always know which one he's going to chose! If I haven't sold you on Club Life yet, I got 2 two words for you Neon Nunchucks! Check out my review HERE: (

 Savages (1974) - In this Most Dangerous Game clone beloved character actor Andy Griffith take an amazing turn towards the evil. Griffith play Maddock, a successful New York Attorney looking to hunt Big Horn Sheep in the desert. He hires Ben (Sam Bottoms) as a guide and as a series of mysterious and nasty events unfold, Ben finds himself on the wrong side of the gun. Savages is worth looking into if only for an evil Andy Griffith!

 Wilding: The Children of Violence (1990) - The early 90's were obsessed with the idea of children running wild and destroying everything their parents worked so hard to build. To this end not one. but TWO films featuring Joey Travolta were made; This and Night of the Wilding (which is a pile of crap and somehow managed a DVD release.) Wilding is a pretty straight forward story of a couple of cops trying to deal with "mysterious" deaths around the city that it takes them 60 minutes to figure out is being done by the only 2 gangs in the city. Wilding is really a fun, if incredibly stupid flick and who really needs and excuse to watch Wings Hauser and Joey Travolta ham it up!

 The Comic (1985) - In a future where lunatics run free and the police state provides entertainment in the form of half baked comedians. Sam finds himself in a sticky situation when an up and comer starts to steal his thunder. He takes it upon himself to. literally, slay the competition.

 Death Drug (1978) - Well before becoming famous as Tubbs in Miami Vice Philip Michael Thomas starred in this after school special designed to keep kids off the smack, the whack, the sherm, the dust, the PCP. PMT plays an aspiring Los Angeles musician looking for his big break. He gets signed on to a record deal at the same time that he finds out that he's also been accepted into a music conservatory, but has to give up one for the other. All the while PMT, who doesn't mind a toke or two in a bathroom with strange men ends up addicted to some serious shit and ruins his life. If that were the whole story I'd have never put this on my list, but the reason it's on is due to the absolutely insane attempt to cash in on his mid-80's fame by splicing in a music video of his newest single. A video CLEARLY made in he 80's and doesn't match the funk soundtrack the film has otherwise. this alone throws the whole course of the film into a strange sort of time altering reality and makes the final product a bit of an acid trip of it's own. You can listen to me ramble about Death Drug HERE: (

Traxx (1988) - There was a time when Shadoe Stevens was a big name. He had his gig on Hollywood Squares and his radio show and his odd, horribly spelled first name. During this time someone thought it was a good idea to give him his own film. The end result, was Traxx. Let me see if I can explain the plot without my head exploding, Traxx is a mercenary who no longer longs for the dangerous life. So he decides to become a baker. His dream is to be the next Famous Amos (who makes a really hilarious guest appearance in the film) Traxx comes up with odd ideas for cookies like Tuna Casserole and Chili Con Cookie and whenever someone takes a bite out of his cookies they all have the same, very expected look of disgust. Meanwhile the streets in the town he settles in go insane and he has to fix them...for a fee, of course. Traxx was recently listed as the #1 most spectacular low points in modern pop culture on, but I can't agree with that any less. Traxx is fantastic and loads of fun. Read my review HERE: (

 Ginkata (???) - I found this film at a goodwill in Milford, CT. I purchased it because on the front it said "you have seen the blockbuster movie 'gymkata' now comes the local version" aren't you just dying to see it now? The film is a huge mystery to me because it has no subtitles, there's no listing for it on IMDB, the director listed hasn't done any work listed on IMDB since 1978, but if this is claiming to be a gymkata rip off, that came out in 1985. I did an advanced search and looked for every role the first 2 actors in it have been in together and only found 3 films, Ginkata NOT being one of them. It's a mystery, the only thing I can tell is that it has to be from the Philippines and it's in no real way related to Gymkata. This one is a bit of silly action comedy, it was fun to watch even without subs, but I'd imagine, hard...if not impossible to get your hands on


Marty McKee said...

SAVAGES is on DVD on one of those old bargain-bin $1 discs. Good movie and based on a good novel by Robb White.

Anonymous said...

Trivia: CLUB LIFE was originally entitled KING OF THE CITY. It played for a week in L.A. and then advertised in the trades that it was "direct from theaters to home video". Yeah, they actually bragged that it had the shortest theater to videotape window up until that time!