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Monday, December 3, 2012

Amazing Stories - A Few Favorites

So I was just having a conversation with a co-worker about AMAZING STORIES and we were both recalling some of our favorites. It was a flawed show to be sure and one that often didn't live up to it's Twilight Zone/Outer Limits aspirations. Nonetheless, it has a nostalgic place in my tv viewing heart and I feel the show isn't talked about enough considering the talent involved. I remember there was a period where these episodes were tough to seem but not there are two full seasons on Netflix. It was a fun show and one that I feel like people should revisit or see for the 1st time if they are so inclined. Here are a few of my favorites*:

"Remote Control Man" (Season 1, Ep 10)
 Henpecked Walter Poindexter finds solace in a unique TV  that
  features especially lifelike images.
            Sydney Lassick               Walter Poindexter
            Nancy Parsons                Grendel
      Special cameo appearances (alphabetical)     
            Lyle Alzado
            Dirk Benedict
            Barbara Billingsley
            Gary Coleman
            Leann Hanley
            Jim Lange
            Ed McMahon
            Richard Simmons
      Teleplay by
            Douglas Lloyd McIntosh
      Story by
            Steven Spielberg
      Directed by
            Bob Clark

"Mirror, Mirror" (Season 1, Ep 19)
  A best-selling horror novelist is terrorized by a hooded fig-
  ure  in his bathroom mirror after he tells a TV audience that his
  literary creations don't bother him in the least.
            Sam Waterston                Novelist
            Helen Shaver                 Karen
      Special guest appearance
            Dick Cavett                  Himself
            Tim Robbins                  Jordanis Phantom
      Teleplay by
            Joseph Minion
      Story by
            Steven Spielberg
      Directed by
            Martin Scorsese
 "Secret Cinema" (Season 1, Ep 20)
 A young woman who comes to suspect that her life is  secretly
  being filmed - as a slapstick serial.
            Eve Arden                    Jane's Mother
            Paul Bartel                  Dr. Shreck
            Griffin Dunne                Dick
            Penny Peyser                 Jane
            Mary Woronov                 Nurse
      Written by
            Paul Bartell
      Directed by
            Paul Bartell 
 "One For the Books" (Season 1, Ep 23)
 The case of an elderly custodian who begins to pick  up  more
  than  refuse  in  the classrooms he cleans - he becomes fluent in
  French, and knowledgeable about many scholarly subjects.
            Leo Penn                     Fred
            Joyce Von Patten             Eva
            Nicolas Pryor                as Dr. Fetlock
       Teleplay by
            Richard Matheson
      Directed by
            Lesli Linka Glatter
 "Welcome To My Nightmare" (Season 2, Ep 4)
 A teen-age horror-film buff's fantasies about the  girl  next
  door land him in a terrifying scene from the movie "Psycho".
            David Hollander              Harry
            Steve Antin                  Bud
            Sharon Spelman               Mom
            Robyn Lively                 Kate
            Christina Applegate          Holly
            Parker Jacobs
      Written by
            Todd Holland
      Directed by
            Todd Holland 
 "You Gotta Believe Me"( Season 2, Ep 5)
A man with a desperate message after waking from a  nightmare
  about a jetliner crashing into his house rushes to the airport to
  avert disaster.
            Charles Durning              Earl
            Mary Betten                  Nancy
            Ebbe Roe Smith
       Teleplay by
            Stu Krieger
      Story by
            Steven Spielberg
      Directed by
            Kevin Reynolds 
 "Go to the Head of the Class" (Season 2, Ep 8)
 An overbearing teacher's bizarre discipline  draws  two  stu-
  dents  to  seek  revenge by means of a spell gleaned from a rock-
  and-roll record played backward.
            Christopher Lloyd            Professor B.O. Beanes
            Scott Coffey                 Peter Brand
            Mary Stuart Masterson        Cynthia Simpson
      Teleplay by
            Mick Garris & Tom McLoughlin
            Bob Gale
      Story by
            Mick Garris
      Directed by
            Robert Zemeckis
      Headless Special Effects Created by
            Stan Winston
      Recorded in DOLBY Surround Sound  (A Network TV First)
 "Family Dog" (Season 2, Ep 16)
   An animated episode from the point of view of the family  dog
  offers a canine perspective of life in suburbia.
      With the Voices of
            Stan Freberg                 Skip Binford
            Annie Potts                  Mrs. Binford
            Mercedes McCambridge
            Scott Menville
            Brooke Ashley
            Brad Bird
            Marshall Efron
            Stanley Ralph Ross
            Jack Angel 
      Written by
            Brad Bird
      Directed by
            Brad Bird
      Animation Produced by
            Brad Bird
            Alexander V. King
      Animation Designed by
            Tim Burton
 "Moving Day" (Season 2, Ep 20)
 A teen-ager is distressed after he learns that his family  is
  bound for a new home - on a planet 85 billion miles away.
            Stephen Geoffreys            Alexander Webster
            Dennis Lipscomb              Mr. Webster
            Mary Ellen Trainor           Mrs. Webster
            Kristen Vigard               Karen
      Written by
            Frank Kerr
      Directed by
            Robert Stevens
*synopsis info taken from here.

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Forgotten Films said...

Oh man! Love "Amazing Stories!" My favorite episode is "Mummy Daddy." That one should've been the premiere episode of the show!