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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Film Discoveries of 2012 - Kevin Clarke

Kevin is a guy who works at Scarecrow Video in Seattle and loves HOWARD THE DUCK and the POLICE ACADEMY movies, despite knowing better. During his time away from Scarecrow he's one half of the almost award-winning comedy group/film-making team The Entertainment Show ( They have made a feature length post-apocalyptic sci-fi/fantasy comedy, STEEL OF FIRE WARRIORS 2010 A.D. and an epic six episode "TV" series, ADVENTURE BUDDIES, both of which can be seen in (most of) their entirety at He also played the part of "VHS" in Scarecrow Video's production of VIVA VHS! in 2009.

P.S. - Kevin & Matt Lynch just recorded a cool episode of the Scarecrow Video Podcast wherein they discuss DJANGO UNCHAINED and its influences. Very worthwhile: 

Kevin is on twitter here: 
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THE LOST (2006)
A dark, bloody, twisted horror/true crime story from horror author Jack Ketchum and the director of I KNOW WHO KILLED ME. Pulls no punches. With a borderline annoying performance from Marc Senter as Ray Pye, the sadistic sociopath at the center of the story.

The most inventive and insane stunt-work by Jackie Chan. Every fight/chase seems to exist solely to top the previous fight/chase. Two of the most perfect encapsulations of the glory of '80s Hong Kong cinema.

This movie starts with a guy driving a super-sweet sports-car, then there's some brief gratuitous nudity, then it's back to action with a car-chase, a helicopter/car chase, then another car chase, followed by a foot chase. And that's just the first ten minutes! The plot and characters are paper thin, but that hardly matters because EVERYTHING EXPLODES in glorious orange fireballs!

The most beautifully shot western ever made. One of two absolute masterpieces of the genre (along with THE WESTERNER) from director William Wyler. The epic nighttime fistfight between Gary Cooper and Charlton Heston alone is better than most entire movies. And Burl Ives' menacing, heartbreaking turn was a genuine surprise to me. "I told you I'd shoot! But, you didn't believe me! Why didn't you believe me?!"

This movie is all about one dude versus twenty dudes in a knife-fight, like five or six times. It's also about the badassness of martial arts legends Ti Lung and David Chiang. One of the best of all the Shaw Brothers productions.

As far as I'm concerned, all thrillers should be like this lean, fun, twisty piece of business. Also, they should all have Milla Jovovich in them. As far as I'm concerned.

Diabolical French director Claude Chabrol's best movie. I don't want to give anything away, so, just watch it.

THE AVIATOR'S WIFE (1981), A GOOD MARRIAGE (1982), SUMMER (1986), BOYFRIENDS AND GIRLFRIENDS (1987) (Eric Rohmer's Comedies & Proverbs)
These gentle, character-driven films from French director Eric Rohmer are the most inspired romantic comedies I've seen. Not one feels the same as the other, and none of them ever fall into rote formula. Hollywood should start pillaging Rohmer's back-catalog for ideas. Actually, on second thought, they should leave these the hell alone.

This bizarre, nearly dialogue-free Dutch production is only for the serious connoisseur of post-apocalypse trash. A pudgy man emerges from his futuristic bomb-shelter and proceeds to stumble around a wasteland populated by cannibal farmers, weird sex-cults and random lesbian sex scenes. Gross weirdness abounds.

RUNNERS UP (they're not technically movies, but I did discover their greatness in 2012):

The TV show ER and the Robert Altman directed, Garry Trudeau scripted HBO miniseries TANNER '88.


Joe Baker said...

Ah "Action USA".... a fave of mine as a kid specifically because it was filmed in my hometown of Waco, Texas and features that tall 16 story Alico building!

Joe Baker said...

Ahh "Action USA".... a fave of mine as a kid since it was filmed in my hometwon of Waco, Texas and featured an amazing fall from the 17 story Alico building! Still remember the film crew around town.

The Goodkind said...

Hey I know Kevin. Good choices! Duel is also probably one of the gayest Shaw Bros movies, which is not a bad thing. I like to use it to illustrate to people the implicit (sexual) politics of cinema because it's so entertaining and yet very deep on male relationships. Thank you Chang Cheh!