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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2012 - Laurent Bouzereau

Laurent is a friend and fellow film fanatic as well as a remarkably prolific documentarian. This is his 3rd year contributing a list, see his 2011( and 2010( lists as well. He never ceases to provide me with films I need to discover for myself! Oh and if you haven't checked out his book on Hitchcock, you really should:

THE RED HOUSE(1947; Delmer Daves)
A psychological thriller with Edward G. Robinson, directed by Delmer Daves and an iconic score by Miklos Rozsa... I knew the score but had never seen the film. It's haunting and strange, not perfect but riveting.

THIEF(1981; Michael Mann)
Shame on me! I had never seen this Michael Mann film. Perfection. Check out the photography and composition. Masterful.

Fritz Lang film with a twist at the end that completely caught me off guard. Pretty amazing that a 1956 film can still have that effect on you!!

THE ONION FIELD(1979; Harold Becker)
Based on Joseph Wambaugh's best-seller, this is the grand daddy of all cop stories. Really well made and acted.

GREEN ICE(1981; Ernest Day)
Ryan O'Neal in a fun heist movie. It's dated but the plot is good enough that you'll keep watching.

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